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The news always said Chinese very wealthy, as we have in the whole world, but why are we so rich and never mind? Why do everyone say they have dragged their legs? Where exactly is the problem? For a long time, in the media coverage, Chinese money seems to

In December 13th, the New York Times to "Chinese technology giant has get both praise and blame on black list" (China Names and Shames Tech Tycoon With Debt Blacklist), about ZAKER, personalized recommendation hot news, local media information authority


Recently, a speech by Luo Zhenyu has spread all over the river. He said that in this society, the poorest part is no longer the sweeps and temporary workers, but the white-collar workers in the city. Today we are going to talk about who is the real poor.


Title: visual Chinese from the balance of treasure can be said to be a full China people are not familiar with the products, control the enterprise Ali Celestica Fund Monetary Fund has become the world's largest monetary fund, the scale is based on the nu

Yesterday, two very strange news, on the one hand, news reports instant noodles three, bought 8 billion bags, takeaway began to attack the surface of the market, on the other hand, instant noodles giant Kang's performance soared, what happened? How does M

Double eleven just in the near future, you may still think about themselves, how many parcels did not arrive, you remember double eleven itself is what day? Yes, this is the famous bachelor's day. I don't know when it started a single dog's own celebratio

Recently, the Japanese giant Toshiba hundred years should be quite suck, because of its business losses year after year, Toshiba will have to sell their semiconductor business dominate for many years, the TV sale to Hisense, and that immediately after the

The introduction is one year double eleven. Recently, the news about Foxconn, the biggest electronic processing factory in China, has exploded, so we can talk about why Foxconn is so difficult to hire Why is the management of workers so difficult? It is b

Recently, about Chinese home election events detonated the whole circle of friends, why choose home Commission comparable to the presidential election, a change of taste home election behind in the end reflects our parents Chinese what wealth predicament?

Generation of giant Nikon announced its withdrawal from the China, Nikon's retreat is not because the old rival Canon, not because Leica, Hasselblad, is a 20 million pixel light double photo, today we have to talk about a generation of photography giant N

The economic value of Yan recently, Yan value economics is facing more and more huge raging like a storm, the woman yen value demand, the rapid rise of a variety of beauty and related products, today we have to talk about the economic value of Yan burst f

Recently, convenience store coffee has been popular in the streets of North Canton. Today, we are going to talk about the convenience store selling coffee. How is this a way to make money? Recently, there was a surge of popularity among colleagues. After

All along, the e-commerce market in China on Ali and Jingdong is belong to an endless category, but we have not found a problem, no matter how hard this is Ma rookie logistics business, Jingdong experience is better than Ali, why is this? On the battlefie

Recently, we talked a lot today to discuss the topic of tourism, or tourism, we have to examine why the price with Taobao, you can still buy expensive souvenirs in the tourist attractions? Unconsciously, October is almost over, in this National Day holida

Recently, the Hurun Report can be said to be especially pinch "raise a Babel of criticism of, with ALI rich you, always gossip is not my hobby, so today we not to discuss the gossip problem, but there is a phenomenon that caught my attention: according to

Before the national day, companies should also be paid, I do not know how your friends wages, the recent statistical data out, the national enterprises as a whole pay 7.4%, but how about you? Today we are going to discuss the topic of salary. It's another

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