At more than 3 pm on December 2, a car accident occurred at the junction of Wei'an Road, Weicun Road, Xinbei District, Changzhou City and National Highway 346. The ambulance driver was trapped in the car during the accident. When rescuers arrived at the scene, they saw an ambulance colliding with a sanitation truck. The front of the ambulance was severely deformed and the driver

When it comes to weight loss, many people think of six words: hold your mouth and spread your legs. However, for true fat people, this six-character rule is not suitable, and it may become fatter! A 27-year-old guy in Yancheng, Jiangsu, lost weight to 220 pounds due to an operation. He started to lose weight.

The 10-year-old boy Pengpeng has intermittent abdominal pain for many years. Parents have not paid much attention to it. Anti-inflammatory drugs and analgesic tablets have become Pengpeng's standing medicine. Recently, Peng Peng's abdominal pain has recurred, and it is fierce. A doctor's examination found that a polyp with a diameter of 1 cm had grown in Pengpeng's gallbladder.

Pig Peggy is a cartoon image that many children like. Recently, Huai'an police arrested a suspect who had stolen liquor through a car sticker from Peggy. Two days ago, Mr. Ye, who lives in Fuchun Garden Community, Qingjiangpu District, Huai'an City, said that the liquor in his basement was stolen and lost more than 3,000.

On November 19th, a team of Chinese and foreign scientists announced in Beijing that they had discovered a rare specimen of stomach contents in Jianchang County, Liaoning Province for the first time, which is of great significance for us to understand the predation habits of small and medium-sized reptiles in the Cretaceous Period. The research was led by Associate Professor Xing Lida of China...

Dangerous driving after drinking is very dangerous. The traffic law stipulates that for the second drunk driving, it must be severely punished and administrative detention is required. After a second drunk driving was found, a man in Xuzhou was told that he was going to be detained. He was anxious to turn around. He hoped that the police could help him and did not want to influence the...

At 5:46 on the morning of November 14, the 71-year-old Jingjiang citizen was suddenly knocked down by a two-wheeled vehicle traveling from north to south when passing the zebra crossing from west to east at the intersection of Huaxin Street on the 345 National Road. After the accident, the two-wheeler owner did not have no on-site rescue, but

Every day, I cook dishes for the baby. I haven’t finished eating this time and I want to eat what I want to eat. Many parents lament that they are racking their brains but they are also poor, but this can’t be stumped by some super-human mothers with 18 martial arts. Cao Lihua after 80 is one of them. Last year her daughter went to elementary school. She insisted on taking it every day at...

A few days ago, a few unexpected guests came to Yangzhou's Fang Fang's home. They claimed they were asking for money from the debtors. Only when asked, did they know that the old lady, Lao Wu, had borrowed money from Lao Wu. But husband and wife two peopl

The first two days, the wild boar broke into the Nanjing University in the news on the Internet, there is a picture of the truth, many people feel that the South's environment is good. However, the South University son found that although there is a wild

According to the report of lychee network on December 15th, 13, a pedestrian in Lianshui County of Huaian, Jiangsu was hit by an electric car. She was killed because of the heavy injury and died after rescue. The troublemaker was a girl who was only 12 ye

In July of this year, a man in Wuxi, Xiao Gan, met a female netizen while playing games. The two people talked more and more opportunistic, and became husband and wife in the game world. But such acquaintance brought little luck to Xiao Gan. Xiao Gan is W

Recently, the animal protection volunteers in Nanjing reported to us that they recently found a QQ group on the Internet to spread and instigate cats and dogs. Even more to the volunteers, QQ members were also active in Nanjing. Last month, they found a n

Recently, the Nanjing Jiangning 6 year old Yan Yan (a pseudonym), the body continued. More than half a year, once let her drop out at home by her mother, with several hospitals in pe. 6 year old little girl had cramps, seeking more than half a wave of abo

The two day is being staged in the "Cultural Revolution" of the United States, there is a more shocking scene … … saying, everyone should have heard: in the past few weeks, the United States is reeling from a more intense racial conflicts ca

Recently, the base package bayonet in the city of Zhangjiagang, police seized a suspected fraud escape the woman, however, when the police checked the identity of the other documents, I found her passport and don't like, how is this going? In the morning,

Adidas, Nike sports brand is the most popular, of course, also became a lot of criminals counterfeit objects, recently, Suzhou Changshu police destroyed a fake dens, in order to remove the counterfeit sports shoes, full use of 13 trucks. Suzhou City, Chan

Nanjing citizens ho told reporters reflect, in April 1st he and her husband in a hotel in Nanjing to do the wedding, the evening in the hotel room to rest. In the evening, when she was getting ready to take a bath, she found out that she had been frighten

Nanjing citizens ho told reporters reflect, in April 1st he and her husband in a hotel in Nanjing to do the wedding, the evening in the hotel room to rest. In the evening, when she was getting ready to take a bath, she found out that she had been frighten

Live in the city of Suzhou in Kunshan Mr. day just before when Dad, arguably the little life coming is a great joy for the family, to Mr. two couples but how also not happy, because their children from birth and normal children are not the same. Mr. Yu an

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