From hero League to King glory, to today's hot Jedi survival, the advent of a series of exploding Games has made the development of E-sports into the fast lane. Data show that in 2015 the scale of the domestic gaming market is 37 billion 460 million yuan,

The iPhone "battery door" event seems to be growing. Geek park has reported in a recent article, for iPhone 6S, iPhone 7 and other devices, Geekbench founder John Poole, respectively, in its ZAKER, personalized recommendation hot news, local authoritative

Tencent released poster: "Jedi survival" has been seriously influenced by the Jew survival and quarantine team. Yesterday (December 19th) evening, the Tencent officially announced the establishment of the Jedi survival suit service counter group, ZAKER, p

"Science and technology industry is not the way back. Sometimes the tempestuous waves, sometimes a reign of terror. Some things are now talking about is a joke, at that time is the tears. "The evening of August 6, 2017, in the park geeks at Rebuild 2017,

In a aquarium in San Francisco, America, there was a time to leave the house, and the administrator came to do the daily check. Water tank of bluefin tuna in floating fish administrator staring for a while, still. He took out his mobile phone, dial a numb

"I heard that ES8 sells about 500 thousand? "According to the previous exposure parameters, it feels a little expensive. "Beijing is cold and congestion on Saturday night, the Wukesong stadium gathered nearly 10000 Wei to owners and friends, this is a dis

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Recently, bitcoin has been more innovative, soared from $11 thousand per dollar to $17 thousand and 500 per piece last week. As the behavior of "fried money" is becoming more and more popular, the virtual currency based on block chain technology is consta

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