Have you heard of hidden marriage, have you heard of hidden life? A female singer on tour, took time to give birth to a baby? It's Ayumi Hamasaki. She posted an announcement on the official fan site teamAYU, and generously admitted that she gave birth to a beautiful angel last year. Tour in 2019, November

I know why the artist team didn't let them take pictures with their mobile phones: Feng Timothy was filmed as a dwarf: Although she is not tall, it is true ... but not so short. Someone said what's wrong with it? What age still discriminates against height? I misunderstood, I really did n’t, just discussing. After all, someone can say now

Speaking of Ishihara Satomi ▽ domestically recognized Japanese beauty, but also has been surrounded by cosmetic rumors. From her 15-year-old to 33-year-old, her appearance is roughly divided into three stages ▽ adolescence, round and dark black slightly rustic & amp; hellip; after 24 years old, the level of exquisiteness has risen straight, the cute or tricky little devil character comes in...

Jeffree Star, a well-known fashion beauty blogger in North America. He has recently moved. To be more precise, it was the castle. This is the entrance of the house ▽ There is a pool between the huge circular staircase, and a potted landscape will be planted later.

This year is destined to be the year of the rise of female love beans. Chuang 3 and Qing 2 are both girls. Almost all female trainees of Inner Entertainment are here. Suddenly panic, who should so many people pick? Who would be more topical? Who will bet for a successful debut? Coincidentally, this article may solve your doubt. —

It ’s about him ▼ Shooting a military theme, is it really an amazing effect? Yang Yang is very welcome in Jackie Chan's new movie. Brother Jackie Chan also boasted that he was very hard-working and wasn't deceived at all. Tang is looking forward to the handsome guy's play. When did Yang Yang start to be said to be oily? Since eating bean sprouts, he is said to be Huang Xiaoming's heir....

The birth of the first couple in the new year greatly meets the needs of different people. The love of sugar will be sentimental: great! Those who like to eat melon also say: It's wonderful! Actor, Super Junior member Kim Heechul, actress, Twice member Momo Momoi. Speaking of Super Ju

Remember her? The young moon in Biography of the Moon. People are big ghosts, they are not afraid of the sky, they rush to the palace of King Chuwei privately to fight for their mother. Chatting with the King of Chu again, and playing with a big tiger and a small tiger. King Chu therefore opened a secret channel for her so that Yueyue would often come over. Ancient spirit

While domestic illegitimates were still squatting in the hotel, the foreign guys had already filmed horror movies. # Not a compliment. This girl is Nayeon, a member of Korean girl group Twice: She was recently harassed by an illegitimate child. Her follower is Josh, German, born in 1994 & amp; dar

Tang Yifei has been searching a lot recently. Airborne fan base, issued 60,000 red envelopes. Husband's movie was released with movie subsidies. Open Weibo angered his own marketing account, and openly comment and let everyone have the courage to come. This operation immediately received a wave of praise, Sister Fei's favorite pets were helpful, but just awesome. But I have n’t experienced...

Work hard. Orange also took the time to chase a few dramas this year. I was so impressed. I would like to ask a few questions: Can the current webcast platform not treat the audience as a fool? The first episode of the webcast platform episodes can't wait to spoil you thoroughly. . . It does n’t matter to anyone who has seen the original, but we do n’t want to know

The first thing to get up this morning: refresh Weibo repeatedly. Look at the hot search, everyone should be the same & amp; hellip; to explain to friends who are not clear Two conditions are generally met, and well-known artists are unexpected. 13 years,

Sun Yizhen was really surprised (covering her face) as the only Grand Slam winner of the six major awards in South Korea. In the new drama "The Fall of Love" in collaboration with Hyun Bin, she contributed the following performances: & amp; hellip; & amp; hellip; & amp; hellip; & amp; hell

Thanks to the show team, Yang Shuo met Bao Beier. Yang Shuo, the last man who made the audience angry in 2019. Bao Baer, ​​a man who is dedicated to helping the audience. Let ’s talk about Yang Shuo ’s “Where Are My Dads 6”? Currently only on YouTu

Is this show a CCTV sister? In the Last Season, Dong Qing and Ni Ping were invited, and this time Zhou Tao was invited as the host. Zhou Tao is taking preservatives! She was born in 68. Can you tell that she is 51 years old? In a white suit, this figure also stays great ▼

Wuzhu's eye mask, Qingdi's deep V, Zhang Ruohuan's red carpet last night was very "Qing Yu Nian": hiss ... I almost feel like ... Chen Pingping's smoky makeup & amp; darr; don't engage him. ..... Xiaoxianxian was very handsome yesterday: The comment said that the person wearing a husky wearing a collar is not afraid of others

Li Jiaqi's live room is too lively. A few days ago Fan Xian and Lili also went. Zhang Ruohuan also broke the news that Chen Daoming's sexy v in Qing Yu Nian was requested by himself, and he gave them a name. Lazy & amp; Lazy, this name is a bit cute! Chen Daoming. He is serious and an old artist? its

This is Tang Wei: This is Tang Wei who is performing an arrow in "Bright Ming Fenghua": Huh? This exaggerated expression and this turn ... Could it be that he was shot and stabbed the old emperor in turn? Look at the moving picture alone, not. So I was spit out: Some people say that you have moved to the action of picture book ... Okay, we

2019 is really a disaster-stricken year, but it is clear that it is almost over, and the Korean entertainment industry is back in trouble. A female Doudou fractured her face, hands, and pelvis ... is a member of Wendy in '94, a member of Red Velvet, a female group of SM

Is this a little angel? Large grape eyes with eyeliner. Comb two little puppets, live-action version of Fuji's little girl! A small nose, like a mixed-race baby. After growing up, will it be a bit like Min Xiaolin? The baby's name is Mo Mo. Children, you may know each other. Momo is Liu Zhoucheng and his ex-wife

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