In the face of the compression of strategic space, Russia has participated in many local wars in recent years. From the Georgian war to the current chaos in the Middle East, the Russian army carried out Putin's sentence with practical action: if fighting

From the second Chechnya war, Putin personally drove the Soviet -27 fighter to the Chechen Grozny airport, condolences to the frontline soldiers, declared the victory of the second Chechnya war, and officially elected president of Russian Federation in 20

2017 is about to go away, on the arrival of the new year, comprehensive military figure in the past year the attention of various types of weapons, freshness, influence factors, selected the 2017 annual Top Ten weapons, the weapons for the domestic, forei

If there is anything in this era that makes people bite the teeth, the mailing machine can definitely be among them. Whether it is to buy a card or buy a mobile phone, the first generation of products is slightly changed for a new waistcoat, as new decept

Boeing and European Airbus almost control the current global civil aviation market. The mainstream airlines of large and medium sized airlines operate on Boeing or Airbus. Take the Chinese market as an example, at present, the total number of Chinese civi

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