This article for the Liu Run transformation / venture "ten traps" series of articles in the entrepreneurial and transformation of the seventh, filled with large and small pits, each pit swallowed a large number of public

This article is Liu Run transformation / entrepreneurship "ten traps" series of articles seventh in the entrepreneurial and transformation of the road, covered with large and small pits, each pit has swallowed a large number of public

The Olympic Games is more popular today than the headline: Baoqiang Wang and his wife Ma Rong divorced, the cause is Ma Rong affair with the broker. A good happy family just collapsed

Affection, love, friendship, teachers and students love this is one of the most memories of the growing process of the color of the part, because they are full of our youth, August is to see the movie

This is a world filled with marketing and advertising. Traditional advertising touch, the way the line promotion gradually make users feel tired. How to change the marketing from the same

August 10th, Beijing - China media evaluation committee (ChinaMediaRatingCouncil, CMRC)

7 years ago, the first interview with Bessie Li Qianling, she said to me, "I'm studying Digital recently, you know? Digital

With the vigorous development of China's Internet, online advertising market is growing and growing, digital channels become one of the most important positions of brand marketing and advertising media investment.

Chinese, you less than Brazil one night. Social media on the Qixi Festival Valentine's day, both "fancy show affection, also have" fancy eating dog food". Are said to have no contrast, there is no injury


Mango TV full net broadcast of the "tornado Girl 2" new CP detonated eyeball, on-line 12 set platform total play volume exceeded 530 million.

Since the implementation of a drama two weeks, the TV market changes can occur with "four little" to describe a real "new drama" less, for the first time

The 2016 Rio Olympic Games officially opened in Beijing in August 6th 7, the game of Olympic athletes struggling at the same time, the brand also won the hot field. and

2016 can be described as a veritable variety eruption year, since last year, the comprehensive launch of the variety show to reach 215 files, including the number of TV variety show

The Olympic Games in Rio struck, in addition to brand media, are sharpened to into a four yearly marketing campaign, many brands or for the upcoming

With the passion of the summer, how can you not be accompanied by a movie? Today, Xiao Bian would like to talk about movies, film works, although more and more, but the classic film

About the future of the world of things, we think a lot of a powerful and unconstrained style. In the future, all the science and technology will work together. In the future, science and technology will help people to make

In 2016, China's economic transformation and upgrading of the great business opportunities, China's media and the consumer market is experiencing an unprecedented change in the new business ecological change

"In 2016, the transformation and upgrading of China's economy gave birth to a huge business opportunities, China's media and the consumer market is experiencing an unprecedented change, the era of new business ecological change

This summer, the global sports fans looking forward to the Olympic Games in Rio Carnival Spirit, the major brands are more looking forward to taking advantage of the marketing and sales of BonusTi shock exposure

2013 Zhao Wei's director of the virgin works "to the youth", fishing for gold, in 2016, "to the youth" IP strong return, the film "to youth 2: the original you

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