It may be said that the history is not spread two portrait of Zhu Yuanzhang? But he became emperor after the appearance, he looks after the age of 40, that said babies were born, which can gestures clearly? Zhu Yuanzhang was born that year is the year of

The Imperial Palace from the Ming Dynasty Yongle Emperor began construction, after the Qing Dynasty and Ming Dynasty two years, a total of more than 500 years of history. Every emperor to improve the Forbidden City, the Imperial Palace is also set China t

In the imperial era, the establishment of the heir, is imperial heritage, this consolidation, so, when the new emperor came to power, usually made of selected storage thing into the first schedule prince. But the song Renzong emperor Zhao Zhen seems to be

The Ming Dynasty have occurred before the eunuch for evil things, such as serious in late Tang Dynasty, the eunuch can even kill or replace the emperor, therefore, after the founding of the PRC, Zhu Yuanzhang of the eunuch has been wary and alert, he shal

As the founding emperor of the Ming Dynasty, Zhu Yuanzhang to do a lot of things, such as the Yuan Dynasty to destroy the remnants of war-torn, improve people's livelihood, increasing the fiscal revenue, but he has to spend a lot of time and worked out a

Ming Dynasty, Zhu Yijun, Ming Zhu Zaihou Mouzon's third son, the thirteenth emperor of the Ming Dynasty, "Wanli reign", known as "Wanli emperor". In 1572 ad ad 1620, the reign of the reign of 48 years, the reign of the Ming Dynasty is the longest emperor,

A dynasty in the late, extravagance and corruption and foreign aggression, often do not boil over, mostly change dynasties destiny. This has been verified many times in Chinese history. The Qing Dynasty also had a special feature, not only the whole count

Before death was announced after the death of crime, sent to Fengyang, and was first suspended into ten thousand pieces made of Wei Zhongxian the Chongzhen came after a series of disposal in bring some fresh air and to the dark politics, also let him win

The Qing Dynasty Kangxi was a very hard to study emperor, a lot of things puzzling. One of these things kept people from studying, that is, he buried a Han official's mother and made the Korean official die without burial ground. Why on earth?

Qing Dynasty is the first tomb Mausoleum of the Qing Dynasty in the customs building, its owner is the first entry of the Shunzhi emperor. Normally, such a tomb is very coveted, but the tomb is still well preserved even in the most Republican period of th

Wu Zetian's tomb is known as "life years domain" qianling. Her mausoleum was chopped by swords in the cold weapon era and was blown over by machine guns and artillery in the hot weapons era. 1300 years, named Ling is stealing as many as 17 people. However

People can inherit the throne are desperate for the Song Dynasty 3 emperor ascended the throne but refused to die. Zhao Shuying Zong Zhaoshu is a network with the Song Dynasty Song Yingzong emperor, Song Renzong is the younger brother in the king's son. F

Zhao Dun is the third son of Song Xiaozong, arguably, the prince's position was not up to him, but Zhao Duntai can hold his example is the Sui Dynasty, Yang Guang, in front of my father, the reverent and respectful, studious. My father sometimes cold, Zha

There are many emperors in history. We know a lot about them, but the emperors like these are really rare. 1. love disguised as a beggar - Qi after high latitude Northern Qi Dynasty after the main love play the game high beggar, a pauper village built in

In the early Ming Dynasty, Zhu Yuanzhang launched a "high in the German people and young hero" as the standard bearer of the judicial reform, first in the out law of "great" in the hero can be directly gives people a corrupt official "bind to Beijing." ri

The author has collected probably the most complete portrait of Zhu Yuanzhang so far. There are both the court and the folk. There are as many as 16 editions in this book. (this book only shows 7 kinds). Some of them are funny and very fresh. Many of them

Han Yu: a series of bad luck in the examination Chinese ancient imperial examination in imperial examinations, such as the battlefield, a horseshoe Chunfengdeyi disease, naturally there are miserable and gloomy atmosphere Wanli coagulation. Many historica

Novels, TV drama Jiang Ziya Kunlun Mountains is a disciple of the Yu Xugong Primus, was ordered to help after the downhill, week off, during which experienced various hardships, and ultimately destroy the gods, great achievements. But after all, literary

The wedding: wedding of Ming Dynasty in bed and lay a bride to need to bow mat, in turn, flips someone asked: "over there?" the bride natural shy to answer, but the author must be pursued, until the bride red face said: "turn over

Peter played what role in the banquet? Hongmenyan has always been considered full of murder and then why? Because Liu Bang stood behind Xiang Yu's uncle Xiang bo. Before the banquet, uncle to Liu Bang why? Hongmenyan, uncle why would rather

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