The coming is still coming! Earlier this year, I was in the financial tide brother city competitiveness push a called "jobs involving 1 million people! This industry will welcome the unemployment tide, especially in the north of Guangzhou and Shenzhen, an

The coming stormin! A few major events that have taken place in recent years have let the property market send out this bad smell. First look at specific events: event a: once the most expensive land, Nanjing Jingaogang future villa has been traced to shu

Guidance: Beijing time on December 14th morning, the Fed announced 25 basis points for raising interest rates, raising the target range of the federal funds interest rate to 1.25%-1.5%, which is consistent with market expectations. This is the third incre

Turning from: the ID:lsttcz of the property market; the author: fishing village head, a small fishing village with a history of more than 30 years, has attracted about 20000000 people from all corners of the country. Some people come to the root, some peo

Transfer: housing estates (ID:its-home); Author: Kaifeng rising every time, each of the wonderful; every time down, history is strikingly similar. The landlord stopped working, the house was haunted, the sales office was besieged, the owners made a protes

Transfer: Market Commentary (ID:zzlssp) author: Zhang is how to judge a city of the future price trend? For beginners, there is a practical and easy to remember formula: short term finance, medium term land, long term population this sentence by Ren Zepin

On December 2nd, 3 p.m. Beijing time, Trump's tax cuts were passed in the United States Senate. Because the scheme had already been passed by the house of Representatives half a month ago, the tax cuts were basically fixed. After the Senate deliberation,

Transfer: Phoenix real estate (ID:houseifeng); comprehensive: rich alliance, melt 360, Hongyuan Lin Yuan etc. Recently, there is a brush form the purchase cost of the explosion of the circle of friends, when the news also said that rising housing prices d

According to the India Economic Times article, India is always far ahead of China's economy. It always tries to find itself better than China in other aspects. But one Indian is undeniable, that is, the number of big enterprises in China is far beyond Ind


As the winter snow and ice days are coming, flight delays will go to the peak. WeChat launched a fully automatic delay insurance premium of 35 yuan, the highest settlement of 210 yuan, specifically: take-off delay 30 minutes, the cumulative claim 30 yuan,

As the two millennium plan, national affairs of Beijing sub center of Tongzhou, the market came the news: the average price of second-hand housing fell 10 thousand, fell by up to 17%. 01, the average price of second-hand housing in Tongzhou has declined b

This paper from the 2008 financial crisis has soared / up to now, although the global economic downturn, the stock market is the heroes, especially Chinese enterprises, stock price and market capitalization reached record high. Recently, in the A stock ma

"Chinese can use Alipay (Alipay) to pay the fare, but also enjoy preferential. Eleven during this year, I went to Singapore to play, in a taxi, the driver recommended Alipay payment. Like the domestic taxi driver gave me a two-dimensional code, Alipay swe

These new rules will affect you and my life since December! Take a look! Watch December 1st import tariff cut, these goods zero tax rate of the Ministry of Finance recently announced that from December 1st onwards, China will further reduce import tariffs

Recently saw a hot post in the know, the discussion has hundreds of thousands of deposits on hand, in the end to buy a house or buy a car, a lot of people here to express their views, said Fang Jun into 360 (fangdai123) with interest to see a few, here to

Turn from: ID:efifan (Art); some information reference: Tianya; photographer: Kin Cheung, Benny Lam, in fact, you live, has been very happy. The vicissitudes of life about the impression of Hongkong, what would you think? The row upon row of tide brand ed

Turn from: David to see the property market (ID:zdw123zdw123zdw); the author: Zhang Dawei, many countries around the world can use a word to frighten the world! Russia: I'm going to bomb Syria! Korea: I'm going to send atomic bombs to korea! UK: I'm going

Reprinted from: Star Gold Service (xindai_007); Author: Mccann thin broken many first-tier cities house, the market value of 10 million, a month to rent ten thousand yuan, 1.2% years was lower than the deposit, if the house when the stock is 83, PE (price

From the future of the world: the landlord (ID:FWlandlord); Author: landlord Xiaoling: Why are you always can't afford to buy a house? Right or not, see the following analysis (not one): when hesitant to tangle have money to pay the down payment, always w

Emphasis on control, not all housing prices are strong, there are also plummeted region. It is close to China's most cattle city, housing prices have been in full swing, now half a year, the decline is more than 2/3, but still no one cares. 01 China's mos

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