Recently, a serious case of death caused by domestic violence occurred in Hampshire, in the southeast of Britain. Rashton, 30, and her husband Dyson have been separated for half a year. By chance, the other party learned that her ex-boyfriend had called and was forced to swallow the wedding ring and was beaten. Eventually results in its ribs 37

According to the Korean Central News Agency on the 4th, Kim Jong-un, chairman of the North Korean State Council, led the public to board Baekdusan after 49 days. Kim Jong-un and members of the army's headquarters spearheaded the white-headed wilderness of the anti-Japanese guerrillas, revisiting the glorious history of writing the first page of the Korean Revolution. The Korean Central News...

Recently, a family in Ukraine suffered a tragedy of suffocation. A 22-year-old young mother puts her 9-month-old daughter in a stroller and is busy doing housework herself. What I didn't expect was that when I went to see my daughter after a while, I found that the domestic cat was lying on her daughter's face.

Recently, a weather forecast host of the BBC in the UK triggered Siri on the watch by mistake during the broadcast. As a result, as soon as the host said that it would snow, the watch would say: The weather forecast showed no snow. At the time, host Tomasz Schaferna

Mariko Yumada from Saitama Prefecture, Japan, is 61 years old this year. But she proved with a new world record: Gender will not be a limitation, nor will it be age. At the Shimonoseki Marathon Marathon in Japan on November 3, Mariko Yutata ran a 2:59:15 result and became

Jake, who works for the Mosside County Police Force, is 20 years old and has been working hard. Nevertheless, it has a special habit: be sure to drink a cup of morning tea before getting up in the morning. It turned out that one day they drank British tea from the police and fell in love with it

Recently, a fatal incident occurred in Chonburi, western Thailand, while playing with a mobile phone while charging. A 28-year-old man was lying in bed alone, playing a mobile game while charging, but he was not expected to be electrocuted. After returning home from work, the mother opened the door of the son's room, only to find that he had died unexpectedly, so he rushed

On Thanksgiving this year, a murder took place in Springfield, Orange County, South Carolina. A father took a 9-year-old son to hunt with his relatives, but accidentally shot the son as a hare. After the incident was uploaded on social media, the school and relatives and friends expressed condolences.

According to a report by the British "Daily Mail" on November 3, a recent assassination occurred in the capital city of Kiev, Ukraine. Unfortunately, a 3-year-old boy was mistakenly targeted and shot. Two murderers have been arrested. According to Ukrainian police, the boy was named Sasha Suo

Recently, the traffic police in Fengyang County, Anhui, seized a man suspected of drinking and driving while conducting a night investigation on drunk driving. However, the traffic police were stunned upon inspection. So what happened then? On the same day, the traffic police of the Huangnipu Squadron of the Traffic Management Brigade of Fengyang County inspected a gray car in the special...

An 18-year-old man from India was diagnosed with hepatitis and was diagnosed with brain death one week after the onset of the disease. After the heartbroken mother brought him home, he collapsed and shouted, Don't leave me. Unexpectedly, the son came to life with tears, his mother was surprised and happy, and the doctor shouted a miracle. Comprehensive foreign media reports, this year 6

On November 3, Ms. He's three-year-old daughter, Xiao Rui, was knocked down by another child while playing in a children's playground, causing Xiao Rui's atlantoaxial joint to be dislocated. It has been more than 20 days since the incident, and Xiao Rui's family is still troubled by the claims. From the surveillance video provided by Ms. He, you can see that at noon that day

Recently, a Russian man encountered two trapped deer on a frozen lake. Due to the slippery ice surface, the two fawns could not stand up and walk at all, but it would be very dangerous to stay on the ice surface for a long time, so the man immediately went over to start the rescue. For the safety of each other, the man decided to try to drive Xiao Lu first.

U.S. First Lady Melania ’s unauthorized new book “Freedom, Melania” will be published on the 3rd local time, revealing her unhappy relations with Trump and Ivanka, and in 2018 Almost nephrectomy experience in May's health crisis. According to the British "Daily Mail" 12

Chinese spy farce, the oversized headline in bold on the front page of the Australian version of the Daily Telegraph, like the fingerprints left by some Australian media after their face was severely beaten. For a week, these Australian media have been trying to turn the story of Wang Liqiang, a senior spy who has been sincere, into an anti-China and anti-China tide.

Recently, a taxi company called Yokohama, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, suddenly issued a special order prohibiting employees from licking their fingers while looking through documents. Many people are used to licking their fingers when counting banknotes, reading newspapers, and opening plastic bags. According to Chiaki Ozawa of the company's publicity department

A sperm whale died after being washed up on a beach near Scotland. However, it was shocking that when it was dissected, there were nearly 200 kg of garbage balls in it, consisting of fishing nets, plastic cups and plastic bags. Local time on the beach in Scotland on November 28th

According to the British "Daily Mail" reported on December 2, a video of a Russian husband who spoofed his wife has been reposted on the Internet. Many netizens said that although pranks look so loving, there are still certain dangers, reminding everyone not to imitate. The husband's name is Spitsky Gennady

An ancient dog mummy found 18,000 years ago in the frozen soil of Siberia last year was officially exhibited to the public in Yakutsk, Russia on December 2. The remains were extremely well preserved, even with fur and beard Still there. In a palaeogenetics study in Stockholm, Sweden

According to the British "Daily Mail" reported on December 2, a violent incident occurred in the state of Guanajuato, southern Mexico, on the 21st of last month when a drug syndicate assassin ran into a hospital to take patients away and killed them. Surveillance footage of the hospital shows that seven masked armed killers broke into Salva with assault rifles

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