April 22, Japan tanacu AKB48's operation and Management Co., Ltd aks announced all-round strategic cooperation with China's largest Internet music platform, cool music group and CIC in the fiscal fund.

The release of four TV and a sound has a high performance and a very high value, CANTVW55 price of 4599 yuan, with a considerable competitive.

According to Ovid, Yungang data show, March 2016, intelligent TV app users ratio compared to last month, an increase of 4%, the frequency of use per capita for 8 times, each time looks than in February increased 10 minutes, the overall lack of significant

On April 20, music, as the introduction of the four cross industry terminal products, super phone 2 generation of full line (le 2 Le 2Pro and le the max2), super TV series 4, depending on the VR helmet and LeSEE supercar. Music also released the world's f

On 20 April 2016, Hisense in Beijing officially released Internet TV poly good education platform, plus before Hisense launched poly poly nice, fun together, gather to enjoy shopping platform, Hisense has formed a of Internet TV from the layout of the who

In April 18th, the Teana K song smart microphone was the world's first, the price of 599 yuan /, number of the first batch of 1000 units of sales.

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