The worst thing happened. 2020 has just begun, and three black swans have arrived. If you do n’t come, you will come together. For the US, to Japan, and to those of us in Taiwan on Treasure Island, this New Year has been particularly heart-warming. What is a black swan? What we call the black swan, of course not

It is truly unprecedented. According to Iran, this is the first joint military exercise between China and Russia in 40 years since the Islamic Revolution in 1979. In fact, 40 years ago, it was impossible for a Chinese warship to go to a military exercise in the Middle East. Therefore, there is no doubt that this is the first joint sea in the history of China, Russia, and Iran.

(A) The picture is very simple. 16-year-old Greta Sandberg stands on the headland, white waves slap against the rocks under her feet, she in a light blouse slightly lifts her head, looks into the distance, with a dignified look & amp; hellip; & amp; hellip; Magazine's Man of the Year

(1) Go to the water poor and sit and watch the clouds rise. It's a bit cold this winter, and it's time to test Putin. The leader, who has been in charge of Russia for 20 full years, has just suffered the biggest humiliation in years. On December 9, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) passed a decision at the Olympic Games

(1) December 11 was the most memorable day for the Chinese economy; but this day is also the day when the American conspiracy finally succeeds. Frankly, I'm more taboo about the word conspiracy. In previous articles, I rarely used conspiracy even when analyzing the international situation and struggle. After all, a lot

Originally, this should be a united, victorious, past conference. After all, NATO, the world's largest military group, has gone through a whole 70 years, and it has not been easy. In the end, it was a contest that was torn apart, torn apart, and demolished each other. So that in the end Trump was angry and the press conference

Macron's previous criticism of Trump was somewhat low-key, and Trump would curse a few words. But this time, a public change, Macron also refused to eat hard, and directly tussled with Trump. (1) Liquor is less than a thousand cups per confidant, and it is not speculative. In this world, people Trump really likes

An extraordinary day on December 2. Looking back a few years later, we can even see the special nature of this day. On this day, three major events with far-reaching consequences occurred between China, the United States and Russia. Indeed, it has far-reaching effects, not only related to state relations, but also to the national economy and people's livelihood. I try to use simple language to...

(1) This is a very low-key news. Many people may not notice it, but it has extraordinary historical significance for world finance. Because this small change may mean the beginning of a new era. An era of de-dollarization and de-Americanization. Or you could say this is 20

(1) Things are changing. The seemingly inadvertent details actually reveal the wind direction of ulterior motives. At a critical moment, Japan's slippery face suddenly changed its face. According to Bloomberg, Japan has made a noise recently. If India does not join, Japan will not sign a Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (RC

(A) I believe that people who have been to the United States have an impression: In the US supermarket, if you buy 6 US dollars, you immediately give the cashier 10 US dollars and 1 US dollar; it is estimated that 89 out of 10 cashiers I'm wondering if this guy is stupid, isn't 10 yuan enough? Most likely, he (or

[Western comics, politics are not correct, it ’s still interesting to see them.] I never expected that because of China ’s Huawei, Germany this time insulted the United States! I just saw this news and thought it was wrong. Recently, the United States and Germany have a lot of conflicts. Of course, Germany will criticize the United States, but for Huawei, it should be

When many Americans care about the situation in Hong Kong, in the United States, gunshots are ringing in succession, and one after another innocent Americans are in a pool of blood. On November 18th, a Wal-Mart ultrasound in Oklahoma killed 3 people in the gunshots; the day before, in California

[Western comics, politics is not correct, look is still very interesting] From November 13th, for the Americans, what is a big event in the world, because in the United States, the most important political event began. One TV after another was broadcast live, one after another found the headlines, social

(1) Things are changing. The seemingly inadvertent details reveal a different direction of usefulness. In the past week, things have been a bit more, but at least these three pieces are having a major and far-reaching impact on the international situation! The first thing is very dramatic, just at the last moment of the RCEP talk, India

(1) The big change began, and the tears in the West were completely open. Because he had just finished his visit to China, Mark Long’s most shocking words were announced. Looked carefully at the time, this is what Markon said when he was interviewed by the British "Economist" on October 21, but because of the relationship between the publications, 1

Among the leaders of the world's great powers, Mark Long, born in 1977, is the youngest. When he visited China for the first time in 2018, it was said that Mark Long had vowed that he must come to China once a year. This time I came to China, I feel that Mark Long is very emotional and laughs very extraordinarily! Even if the Xinhua News Agency’s draft, the word

The British were very troublesome. Although it was their own fault, they never imagined that the Americans also interfered in the British internal affairs. It is not general interference, but gross interference, unprecedented interference, and naked interference. This is not to say, this is what the British media and politicians say. You know, now is the best in the UK.

(1) This world-class kicking ball has widened the eyes of the whole world, and it is a bit dumbfounded! Originally, the UK took the initiative. October 31 is the final deadline for Brexit. British Prime Minister Johnson also swears that if he can't leave the country on this day, he would rather die in the ditch - authority Media information

Trump is very happy. Finally, the US Special Forces killed the top leader of the Islamic State, Bagladi. Undoubtedly, this is also the most iconic battlefield victory for Trump in more than three years, especially when he is criticized for withdrawing troops from Syria. From the perspective of counter-terrorism, the only one that can be compared with it

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