(Source: NASA) Musk believes that there are only two paths for the future of mankind: one is to stay on the earth forever, waiting for the re-enactment of a certain day's history, and the mass extinction will occur; the second is to expand civilization into space and become his so-called inter-planetary species. (multi-planetary

You definitely agree that a successful entrepreneur needs to be passionate – and this is what Su Jin Lee, the founder of Yanolja, an online accommodation booking platform, definitely has. The couple hotel is a short-term accommodation method that pays by the hour. In Korean, the meaning of Yanolja

Buffett's third-quarter transcripts were released. On November 2nd, Berkshire Hathaway, a group of industrial and insurance companies owned by Buffett, announced its third-quarter earnings. The financial report shows that in the third quarter of FY 2019, the company's operating income was 7.858 billion US dollars, a year-on-year increase.

On October 30th, global market research firm Canalys released the latest data showing that Xiaomi's domestic shipments in the third quarter of 2019 fell by 33% year-on-year, and its domestic share shrank from less than 13.1% last year to less than 10%. The report said that in the third quarter of this year, the country

According to the recent release of the 2019 LEXUS Lexus Hurun Report, the relevant companies have given valuation reference, in which Alibaba has a market value of 3.26 trillion yuan and Tencent has a market value of 3 trillion yuan. It is only ranked third with 1.2 trillion yuan.

Recently, Ma Yun and the Philippine boxing champion Manny Pacquiao punched the video of the punch, in the video, Master Ma, a fight, played like a decent. Manny Pacquiao was born in 1978 and took part in the first professional competition in January 1995. ——

Astronauts on the International Space Station will soon be able to recycle their own plastic manufacturing tools and cutlery. A NASA contractor is firing a special machine at the orbital space station that will melt plastic chips into 3D printer ink. This will allow astronauts to deal with the old

On June 13th, Gao Xiaosong a leg as maxed network, this picture also sell off a child, not in front of the upper part of the Gao Xiaosong show, and that the eggs at the bottom, only to see the legs, it is legs, than ordinary girls also looks smooth, a lit

This bike sharing continued long war becomes more intense, in order to grab the market to attract users, v-mobile, OFO, blue, green and so began a variety of free riding and recharge gifts activities. Yesterday, friends broke the v-mobile bike bug origina

Wu Mo face had started crying baby beautiful a lot of friends who support her cosmetic when Wu Mochou with good sound runner identity after fame is called a fire, almost filled with her poster, but because of exaggerated makeup with a unique appearance, h

Chen and Zhang Zixuan airness and gave birth to a female, two people are friends much attention every act and every move. Since the upgrade when Dad, Chen became the "father daughter slave", full of his daughter's face half drying out the photos, photos o

Recently, a fashion magazine exposed the latest fashion of a group of Liu Haoran's movies, unlike in the past, the style of bold innovation, respectively, to pay tribute to the four classic films ("detective Sherlock", "moon kingdom" "Romeo and Juliet", a

SNH-48 Chen Yixin recently on micro-blog PO out of a diagnosis, the diagnosis was severe depressive symptoms, known as depression, age 20 years especially dazzling column. In view of the outside rumors and care, Chen Yixin's official club also proved that

In addition to some entertainment especially lucky, by director Huiyanshizhu found the most is the debut actress, stars are from a walk on it. In the "young hero Yuk" Lord Yan Yongchun Sheenah plays the female servant girl jade, lines is the most "Miss di

Officially started December 16th Lunar New Year stalls, "the Great Wall" and "romantic" die five films released at the same time. "The Great Wall" and "romantic" die were Wanda and Huayi last year blockbuster, Lenovo to the previous Wanda Huayi tear force

"To eat" Shanshan Zhang Han and Zhao Liying scene, line is this: I will let the world know that this is your contracted ponds. Also the netizen quipped, after Huang Xiaoming's name can be directly into the main street from the leader of the contract, the

King Jay Chou heart lived a small Gong, after participating in reality show, this little secret was completely exposed, this huge gap makes people feel very cute." Of course, the truth is not really Jay Chou wearing high heels, but visual gap, dislocation

Edison Chan quit entertainment, is still entertainment headlines hot figures. For Edison Chan's photography exhibition, there are friends that the work of bloody red with too much, feel more depressed, perhaps these works can also express the inner world

If you often watch CCTV variety show, you must have heard of "Nine Month Miracle" of the combination. It is precisely because of this, everyone has a variety of speculation about their relationship, and even been reported to be pro siblings, because their

During the period, she splashed red with white abstract paintings of the dress, the flaming lips makeup appeared, and the intellectual and professional image compared to more playful and feminine. The makeup of selected fine dress Lu Yu originally wanted

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