In the TV series, the male and female characters have zero emotional base, and finally establish true love in the fight. However, the story is full, the reality is very skinny. Zhejiang Taizhou three county has a pair of young people, know more than half

The scene in the ward. The money newspaper reporter is in the interview with sun master's family. The Fuxin Power plant. Behind the ward of the family, left for the wounded sun master's lover. The 22 day, the winter solstice. According to the local custom

The owners know that the physical examination should be done regularly to eliminate the hidden dangers of security and to reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents. But some private owners dislike the annual inspection too much, looking for people to car

False documents and printed the name card fraud. He is probably the most leading domestic title from him, the police found dozens of different identity name card, covers a wide field, court, procuratorate, Health Bureau, environmental protection bureau, t

Drink a bit of water to fill the college students not to eat a year also fat ten jin of the original her abdominal cavity long a twenty or thirty - centimeter large mass through the inflatable reduction of the skin. Picture source: the 24 year old Taizhou

You go out to eat a meal, or shopping, may be live, even a lot of people eat melons are watching live video, judge a barrage of flying. Such a thing, whether it is very afraid. Yesterday, it was called "a 92 year girl to Zhou Hongyi: don't stare at us aga

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