According to WeChat, the public reference news (ID:ckxxwx) reported that in October 17th, the Russian news agency published the social political observers Dmitri Koselev an article entitled "China Congress -- why they can not achieve the goal of the Sovie

On the morning of the 18 day, Xi Jinping said in the nineteen report that after a long period of effort, socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era, which is a new historical orientation of China's development. In the more than 30000 wor

Up to ninety-nine, down to just go, rhubarb playing magic, everyone has a hand. This doggerel describes is well-known, far and near magic village - Baofeng County of Henan province Zhao Zhuang Zhen Da Huang cun. In 1992, the leopard village 19 year old rh

From October 10th to October 14th in Shandong, Dongying airport, the Beidou satellite navigation system developed in China for the first time in China completely independent design and manufacture of aircraft ARJ21-700 aircraft 103 aircraft were tested on

Do you think the social security card can only be used for medical insurance? That is wrong! Do not look carefully, don't blame Xiao Bian did not tell you oh, Ms. Peng's colleague died, with her colleague's wife Ms. Yang for the social security card cance

In the neighborhood, beside the road... There is a problem of parking space everywhere, so there is a mobile phone in the conspicuous place in the car. Many drivers are accustomed to put a contact telephone in the window, so that it is convenient for othe


IOUS is everyone in life will encounter things if you don't pay attention to some details in writing when the IOU borrow money may not be effective and your money will be lost if it is different in the IOU and IOU repayment time under the condition of no

Introduction: Jiangsu, Shandong and Zhejiang become the focus of 100 counties! The source of people's daily, October 9th, small and medium-sized city economic development committee, Institute of strategic studies, development of small and medium-sized cit

The United States Central time September 25, 2017, Georgia, Cobb County police informed the Consulate General in Houston China, suspected the day before in the county, killing a young female citizens Chinese local time on the afternoon of September 25th t

According to Yonhap news agency, the Korean meteorological agency believes that the earthquake occurred in North Korea 23 is a typical natural earthquake. It is reported that the epicenter of the earthquake was 41.14 degrees north latitude and 129.29 degr


Consumers are sure to see clearly when shopping! Did you buy Master Kong or Kang Fu? Did you buy a Sprite or leibi? Did you buy a Wang Laoji or Wang Laoju? ... and... You are buying paper towels or paper towels three breeze, Qingfeng... A September 15th b

China Jingwei client September 19 (Yan Shuxin) gold prices in September failed to rise steadily. In September 18th, gold prices continued to fall, to close at $1305.95 / ounce, down 1.04 - ZAKER, personalized recommendation news, local authoritative media

Hello, the police? Come on, there are dogs in front of my house, afraid to go out! Recently, Anhui Huaibei police said some residents' door, baton, trap, @ Huaibei Public Security Online Duji armed police Milo to catch the dog, the result.... (editor Gao

Hello, the police? Come on, there are dogs in front of my house, afraid to go out! Recently, Anhui Huaibei police said some residents' door, baton, trap, @ Huaibei Public Security Online Duji armed police Milo to catch the dog, the result.... (editor Gao

Data figure: U.S. forces in Afghanistan [global network reporter Yan Xiang] in August 31st, said the United States Secretary of defense Matisse interview with the media, the United States will send more troops to Afghanistan more than 3000 people, but he

Modernization can not be bought. China can only rely on itself. President Trump on Wednesday blocked a takeover of the US Lattice Semiconductor Corp from a fund believed to have Chinese state-owned assets. The takeover was rejected by the US foreign inves


The most expensive mobile phone in Apple's history! The mysterious iPhone X national top selling price is 9688 yuan. Previously, Reuters had seen the decline in China's market performance, think the new iPhone prices are too high, the Chinese people can n

Now, Sa Beining also occasionally recorded programs, in the variety circles also mixed up, but Sa Beining's wife identity is not worse than him, so that later Sa Beining's wife's parents still abandon him. It is reported that Sa Beining's wife Li Bai in c

In the past two years, some students have fallen into the mire of campus loans, and even students have committed suicide. The day before the Ministry of Education held a press conference, Zhao Jianjun, deputy director of the finance division of the Minist

The Modern Express News (reporter Qiu Huayue) Yulin maternal falls incident caused extensive hot friends, in the quiz channels of a APP, one called how to treat Shaanxi pregnant women in Yulin falls dead matter? The quiz attracted thousands of users to an

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