The new resolution compression North Korea in the run-up to the lifeline of Russia, to play? Shao Xufeng recently, the situation on the peninsula is still heating. Before the United States is North Korea's nuclear weapons of their own shouts frightened. I

The day before, according to India media reports, India's military success from the 1 Su -30MKI fighter to launch test Brad Moss -A air launched cruise missile, the missile also successfully hit a target on the sea, according to India media boasted India

Recently, the new photos of the 001A aircraft carrier in China have attracted the attention of many netizens. In the picture, we can clearly see the black smoke from the aircraft carrier, which should be testing the host. As everyone knows is that aircraf

China's helicopter industry has not been strong because there is no concept of universal helicopters. The so-called general purpose helicopter is a medium-sized transport helicopter with a strong take-off weight of 10 tons, and the Black Hawk of the US Ar

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