In this year's first domestic conference, Nubia released its first mobile phone equipped with a dual camera - nubiaM2.

Following the launch in March this year, the first domestic hyperbolic cell phone Xplay5, vivo has just released its upgraded product Xplay6, in the design, photography and other aspects of the obvious progress.

Fitbit gives the impression of more "professional" pedometer, it is also missed a lot of need more "smart" function of users. FitbitBlaze's release may have to change the situation.

YouTube technology Master MarquesBrownlee intelligent mobile phone's own eye this year's best, it may surprise you.

PS4Neo and PS4Slim two new products will be officially in the United States in September 7th to meet with you, SONY, this is the first time.

In the final analysis, children need adult care to grow, material and spiritual.

I am a little painter, painting skills!

Day gululu, will "walk" trunk! Posture is still so handsome!!

A recent choice with everyone geek talked a lot about the smart Bracelet topic, today we give you send some "hard dry cargo".

Note7 is not used to replace the S7edge, but to those who need SPen users, provides a better choice.

Some time ago the geek choice released the Nubian Z11 public test, to see who is Australia's choice to write the geek fan feedback.

The "VR" price butcher's knife Kanxiang millet, the disclosure of the first product is a toy.

About LG is about to release the next generation of flagship phone V20, we summed up the 5 points worth attention.

In June this year, Samsung has brought a new GearFit2. The first generation GearFit released in April 2014, after a lapse of two years, Samsung for the smart Bracelet this category has produced what new thinking?

Very fly agriculture with another special O2O service to farmers uncle to enjoy the uav.

See my Armstrong jet accelerates the Armstrong balance car!

Swimming has navigation, the heart is not confused ~.

It is said that not grab the charm blue E, and in the past?

Congratulations on getting experience qualification buddy, geek Jun (geekparker) waiting for your reply oh

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