Recently, the photos of Chinese fighter modified vectoring nozzle have been noticed again after being disclosed by a large V. In fact, the news has been rumored for a long time, some netizens have been inspired, and some netizens are numb. They are all ru

It's a little annoying recently, and the internal problem is not to talk about it. Just talk about the equipment problem. The first is a missile attack in the country, not only a large amount of equipment, but also a shadow of the people's psychology. Wha

The president of South Korea came to China and appealed to give up Sade's more opportunities to cooperate with Korea. However, when the money went away, the Korean government took a big action against the Chinese fishermen. Is that just because of the law

Disservice has become the basic state of mind in Japan, and China's industrial output value is equal to the sum of the United States and Japan. Whether Europe, the United States, Japan or some very small small countries, China's manufacturing has become a

The electromagnetic launch and stealth fighter news had more, many users may have not so sensitive, but when this day comes, we will still have a bit of excitement, after all, this is the carrier for the motherland construction has milepost sense. Once th

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