Content, video is redefining the telecommunications industry, telecom operators, the video business is not doing or not to do multiple-choice questions.

This week, Guangdong and Chongqing IPTV film week list before the winners of the continuation of the previous rules, the content of no overlap. And the comparison was carried out.

Growing up, help Kay summed up a law of his own: power = interest + pressure, two can not be less

January 18th, jointly organized by the 4K garden HUAWEI Technology Co., Ltd., Alibaba home entertainment division of the first China 4K image festival held in Beijing.

For the future of copyright content operations, network will seek international cooperation on the one hand, on the other hand to strengthen the self made investment.

September 2013, millet launched its first own brand TV, as of now, there are curved TV, split TV, HDR TV and other categories.

China Import and Export Bank of China will provide a total of 60 billion yuan of credit line China Telecom, and to support the comprehensive development of the China Telecom group at home and abroad.

From May 2013, the launch of the first music as its own brand of television began, as of the end of October 2016, the music as a super TV cumulative sales of nearly 9 million units.

The magazine media streaming network combing the 9 Internet TV manufacturers in 2016 on track, including strategy, product, content and surrounding.

The provinces have launched IPTV film and television ratings list, from the data to understand the user's behavior habits, to become an important means of better operation of television.

In 2016 China Unicom Shandong branch IPTV province public bidding Center Service Platform expansion project equipment and software project bidding on before, has provided the subject matter and implementation capacity of suppliers may come to bid.

Industry dynamic they call this is the main body who knows this in the end is not the main body of it? Who can tell me this is not the text. Capital movements they call this text

There is CIBN license operators, under the intelligent terminal brand has global flag of Guangdong China Zhida radio international country, responsible for its new media terminal business strategy.

Through the radar map, operators can be more clearly defined their own positioning.

At present, a micro television coverage of the 43 inch, 49 inch, 50 inch, 55 inch, 78 inch multiple dimensions.

Founded in 2006, SKYWORTH's cool open Internet TV brand, over the years has been focused on intelligent product independent research and development. April 2015, cool open to achieve independent operation.

December 7th, CIAVC on the eve of China Network audio-visual program service association released the "2016 China Network Audio Visual Development Research Report".

The evening of December 4th, Liverpool ushered in the Premier League fourteenth round game against Bournemouth. Sponsored by PPTV cohesion TV "can not walk alone" Liverpool football night, held at the same time in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou city three.

October 2016 three broadband subscribers 272 million 552 thousand, representing a total increase of 2015 by the end of 32 million 162 thousand.


Should pay more attention to the platform, integration, service, ecology".

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