On December 6, Shi Yuzhu, who has not been seen for a long time, attended the 30th anniversary celebration of Giant Group in Shanghai. This was a good thing, but because of Shi Yuzhu's sentence, I ate melatonin every day, saying that it was deceiving me, and it caused a lot of controversy. The point of controversy is that consumers and Shi Yuzhu

FAW Xiali, once glorious in China, ushered in the end. On December 8, Tianjin FAW Xiali Automobile Co., Ltd. announced an asset reorganization plan. The company's controlling shareholder will be changed to China Railway Materials Co., Ltd. and the existing assets will be sold out. According to the announcement issued by FAW Xiali, this asset reorganization

There are 23 days left until the end of 2019. Compared with only one day off on New Year's Day, everyone's pain is that the 2019 KPI has not been completed. According to the statistics of IT Orange, as of December 6, 2019, the number of new economic company failures this year was 327

Just as many traditional companies are used to making money silently, Chinese Internet companies are also used to losing money and making money. Since 2018, Chinese startups have set off a wave of listings. Profitable, loss-making, established and newly established, rushed to the US stock market and Hong Kong stock market. These companies are more or less connected to the Internet,

When the hot air of live broadcasts spread across the major e-commerce platforms, Pinduoduo seemed to be a unique existence. However, this reassurance was broken last week. On November 28, the mother and baby big and small V bag started the first live broadcast on the Pinduoduo platform, a total of 16 recommended

When Michelin announced the 2020 Beijing Food List, the people across the country could n’t help but send out the same sigh: What are you choosing ... In Beijing, there are 23 restaurants on the list, the number is indeed not Not much, but the only Samsung restaurant gave Taizhou Xiaohai

Founded 2 years ago, it has nearly 400 stores. It is increasing at a rate of 50 each month. The gross profit of the whole dish is as high as 70%, and the daily turnover is more than 10,000 yuan. Compared with the same type of restaurant, save 150,000 kitchen labor costs. The business philosophy of one person eats you

Since 2018, due to serious population loss and reduction of special funds for shed reform, the property market in the third and fourth tiers has continued to show a downward trend. Until now, many people have followed suit to see the third and fourth tier property markets decline. However, the world is not black and white. Judging from the situation this year, some third- and fourth-tier cities...

It doesn't matter if the loan is not yet. A few thousand dollars a night can quickly fill the hole. The young and beautiful girl is money. An old river and lake who specializes in medical and US loan channels bluntly said. The impact of naked loans has not been completely eliminated, and medical beauty loans have become popular. These loan platforms colluded with the hospital and caught

Hema, located in the Liantang area of ​​Shenzhen, has become a matryoshka: Hema is hidden in a shopping mall called Hemali Suipao. This is because Hema transformed a local department store brand in Shenzhen, Suibao, and turned this building into Hema:

Criticism of drug price middlemen has a long history. Drug delivery-National distributor-Provincial agency-Pharmaceutical bidding and procurement-District, city and county agency-Pharmaceutical companies-Hospitals-Patients Traditional medicine distribution model. After a medicine leaves the factory, it needs to go through multiple stages of circulation and

The domestic high-end electric vehicle market has ushered in a new player. It took 507 days. On November 29, the beam project of the joint venture project between BMW Group and Great Wall Motor was officially launched in Zhangjiagang. This is also BMW's second joint venture in China after BMW Brilliance. BMW is no longer only made in Shenyang

Recently, an article entitled "Netease layoffs, let security guards kick me out of the company with terminal illness. The article "My Nightmare I Experienced at NetEase!" Was circulated in a circle of friends. A former NetEase employee stated that he was terminally ill, suffered from HR, multiple threats from the director, and security eviction. According to this

To rank the most successful company in the world, Saudi Aramco must be on the list. Sitting on enough crude oil reserves for 52 years, net profit for the year exceeding US $ 100 billion, and leverage ratios as low as 2.4%, whatever data comes out is enough to envy global companies. November 17

Foreword Shen Ya is a very low-key boss. Even employees rarely see him in public. He hardly accepts media interviews and participates in any industry activities. He is almost the most mysterious leader in the domestic e-commerce circle. A former employee of Vipshop told Bullet Finance. This is with the outside world

According to foreign media reports, Apple is expected to enter the 5G competition in the third quarter of 2020. Technology Market Research Enterprise Strategy Analysis Company Strategy Analytics released today's latest report shows that with this change, Apple will become a 5G smartphone

The young man who has been eliminated countless times, the investor who gave Liu Qiangdong 300 million US dollars, the Sancho of Zhumadian, the man behind the shoe king Belle, the new boss of Miss Dong … … the geek Zhang Lei, can bring Gree and stilts, through the unknown fog, to the golden sea

Editor's note: The electronic cigarette industry is shuffled. The dealers are withdrawing, the investors are withdrawing, and the retail counters are decreasing. This is the change that the industry is experiencing in the half-month of the e-cigarette new deal. It is full of pessimism. But such pessimism is actually expected, but it is only a little faster this day. Some people say 20

Complex colleague relations, subtle office politics, and overtime culture that will always be spit out. If you run into a boss that is not easy to please or a strong HR, the situation may be even worse. Faced with unfair treatment, questioning or accusation, communication is hopeless, and it is impossible to change jobs and how big things can be. Can clearly hide the gun, the dark arrow is...

Speaking of Jiaduobao, many people will think of the dispute with Wang Laoji's trademark rights, but there is a dispute in Jiaduobao, that is, with the cooperation object COFCO packaging, in Qingyuan Jiaduobao herbal injection, Also filed a lawsuit. Recently, this lawsuit has made new progress results: 11

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