Want to push down the customer did not point tricks line!

The golden nine silvers ten to fight fans, how can less?

Debit card 19, 0.6% yuan cap, credit card 0.6% is not capped.

With the purchase of hot car dealers through tax for the 4S store customized a set of effective scheme for O2O activities and publicity template

Which is the most absorbing eye? Come in, you have the final say!

This year the auto dealers to respond to the awareness and ability to enhance.

Customers say how the price of the Internet how cheap, how should we respond?

Please operate under the guidance of the manager, otherwise it will be a human life...

You are responsible for your beauty, he is responsible for the breadwinner!

A variety of competitions have seen more than a variety of competitions, why SAIC chase is not the same?

An occasion to marketing, 4S shop how fun the Rio olympics!

This is a small car business, is a big 4S shop! Indicates that the 4S store operation has entered a new stage!

Isn't it true that there is no profit in the current car sales market? No!

The original Dongfeng Nissan, Dongfeng Yueda KIA 4S market, is now general manager of new media company to force heavy share 4S+, the Internet began to sail from here!

You have seen a lot of programs, but still do not good activities? Have a look at it!

If the off-season is irreversible, then the storm is......


As a 4S shop, how to sell a new car?

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