Want to pay 100 million if you want to cancel the contract? I didn't expect this to happen in 9102. ↓ Teacher He said in the program that one of his friends had to cancel the contract, and the result was not solved. Instead, he signed for ten years...? Later, the company told me about it, what did those training before?

Share a beautiful smile and smile: slow down the close-up version: too much feeling. Like a screenshot of a TV series, it is like a high-end endorsement shot. Unfortunately, it is not. This is a picture captured by a social news in Japan yesterday. Twenty hours ago, the owner who had this smile was arrested for possessing drugs. Her name is Ze Wei.

There are also stars selling live goods and rolling over. The kind of windy crime. Put China and Hong Kong side by side, live broadcast, and talk about it. Senior professional host Li Xiang also made this verbal error? The attitude of admitting mistakes is also very emmmm.... The words are your own, and it is necessary to say that someone is out of context. Admit mistake

From a prostitute to a girl, how many steps does it take? Answer: Only a variety of gunpowder variety is needed. In the new issue of "Dear Inn," Li Landi was accused of being tempted, and Yu Zhouzhou’s role filter was completely lost. She did the trick, and the filters were broken one after another. Dear Inn, this season is big

Have to say, this group of maps is handsome! Objectively speaking, the child's shoulder is a bit narrow, the whole portrait is stretched like … but this figure is quite a cool model face. A little bit of Danfeng's eye, with a stretch of eyebrows. Cold face, but not too fierce, let people retreat

Zhao Liying is really very new. In the early morning, I sent a picture marked with the original text and the adaptation of the shrinking water. The suspicion seems to connotate the meaning of the "Yu 翡" script. At the time of speculation, the suspected mango staff said that it was because of the supporting role. As well as some chickens and dogs, it’s hard to say. Then the support club will...

Give you Kang Kang this little baby ↓ white and cold, there is a kind of fairy supermodel feel. The calf is long and must be leg refined in the future. Mom, tighten the beautiful big light and hold it. A photo of the face, this pair of eyes sharks come to me. His name is Samuel.

There are people who don’t want to record in half of the catalogue, Jiang Sida. In his own show "Only visible in three days", he encountered a strong enemy. This follow-up program is Jiang Sida and the artist to get together for three days, and then read from it. But by the next day, Jiang Sida could not stand it. Can I bother one person? I just don't want to

Come, let's play a few question marks first:? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Sorry for playing three more question marks, I can't hold back. Feng Timo recently went to the variety "Pension Prince" and said the above three sentences. Contact lenses, 20 days, not picked. The host, He Wei, was shocked. I was thinking: I just asked you to be lazy in life.

Contemporary people question mark use guide:? →Is there something to say? ? → Didn't understand? ! → Is there such an operation as to? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? After reading this episode, you can use ↓ the storyline: she loves him, she is a demon, he is afraid that the man mainly kills him, she does not let her.

Marry a man who is younger than you, richer than you, better than you, what is it? In addition to admire, there is nothing to say. This is the first reaction I have seen in the following news. The practice is to introduce the protagonist: the male protagonist, the second palace and also the nickname nino, 36 years old. Don't look old, he is still a day.

Unexpectedly, let Shen Teng appear this expression, turned out to be a man. The 40-year-old Shen Teng looked at Yang Yang, and his eyes were all when he was 20 years old. (Shen Shushu: I used to look so good) Yang Yang, a man who is handsome. A man who smiles and grows up. Two people on the same stage, "Army Art School Grass

Unfavorable, 邋 邋遢, sharp brother. Guess a male artist, who do you think will be? Emmm sharp brother himself ... fashion blogger gogoboi use it to describe Yang Yang. Bo blog, even hit #双 11 party the most terrible dress #tag... one mouth

The new way of the artist circle in 9102: go to the live room to sell goods. Who sells the hot search ↓ Li Jiaqi's live broadcast is too much, I am basically going to the guests. Selling 啥 doesn't care, anyway, it's not as good as their expression pack: in a face 周 x Zhou Zhennan, can't insert words

Less nonsense, look directly at the picture. This is a screenshot of the scene of the Hunan Taiwan Suning Double 11 Party. The artists went on the spot and they just came out of the mine. I am thinking about a hot search? Indeed on ……? ? ? It’s obvious that the light master is acting alone.

Li Dongxu has finally come to China! ! ! Participate in the show, a black trench coat. Real Hell Messenger ▼ quickly caught everyone's attention, rushed to China's hot search ▼ how Sven, how Professor Fan. Du Fu's catwalk hooked Wu Xuanyi's veil, and Li Dongxu, who was sitting next to it, helped her out. Although the video is far away, you see

Yan Ya took her boyfriend to "Knowing Brother"? ! ! I have been shocked since I saw the notice last week. For the first time, there are young lovers of love beans. Isn't this a fan of splitting up some of the illusions that the two will break up? OK, it’s a golden sister! The broadcast evaluation that everyone expected was: ▼ Come and show love! bother

Said is Zheng Shuang. This title is not exaggerated … right? If you look at her photo last night, at this moment, I want to turn into a woodchuck …… wake up Zheng Shuang, and wake me up: Say good little fairy? This must be a dream? The above picture is from

An Junying, the first Korean producer in history to board CCTV earlier than his own artist. I.O.I, WANNA ONE, IZONE, X1 I haven't been in the hot search position, he went up: There is a friend in the commentary is very cute: I didn't expect the sentence of the year An Junying, go to the prison road, actually become

When an avalanche, no snowflake is innocent. But Zha told us: Don't put gold on your face. You are not.醍醐 醍醐 top. Hot Yizha, 2019 怼 black powder contest champion candidate, civilized street new benchmark ↓ 没 没 没 没 搜 搜 搜 搜 搜 搜 搜 搜 搜 搜 搜 搜 搜 搜 搜 搜 搜 搜 搜 搜 搜 搜 搜 搜 搜 搜 搜

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