In recent years, as the country ’s efforts to crack down on infringing intellectual property rights, many well-known download sites have been shut down, including VeryCD and BT Paradise. Recently, the National Copyright Administration announced another case. The 14-year-old holy city home was terminated and seized.

On December 14, at the Peking University Guanghua New Year Forum, Zhang Zhixue, a professor at the Guanghua School of Management, said that if China has a world-class enterprise, it is Huawei. In 1998, I was invited by the Ministry of Human Resources to deepen and enrich the digital model of the time and interviewed countless scientists and marketers. 2

Apple ’s sales in China have fallen sharply. According to a recent report by analysts from Credit Suisse, an international investment bank, Apple ’s iPhone shipments in China in November dropped 35.4% year-on-year. Apple's sales in China have already shown signs of decline, and the trend of Apple's sales in China has continued for two months. Apple in

The body is the capital of the revolution. To do a good job, we must first have a good body. Although Internet gangsters have precious time every day, they still make time for some sports from time to time. News on December 14th, Lu Weibing, President of Xiaomi Group China and General Manager of Redmi Brand, revealed Xiaomi Innovation

December 14th news, Tencent's new e-book-Pocket Reader eBook II will be released on December 16th, and is still a callable ink screen reader Pocket Reader Product Manager Zhang Guangqiang has a new product in the circle of friends Photo of the back, you can see the second-generation body of the pocket e-book

Both Samsung and Huawei have launched folding screen phones this year. Huawei's Mate X is even more stunning, but Samsung's Galaxy Fold folding screen phone is more practical and goes on the market earlier. News today says that the Galaxy Fold has reached 100 sales

The information released by Japan Front Desk shows that the 5nm process yield that will be officially mass-produced in the first half of next year has reached 80%, which is progressing smoothly. It is expected that it will be the first launch of the Apple A14 or Huawei Kirin 1020 processor. However, bitcoin giant Bitmain may cut off, their new generation of mining machines

The next day and month, the times change. In 2008, China Telecom acquired the coveted mobile communication license through the acquisition of China Unicom's CDMA network, and opened the road to full-service innovation on Kushiro Blue Line. In ten years, the number of subscribers increased by 10 times; in 2019, in the 5G large-scale business

The X86 architecture has been around for 41 years. At that time, it was just one of many CPU architectures. However, after being selected by IBM as a PC-compatible processor, X86 has established its position in the industry for many years. Now architectures, including ARM, want to follow

Many websites or evaluation agencies have their own CPU ladders. How to sort CPU performance is a problem. Even if there are only two X86 processor companies now, AMD and Intel have their own advantages in processor performance. How to balance single cores? , Multi-core, frequency, etc.

On December 13th, Shen Yiren, vice president of OPPO, revealed that OPPO Reno3 Pro will be equipped with an enhanced version of VOOC 4.0 flash charge, which can be charged 50% in 20 minutes, and it can be fully charged in 56 minutes at the fastest. According to the information previously disclosed by Shen Yiren

Nintendo Switch National Bank console was officially released yesterday (December 10). According to estimates from Asian game market research and analysis agency Niko Partners, the sales of the National Bank version of the Switch on the first day of sale exceeded 50,000. Of these, 47% of consumers

News on December 12th, the related parameters of the OnePlus 8 Lite mobile phone were exposed yesterday evening in Beijing time. It may adopt a 6.5-inch screen design, support a 90Hz screen refresh rate, be equipped with a Snapdragon 765 processor, and support dual-mode 5G. According to news, OnePlus

Last time, some media reported that 1.2 billion personal data of Elasticsearch server was leaked. You all said that you were scared. However, there is really no upper limit to the leak. Another speechless Elasticsearch server, less than two weeks, new

In February of this year, Gerard Williams, the chief designer of Apple's central processing unit and system-on-chip, left Apple. As the chief architect of Apple's CPU and SOC development, Williams has done core design for the A7 chip. A7


In addition to today's official release of iOS 13.3, Apple has not forgotten those iPhone devices that cannot get the iOS 13 update. The new version pushed by Apple is updated to iOS 12.4.4. The main models targeted are: iPhone 5S,

A few days ago, we learned from Tesla's official website that the range of the domestic Model 3 standard endurance upgraded version has been changed from the original 460km (NEDC estimate) to 445km (endurance mileage national standard operating method). So far, the NEDC mileage of the car has been officially released, but not

Is anyone still on the forum today in 2019? There are definitely, but the development of forums in China is doomed. In recent years, large and small websites have closed their forums. I did n’t pay attention today, the well-known multiplayer also announced the closure of the forum, and stopped serving after December 31 this year

In the evening of December 10th, Harvard experts responded to Luo Huohao, the chief Huyou officer, a few days ago, saying that the outdated sharkskin technology in the United States is unreliable, and Shark Technology officially responded: 95% of the antibacterial that Mr. Luo said at the press conference was just an experiment Approximate figures for laboratory tests. Within the specific...

Due to intellectual property disputes, Apple and two former employees of Chinese nationality were involved in a court argument. According to foreign media reports, Apple believes that Chen and Zhang employees were suspected of stealing confidential information of Project Titan, which is said to be Apple's self-driving car project.

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