Blue Whale TMT Channel On November 7th, after Jingdong and Vipshop will successively remove e-cigarette products, Alibaba issued a statement on Tmall's official website today, in order to comply with regulatory compliance requirements, the electronic cigarette products will be removed immediately. The statement pointed out that the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration and the National Market...

Blue Whale TMT Channel On November 6th, Alipay has cancelled the account limit and added support for multiple accounts. Ant Financial Service said that in order to meet the needs of users, an ID card can open up to 3 flowers in the current status of real-name authentication.

Blue Whale TMT Channel On November 6th, Tencent launched a video beauty social app on the low-key, mainly for strangers video social. Currently in the cold start phase, it is only available on the App Store. It is reported that the cat call is a main video beauty

Blue Whale TMT Channel October 29th, at present, a number of netizens responded on Weibo that WeChat payment is unusable, and the payment scenarios include multiple platforms such as US group take-out, Jingdong, Harbin bicycle, and line. Under the supermarket and so on. In this regard, the relevant person in charge of WeChat responded: Payment

Aiqiyi's iQiyi knowledge has celebrated its first anniversary. For this reason, iQiyi held an online and offline event with the theme of 365 days of knowledge evolution. iQiyi also announced that in the future, it will launch encyclopedia videos, live classes, online training camps and other content, online interactive, user evaluation

Recently, Great Wall Broadband Network Services Co., Ltd. adjusted its business scope or will withdraw from the broadband market. In this regard, Dr. Peng issued an announcement denying that Great Wall Broadband will withdraw from the broadband market, saying that Great Wall Broadband will continue to provide users with Internet access services and other telecom value-added services. The...


According to the official website of Mijia, today, there is a slacker on the shelf, which sells for 119 yuan and 8 volumes, equivalent to 15 yuan a roll. According to official website, this lazy rag is made of 80% high quality wood pulp, +20% PP material,

Recently, cool cycling, cycling, cycling and other blue Xiaoming in succession because of operational difficulties, unable to get credit and almost shut down, let the bike sharing business model has been continued to torture outside. However, a wave is no

Recently, iDropNews released the apple iPhone Xc concept map foreign media, this is a mid-range machine after three year flagship Apple Corp announced, because according to reports, this iPhoneXc price may be $449 to 5 ZAKER, personalized recommendation h

2017 is the year of the lunar rooster. It is the first year of the chicken game. From "millet gun battle" to "wilderness action", all game manufacturers joined in the battle of eating chicken, launched many kinds of games and participated in competition.

After the launch of a custom version of the smartphone, China Mobile began to dabble in the smart TV market. From the media reports, China Mobile teamed up with China Mobile for the BOE, launched a variety of brands of large size 4K Ultra HD TV products,

In 2017, in addition to sharing bicycles, another hot field is not smart speakers. What is worth noticing is that in the rush hour of smart speakers, most of the competitors are platform giants, and there are Amazon, Google, Alibaba, Baidu and so on. From

When I graduated from junior high school, I came into contact with A station. I have been graduating from college for more than 7 years. I'm still very fond of two yuan, but I'm not going to A. A senior two - time ACG fan, the squirrel (the pseudonym), sa

Online shopping mall in the stagnation line stop if you need to buy Frestech refrigerator, please buy in other business sites, Frestech refrigerator official online store customer service told reporters before the blue whale TMT. At present, the Frestech

The day before, according to Taiwan media "Economic Daily" reported that apple is secretly and IC design companies in Taiwan MediaTek (MediaTek.Inc) to negotiate the scope of bilateral cooperation, CDMA IP relates to the mobile phone baseband chip and int

Text: Liu Zhigang Ctrip internal child abuse event is like a fuse, since it was reported, has not fallen to the ground, the network has spread out a number of related events: Wuhan Jianghan District Stephenson Vanke City kindergarten kindergarten teachers

November 25th evening news, recently, Ali and Jingdong between the two election war again, causing great concern in the industry. In response to the's "2 million 600 thousand high price on Jingdong, and many times hiring a black book to attack Ali" and ot

November 25th evening news, recently, Ali and Jingdong between the two election war again, causing great concern in the industry. In response to the's "2 million 600 thousand high price on Jingdong, and many times hiring a black book to attack Ali" and ot

On Friday, apple said it plans next month offering smart speaker HomePod bounced, delayed until early next year. Under the trend of smart speakers, this is not a good news, because next is the holiday shopping season in the United States, many consumers w

Lying is a necessary communication in life. Some lies are good, others are malicious. Liars will be exposed. Most people try to hide a lie, but it's not easy to control words, voices, expressions and body language at the same time. Voice and expression ar

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