On January 4, according to foreign media reports, Apple's mid-range iPhone SE2 may be officially launched at the end of 2020, and it will transfer the fingerprint recognition function from the original bottom to the side, and integrate it with the side power button. Based on previously exposed iPhone S

2019 is the year when the iPhone has fallen off the altar. As the core business of Apple, iPhone sales have continued to decline, putting great pressure on Apple's management team. Apple's operating conditions can be seen in executive compensation. Apple executives collectively cut salary according to foreign media news

According to statistics this week, in the United States, where the operator is the main channel for selling smartphones, Apple and Samsung have won a total of 90% of the operator channel. LG, Moto, OnePlus, etc. can only take 10% of the share. cake. Statistics from Flurry Analytics

Unicom Telecom, Mobile Broadcasting? On June 6, 2019, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued 5G commercial licenses to operators. In addition to the three major operators, the fourth 5G license was included in China Radio and Television Network Co., Ltd. (referred to as China Radio and Television). The latest progress shows that the Ministry of Industry and Information...

Although smartphones are gaining popularity, some users still prefer old-fashioned feature phones. The time comes to 2020, some Japanese netizens found that some old mobile phones have BUGs, and their calendars can only be set up to 2019 at most. When the date becomes 2020, the day of the mobile phone

Once a year, Alipay's 2019 bill is coming. Today, Alipay officially released a preview: annual bill, see you on Monday. Some netizens bluntly: Only by looking at their annual bills, do they know how rich they are. This morning, Alipay official Weibo posted a Weibo: I want to send an annual bill, no one of you can stop me

On December 4 last year, Qualcomm officially released two new Snapdragon 5G mobile platforms, the Snapdragon 865 and Snapdragon 765G, at the Snapdragon Annual Summit in Hawaii. At the time, Lin Bin, co-founder and vice chairman of Xiaomi Group, announced at the meeting that Xiaomi 10 would be released in the first quarter of this year.

In the blink of an eye, it was 2020, and the first 90s were already 30 years old. As the saying goes, standing in your thirties, what were you doing when you were 30? Or what do you want to do when you are 30? Now, let ’s take a look at the Internet business leaders

On the evening of January 2nd, LeTV issued continuous announcements and received a disciplinary sanction from the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. It will publicly apologize and remind investors of the risk of the company's stocks being terminated from listing. LeTV said that the Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued the "About LeTV" on December 31, 2019.

I. Foreword: The round dial finally waiting is not only more fashionable but also smart enough! In the field of smart mobile wear, Xiaomi can be regarded as a leader. The earliest launch of the Xiaomi bracelet, the product is constantly changing and evolving, grabbing the market of a large number of young people, from low-power AMOLED screens to NFC chips,

From January 1, 2020, China Unicom's eSIM wearable device dual terminal service No. 1 has been gradually expanded from the pilot to the whole country. Today, China Unicom announced that it currently supports eSIM No. 1 dual-terminal devices, a total of 9 models, respectively: Apple Watch 3

At the HUAWEI CONNECT Huawei Full Link Conference on September 20, 2019, Huawei revealed that its server operating system EulerOS will be open source and named openEuler to promote the development of Kunpeng ecology. At the time, Huawei proposed

The new year starts with red. The first product of Zimi's new year came out, which was specially created for fruit powder. It is the fruit powder 18W flash charge set, which has been officially launched at the official Tmall ZMI flagship store, supporting the 18W PD3.0 fast charge agreement, MFi official certification, New Year's Day 118

In the winter of 2010, a blizzard in the UK brought Royal Mail's courier service to a standstill, resulting in a large number of Christmas Day gifts being delayed. Amazon executives far off the ocean were aware of the postal crisis and they decided not to cling to other things

Sohu's losses continue to decrease and it is expected to enter a profitable state this year. On the first day of 2020, Zhang Chaoyang, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Sohu, said at the New Year's Eve spent with Sohu employees. In the New Year speech, he encouraged various teams to work more granularly and focus on the advantageous business in the new year.

According to the news on January 2, according to the People's Court's announcement website, the creditors' meeting of Shenzhen Kuaibo Technology Co., Ltd. has approved in writing the "Shenzhen Kuaibo Technology Co., Ltd.'s first bankruptcy property distribution plan". According to the bankruptcy property distribution plan, the total amount of bankruptcy property available for distribution this...

Recently, according to media reports, the State Drug Administration has approved Xiamen Wantai Canghai Biotechnology Co., Ltd.'s application for the registration of a bivalent human papilloma virus vaccine (E. coli) (trade name: Cecolin). First domestically approved human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine

January 2 news, today Weibo topic 3.91 million buy a mobile phone number on the hot search, reported that in recent years, the most expensive mobile phone number 8 7 has sold 3.91 million sky-high prices, comments from netizens, there Isn't it fragrant to buy a house in a third or fourth tier city? The author auctioned in Ali

After years of grievances, Apple and Imagination shook hands. The British chip company announced on Thursday that it has reached a new long-term licensing agreement with Apple, which has also replaced the old agreement signed in February 2014. As a result, Apple will be allowed to use I

On the last day of 2019, Apple's stock price hit a record high of $ 293.65. In just one year, its stock price rose by 89%, and its market value also reached $ 1.3 trillion. Many analysts currently believe that Apple's stock price is overvalued

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