Editor / Apple source: insight| reprint, please contact the author until the winter snow, I hide in the warm room, look at these old photos. Time reminded me that they had been on the road to my life. It was getting late, I'll come to Beijing for a parent


The | a brother a A station this thought geben die for three consecutive days, both the client and the bizarre website does not open, public relations can not disclose any information, the Internet founder also came back to Hengshui, feeling the A station

Wen / the neighborhood committee, China, has such a group of big men. Liu Qiangdong, who does not know the beauty of his wife, regrets that Ali Jack horse has no Wang Jianlin abroad, and there is such a big guy: do not expect the failure of musk to look f

Apple and Samsung are of old friends, mutual resentment is the two companies Samsung daily, but recently more and more arrogant. Just out of Apple's X, Samsung took 60 seconds video, put the iPhone Tucao a times, from the previous small memory, not waterp

Editor /Dik, Tsinghua University, Peking University, such a top university, will ask what kind of people to make a speech? Bill Gate, Zuckerberg, Ma Yun, former U.S. President Bush, Clinton, Schwarzenegger, former British Prime Minister Cameron … &

Editor / apple Walkman, α micro single, Hi-Res AUDIO, PS4, 4K Digital Cinema... As mentioned in the factory director will think of Daniel Wu, as mentioned black technology, the first thought is SONY. We've written SONY, ZAKER, personalized recommend

Text /Max (WeChat number: Gold false knife) September is a month for many cell phone fans. In September 11th, millet Mix2 released; September 12th, September 13th, the Samsung Note iPhone8 release; eight line version of ZAKER, personalized recommendation

No crisis broke out, does not mean that we are not aware of; no does not mean that the crisis has dissipated the glint and flash of cold steel, a large collapse; about to happen, not the author will give It is without rhyme or reason. passes; show you a h

Text / brother, as the saying goes: thirty years, Hedong, thirty years hexi. Today, this is absolutely what he wants to talk about. Thirty years ago, he was known as the godfather of the founder of the electricity supplier, 126 millionaires created betwee

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