Text / Jin wrong knife channel Zhang Yichi brand crisis is insanely infected between the old brands. A hundred years of roast duck Quanjude, the performance of the whole line of defeat, the day is not as good as one year; a hundred years of Tongrentang because of fraud, trust collapsed overnight, the certificate and the trophy were all recovered; and the century-old Ejiao, has not yet the...

The only frenzied growth of NVC's double 11 industry head enterprises. After the end of the double eleventh last year, the industry media revolved around the topic of Opus and NVC in the lighting industry, and used the front page headlines to argue for a week. The matter of NVC lighting last November 12th 18:

Text / Kim Knife Channel What kind of old Lai can be rampant for more than ten years, playing with local governments in the palm of the hand? There is only one answer: Pang Youth. Who is Pang Youth? He is the chairman of the Youth Auto Group, the most ridiculous scam in the first half of the year - can run 1000 kilometers with water

The following article is from the new financial street detective, the author is obsessed with writing the detective Jun a toilet can buy a set of two suites? Who will buy such a expensive toilet? Is such a luxurious toilet going to the bathroom or lock the safe? This article will take us to know about 9 million diamond gold toilet back

The following article is from the World Chinese Weekly. The author of the weekly magazine is not the highest-profile of the gambling kings and children. Compared with He Yujun and He Chaolian, the authors stand taller. But at home, she is not allowed to do anything. The heart of the child is obvious to all. He Chaoqiong, 57, will be the deserved queen of He’s business empire

The following article is from the entertainment observation, the author of the entertainment observation editorial department "Dear Inn" has been in the third season, the first two seasons are still quite strong, can not see the live broadcast of the TV, watching the online video, is chasing watch. But I don't know why I only watched the episode this season and I didn't see it. No Wang Hao

The following article comes from the entrepreneurial think tank. When the author Tang Yi owes 140 yuan of huge debts to Jiang Nanchun, he will not think that he will have a family of 22 billion a day. For many entrepreneurs now, don't force yourself, never know how much potential you have. in this era

Text / Jin wrong knife channel Cloud shake the recent technology entrepreneurship circle is not quite flat, after Luo Yonghao was included in the list of untrustworthy executors, the national husband Wang Sicong emptied Weibo, on the list of executed people, once again triggered a hot discussion on the network. But some people are even more powerful. With two big winds, they have two hot searches.

Text / Jin wrong knife channel After the success of a star after the evaluation of the Japanese shop, Wang Sicong also harvested a hot search - Wang Sicong was listed as the executed person, involving assets of nearly 150 million yuan. If Wang Sicong still fails to pay off the arrears during the period of payment specified by the court, he will be listed as an enforcer.

The following article comes from a wave of saying that the author Yi Bojun is successful, Jiang Peizhen once said that entrepreneurship should have six qi. The so-called six gas: the first is courage, the second is the spirit, the third is heroic, the fourth is loyalty, the fifth is harmony, the sixth is competition! But from Jia Yueting to Luo Yonghao, to the founder of Jin Zizi Jiang

The following articles are from different research institutes. The author's wealth management training industry is now more and more diversified. Our impression of middle school English and academic skills training courses has long been unable to meet the market demand. Nowadays, not only teaches successful students, but also teaches boys to lie to girls, but also teaches how to be a junior,...

Text / Jin wrong knife channel Zhang Yichi cover map / Visual China's first best-selling author, may have to roll over recently! The big ice book "Children" has not been released for three months, and the book review area has become a star to comment on the large-scale disaster scene. Big ice, self-proclaimed wild writer. Since 2013,

Text / Jin wrong knife channel Cloud shaking his eyes to see him from the tall building, seeing his banquet guests, seeing his building collapsed. After Li Bin, Luo Yonghao also liked the most miserable man in 2019. At 15:37 on November 1, Luo Yonghao forwarded the news that Ono e-cigarette will soon release new products. Electricity

Text / Kim Knife Channel Xiang Yu Cover Map / Visual China On the Internet, you must have seen such a grandiose performance, named after the glass bridge frightened. Perhaps, under the guidance of these videos, you also embarked on the glass bridge. At the same time, the scenic area relies on glass items such as glass bridges and glass planks.

Text / Jin wrong knife channel Diik a few days ago, Xiao Bian is trying a new e-cigarette, the result of an old smoker around him bitterly persuaded to say that there are chemicals inside, be careful not to mention more. In less than a few days, the country has shot! November 1st, IECIE International

A terrible secret operation, today's truth is white! It turned out that Apple is quietly building a car! And all this, actually made so hidden, until today suddenly exposed! Yes, you are not mistaken, the outline of Apple's car business has basically taken shape. 1. Talents are in place: Apple thieves are very good, and they have taken a step

Text / Jin wrong knife channel cloud shake Wei has recently fired again! An article called "Wu Lai Li Bin, the worst man in 2019" brushed up the circle of friends, was forwarded by the major Internet amnesty, for a time, Wei Lai and Li Bin have become the object of debate. Yu Weilai, September 12, 2018

Text | A wave of Jun source | Yibo said (ID: yangyibotcc) Jin wrong knife (ijincuodao) authorized to reprint recently, only 24 years old after 95, Xie Chengrun, became a billionaire overnight, because he is behind a rich Four generations

The following article is from the chief figures. The author Huang Yingying can see Zhao Zhongxiang's teacher in 3000 pieces, and 5000 can buy Zhao Zhongxiang's teacher a blessing. Zhao Zhongxiang after retirement, recently fired again. One hundred identities means one hundred retirement lives, but everyone has a measure of self-worth.

The red envelope can't be robbed, the webpage can't be opened, the shaking sound can't be brushed out, what is the speed of the network, really XXX garbage! It is better to use my 4G. From 3G is not as good as WiFi, and WiFi is not as good as 4G. How many years? But in any case, for office, broadband is still the lowest cost.

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