Text / Golden wrong knife channel Zhou Shuangjiang When did you start to not understand the young people now? Start with their shoes or skirts, or do they buy blind boxes? Some people say that it started from their escape from the secret room. What about escape from the back room? Just to put you in a small black room to keep you from coming out, and pretend to scare you. No

Text / Golden Wrong Channel Monster does not have the giant of Changhong forever, nor does it have a brilliant myth. 7-11, still ushered in its cold winter. The first was to cancel the 24-hour operating system in March of this year. Later it was revealed that due to the expiration of the lease, they were asked to withdraw from China.

At noon on the first day of 2020, Wanda Group announced that it would bring people back from the New Year's celebration atmosphere to reality: Wanda Group decided to withdraw from the Dalian party club. The full text of the statement is as follows: Recently, online media hyped Wanda to withdraw a party from a football club and withdraw from Dalian Football. Individual malicious slander from the...

The following article comes from Wave of Author Wave of Marine King has a famous saying: Wealth is a manifestation of strength, but to make good use of it, not personally, but globally. A successful entrepreneur must not only have

The following article is from digging. What is the author's one-week undercover career? There are top people in all walks of life, and takeaway brothers are no exception. They can take delivery at 7am, work more than 10 hours a day, and rarely take vacations. No matter what kind of work this person should do

Wen / Jin Cuodao Channel In 2014, the size of China's compliant medical aesthetics market was 52.1 billion yuan, which increased to 152.1 billion yuan in 2019, an increase of 192% in five years. On the one hand, on the demand side, the number of Chinese medical beauty consumers in 2014 was nearly 5 million.

Text / Gold wrong knife channel After Zhang Yichi hurt someone with a knife, the takeaway brother in the video calmly unbuttoned the rider's suit, held the knife, and stretched out lazily. This is the day before the winter solstice of this year, a takeaway knife incident occurred in Wuhan shopping mall in Hubei. There were no twists and turns in the arrest.

The following article is from a wave of sayings, the author wave of Jun Kangde's industry scarcity, advanced technology is well known. The injustices and sufferings of the Kant shareholders cannot be realized without being in them. Now that Kang De's life is on the verge of death, stockholders are bitter, and Zhong Yunian was arrested and imprisoned in the late seventies ... The person who sent...

Text / Golden Wrong Channel Monster is called New Year with Huiyuan. But this year, Huiyuan was not very happy. Huiyuan's founder Zhu Xinli was listed as Lao Lai in a dispute with Minsheng Financial Leasing Company. After receiving his fourth height limit order, his 4.1 billion assets were also frozen.

The following article comes from the Jiu Monk, author Giota products and marketing, plus a channel. If a company wants to develop steadily, it will basically live together. Among them, marketing is a big deal. Strong as Moutai, and dare not neglect in marketing. Text | Giota Source | Know

Text / Golden wrong knife channel Yunyao Haidilao we can not learn, but there is a brand pulled out and Haidilao PK, but still win! Where does this brand compare to Haidilao? Completely by the reverse! Haidilao's service is supreme, carry bags, bring children, even shoe shine, manicure, meticulous; its two waiters

Text / Gold Wrong Knife Channel Diik recently watched a clip of a certain TV series. Foreigners despise Chinese liquor, so the actor Ming Dao staged a show of shameless foreigners, teaching foreigners how to drink liquor. Lotus means that because the wine is more fragrant than flowers, the cup is like a lotus flower. Cup full

Text / Gold Wrong Channel Zhang Yichi When Lu Weibing lowered the premium of 5G mobile phones to less than 2,000 yuan, the cheers of Mi Fan had begun to break. This is the first press conference hosted by Lu Weibing as the president of Xiaomi China. And when 5G was just getting started, the price could be set at

No one cares about genuine products, and the annual sales of pirated products exceeds 100 million yuan! What is the strongest copycat in history? Text / Golden wrong knife channel What is Yun Shao essential for winter? I believe 80% of girls and 10% of boys will answer: warm baby! In winter, whether you are male or female

Text / The Golden Wrong Channel What is the Japanese favorite? Before you leave, you may be able to justify ramen, sushi, tempura, and takoyaki. But if it is this year, it must be pearl milk tea! Figure source / Asahi Shimbun In the past year or two, Taiwan's pearl milk tea has become popular again in Japan.

Text / Golden wrong knife channel Is it really impossible for a physical store? In recent years, rumors of the end of physical stores have continued. More and more shops are on the verge of closure. The offline closures of major brands have accelerated, as if confirming these claims from the side. But is that really the case? Not necessarily, as Ma Yun said

Text / Gold wrong knife channel Zhou Shuangjiang Today, Brother Dao will talk about a shop that makes all tea shops frighten the wind-Honey Snow Ice City. 2,000 Cyclonals in 1 year! The big chains kill the counties! A new one opened nearby, and students around it were robbed of it! If there is honey snow on your side

The following article is from Sina Technology. The author tried to code the Xiaolang Jia Yueting and finally faced the creditors! It is neither a return to the country nor a debt repayment, nor a transfer of property, nor a purchase of a luxury home. However, I am afraid that the creditor's money will not be taken back, and Faraday's shares will be used to pay off the debt.

Text / The Golden Wrong Channel Zhang Yichi 8 months after the post-85 billionaire Tang imprisoned, the investigation of an annual major case has finally ended. The police recovered a total of 5.682 billion yuan in funds, seized 64 sets of real estate involved, 2 plots of land, 2 planes, and 53 cars.

Text / Golden wrong knife channel Zhou Shuangjiang Do you believe that you can earn 500,000 a day by working for others? Brother Dao is not flirting with you, but it is true. The person to be introduced today is Tang Jun, once known as the working emperor. He assisted the three richest men, and was hailed as the No. 1 professional manager in China

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