In October this year, the investigators found Yichuan County Public Security Bureau in September this year, captured a superstitious fraud Gang, photos and Yijun case the fraud suspects liaison personnel are highly similar, the police immediately made con

As the saying goes, the couple quarrel to bed angry, but now, the couple quarrel is not the case, many couples quarrel and strike violently. At 0:36 yesterday morning, five township police station received a phone call from a man, said in an apartment Wux

The second son of Qu Jinliang have also been forced to foster relatives and friends in the home, this was supposed to lift the third daughter, also was forced to drop out of school because of family difficulties. Qu Jinliang stayed in Taiyuan for 2 days,

Upon inquiry, the family of the Zhan asked three not only determine Zhan had no history of mental illness, the past has not found its drug use behavior, the behavior that day also feel very surprised. After a morning of the inquiry, Zhan behavior graduall

Father Deng electric school clearly said: "the teacher said that he met, playing small friends pushed him, because it was used in the soup is placed in the ground, the teacher said to sit in. Miao Miao kindergarten director Yang said: "at the time, the nu

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