Did your child have a cold? Only 6 children in their class are sticking to the kindergarten! Almost every student in my son's class has no deskmate! In the last few days, there are a lot of cold patients in the circle of friends, especially the number of


As a 90 popular small artistes, Chen Yao recently with a series of works by more and more people's attention and love. Let her show head foot is playing small Witch qiluo in "Yue Wu Xin the monster killer". In 2017 summer, she again with "2" Wu Xin the mo


Parenting knowledge time: 2017-12-26 10:01:00 hits: research shows that often praised by their parents and children rarely praised by their parents of children, the success rate is 5 times higher than the latter. So, is it important to boast a child a day

The ears, seeing is not necessarily real. The good conscience of the Thailand advertising and products, quickly on the Internet to make good praise. Domestic micro-blog @ pear video, a video of a number of forwarding, up to 110 thousand times. The theme o

Many families will encounter problems when kids are fussy eaters, and most of the baby picky eaters are partial love to eat meat, do not love to eat. Although babies are growing up, they will gradually choose the joy and evil of their diet, which is the c

The data show that about 60% of the full-term and 80% preterm babies will have jaundice that is visible to the naked eye in the first week of production, and some babies are particularly jaundice. In October, the bacteria outpatient was also discharged fr

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