Data map: The China-Myanmar natural gas pipeline downloads natural gas to the local area through Jiao Piao, Ren'anyu, Mandalay, and Danda substations for direct power plants and industrial users along the line. The picture shows the Mandalay distribution station. (Source: People's Daily Online) Wu Wenkai, Minister of Power and Energy of Myanmar, said that the Ministry of Power of Myanmar has been

Source: Author cow playing Micro Signal: Cattle piano (a) This is a dangerous signal. While the gorgeous patterns and aerial texts of drones in many parts of China are still amazing; in the Middle East, drones are increasingly launching deadly military attacks. In a sense, this marked the war

Tucker Carlson, the popular host of the Fox News Network, can be said to be one of the most pro-American media in the United States-even some American media who hate Trump will use The word toxic is used to describe two people

The employment of college graduates has always been a topic of social concern. To a certain extent, their destiny also reflects changes in the macro economy. Recently, universities including Beijing University, Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, and Zhejiang University have successively released the report on the quality of graduate employment in 2019. Where did the graduates...

Don't bother us staying up late to watch the ball! Wu Lei presents a big gift to Chinese football in the new year! This morning, Chinese fans were boiling with a goal! At 4:00 am Beijing time today, the 19th round of La Liga staged the Catalan Derby, the Spaniards faced Barcelona at home. Wu Lei 73 minutes

According to U.S. National Security correspondent Peter Bergen's new book "Trump and His Generals: The Cost of Chaos," U.S. President Trump has blamed former President National Security Assistant Michael Flynn and Other senior White House officials because they did n’t

Source: Outlook Intelligence Unit (zhczyj) Author: Xie Fang Zeng Lin Hao (intern) According to the US "Chicago Tribune" reported on December 22, 2019, Chicago Englewood Community shooting occurred the same day, a total of 13 people were injured, four of them serious

In the afternoon of January 3rd, when Ms. Duan from Guiyang took her 1-year-old child home in an elevator, the elevator suddenly failed and fell directly from the 27th floor to the negative first floor. Ms. Duan was frightened. Ms. Duan lives in 30 Jinyuan International New Town Community. When the accident happened, she was taking her child in the elevator.

[Xinhua News Agency Special Feature] About 24 hours after the rocket attack on Baghdad International Airport in the Iraqi capital, members of the Shia militia group, People's Mobilization Group, were again attacked in northern Baghdad on the morning of the 4th. Associated Press reports from an Iraqi security official, People Mobilized

On the evening of January 3, the official Weibo of Didi Chuxing issued an announcement saying that through the self-inspection, Didi found that the entry process of new drivers is incomplete, and the platform has not adequately provided risk warnings and education, which may lead to driver masters. Individual high interest rates such as rent purchasing and private lending, high liquidated...

China News Agency, United Nations, January 3rd UN Secretary-General Guterres issued a statement through a spokesman on the 3rd, expressing deep concern over the recent escalation of the situation in the Gulf region. Guterres said that the leaders of all parties must maintain the greatest degree of restraint, and the world cannot afford another war in the Gulf region. when

On January 3, Yang Jiechi, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and director of the Office of the Central Committee for Foreign Affairs, made a telephone conversation with US Secretary of State Pompeo at the appointment. The US side briefed its position on the current situation in the Middle East. Yang Jiechi said that China is highly concerned about the current state of...

World War III! This dazzling word has become a hot search on Twitter today and vividly reflects the rare tensions in the world. Just now, US stocks fell sharply on the 3rd. In the Middle East full of dry wood, there is always only one Mars before the outbreak of war. Now the United States has lit this Mars? 3 am

During the New Year's Day holiday, there were black mobs everywhere in Hong Kong. Hong Kong police decisive action eventually arrested 420 people, the youngest of whom was only 12 years old. It is reported that the mother of one of the arrested people broke his heart after learning that his son had been arrested, and struggled to sleep at night at 11:50

Overseas Network January 3rd. On January 2nd, a black hawk helicopter UH-60 of the Taiwan Air Force was involved in an accident. It is currently known that 8 people including Taiwan Army Chief of Staff Shen Yiming died and 5 survived. This is also the second major accident since the Taiwan Army's installation of the Black Hawk helicopter.

The old governor, called by Xinhua News Agency, has rested. On January 2, Chen Suhou, former deputy director of the Standing Committee of the People's Congress of Hainan Province, died in Haikou at the age of 83 due to ineffective medical treatment. Governor of Chang'an Street (WeChat ID: Capitalnews) noticed that he 17

Narawan said that the border issue between India and China has not yet been resolved, and we must maintain the ability to maintain peace and tranquility in the border areas and use this to lay the foundation for a final (border issue) solution. According to Indian media reports, the Indian Army Lieutenant General Manouk Mukandar Narawan was officially launched on January 1.

Looking at the recent New York Times, Mr. Tan has an intuitive feeling that this newspaper is almost ready to become the China Times. For several consecutive days at the end of December, the New York Times commented on China and even featured prominently on the front page. The Xinjiang issue is naturally a good subject that they are reluctant to let go.

A few days ago, some netizens broke the news on Weibo, saying that many students of Yangzhou University have been infected with tuberculosis this semester. On December 31, Red Star News learned from the Youth League Committee of Yangzhou University that in the recent period there were indeed many students infected with tuberculosis in the school, but it had been fully controlled. It is...

On the first day of work, 26-year-old Wang Deyi posted a photo kneeling in front of the projection screen: I did not make a mistake, I was just watching the New Year's Eve party at station B. This photo received 121 likes, three or four times his usual circle of friends. Someone commented: It's worth kneeling! Look

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