There is a picture of an old one, which has been widely spread out of a harmonious doctor-patient relationship a hundred years ago. Black and white photographs, a four or five year old, wearing a gown and a China boy wearing a hat wearing a suit of foreig

In December 13, 2017, the people's Procuratorate of Changning District, Shanghai, approved the arrest of Ctrip, its parents, Zheng, Wu, Zhou, Xun, Shen and so on. (Shanghai procuratorial WeChat public) - ZAKER, personalized recommendation of popular news,

In December 2nd 3 pm, Deyang Luojiang District Hui Jue Zhen Huang Jing Village occurred in Tibetan mastiff wounding: an 5 year old boy was badly bitten by. Currently Luojiang District People's Hospital for treatment. In the two general surgery department

Coal dispersing is the difficult and key point in the treatment of air pollution. It is worth exploring how to achieve the lasting effect of management. The visual temperature of the people is getting lower and lower, and the northern area has already ent

What are the University goddesses in your mind? On campus, there are such a group of people. They are very ordinary. They are hidden in the campus. They can tell the names of the boys in the entire building and who their girlfriends are. A dorm aunt to re

Jerusalem map December 5th local time 5:30 in the evening, the White House held a news conference, said President Trump will release a statement on two EST on Wednesday, the U.S. government will recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and the US amb

The evening of December 3rd, Wuzhen West Gate Scenic Spot 51-52, Jin Yi hostel has become very lively and inn. Taking advantage of the fourth World Internet Conference, NetEase chairman and CEO Ding Lei, chairman and CEO chairman of Tencent, Baidu chairma

The people's daily news November 28th, November is about to end. In this month, what are the rumors that have come out of the circle of friends? Let's have a look. WeChat TOP10 avatar nickname one year can only change 5 times at the beginning of November,


Q: the South has been heating up for so many years. Why is the voice of heating suddenly rising in the past two years? Answer: because before the network is not developed, who knows the northerners live in the winter so comfortable … … yes,

19, Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, Qufu east station dangerous scene, G64 train door is about to close, a 3 year old girl suddenly ran down from the car. Thanks to the station passenger clerk unruffled, a hug to avoid a dangerous place in time. Arou

These days, my circle of friends is the kindergarten child abuse Shuabing advances in the relevant personnel will be on the case that severely dealt with according to the law at the same time today, please give these dedicated preschool educators to warm

Dear, Taobao is new again. Three large ash machines, spot! This has attracted the attention of foreign media. CNN (CNN) reported on November 22nd, 3 Boeing 747 cargo aircraft on Monday online auction, two of them by the Chinese logistics company SF fast -

Recently, in the notice of failures and rumors of cool bike run away issued a paper cool cycling use and subsequent deposit matters, the Beijing office will be suspended for the deposit refundable deposit business, users are going to the company in Chengd

Modern Express News (correspondent, public transportation reporter Gu Yuansen) as the saying goes, the sky will not drop pie, but to Nanjing workers Xie master will encounter such a good thing. In November 24th, Nanjing Qixia Public Security Bureau announ

The Ministry of education official website screenshot on the UNESCO website news, China's declared Oracle passed the UNESCO memory of the world international advisory committee review, successfully selected "memory of the world". "World memory list" is th

In November 15th, an anonymous social platform in the blue bike staff announced that: the blue bike today announced the dissolution of arrears of wages in arrears will continue until February next year. Subsequently, the media reported: blue bicycle compa

How long is the Great Wall? The total length of the Great Wall is more than 8000 km, the Qin and Han Dynasties and the early the Great Wall are more than 10 thousand kilometers, and the total length is more than 21 thousand kilometers! Usually, we visit o

It's a busy foreign affairs month! Here comes Trump. Go. President Xi went on a visit. Exclusive content, listen to the front of Du Xiaodu broadcast to you, the details of the site can not be missed. Double eleven, chairman Xi Jinping worked for 11 hours

In Taiwan brainwashed Divine Comedy "Coincidance" quickly lead to imitation boom! Recently, the president of the Taiwan veterans general hospital took the lead together jump shoulder shaking dance "video was maxed out the medical staff in Shenzhen Distric

Yangzhou evening news, WeChat public news, February 15th, Yang Miao Zhen 5 year old boy missing incident shocked Yang City, February 17th 10 pm, the missing boy was found in his bed, unfortunately, he has been the mother of Lee and killed charnel two days

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