In the opening chapter, you must first offer this picture-Xiao Hong leans on her hands, Da Hong leans on her life, um, it is very suitable for eating melon in these two days. Here, I saw Kun Ling's new movie release. Zhou Dong was yelling online in order to support his wife. He also helped to declare the file at his concert. Ran Goose

Some entertainers, originally a glittering star, unwillingly turned themselves into a tainted star; in order to wash white and white, they have made themselves a comedian. That ’s right, what I want to say is that today ’s Taiwan media broke out: Tao Mei, who led the girl to perform a human shadow play. Alas, I am ashamed to say that when I was young

The routines of the entertainment industry are getting more and more uncertain. Yesterday, a website released a notice saying that this morning the relationship between a cat actress and a dog actress will be exposed, and it is said to be the most amazing romance of the year. According to years of experience in eating melon, the real big melon will always be

Are your friends busy? Ba Ba often feels that time is not enough. December is just a movie to watch and you ca n’t count it! In addition to the movie theaters being screened and forthcoming, new online movies are also coming in waves. For example, this year ’s topical work “Kim Ji Young, born in 1982,” was just a few days ago.

Today, one of Cecilia Cheung ’s lipstick advertisements was searched. The main dream is back to the 90s, with a self-willed appearance. The finished product is as follows, is it beautiful enough, Hong Kong wind enough, 90s? Many commented on remembering Liu Piaopiao, Cecilia Cheung was only 18 years old when "The King of Comedy" was filmed

2019 is coming to an end. We greeted the two new words at the end of the year yesterday. I hope that everyone will remember to practice the pronunciation & amp; mdash; & amp; mdash; "poorha" & amp; amp; Yesterday the MAMA awards were held in Japan.

In these days, the childhood shadow of 1988 has been awakened to 5555 ~~ It is estimated that many friends have already seen the news on the Internet: Lao Rongzhi, the female devil who bears seven lives, finally fled after 20 years of absconding! Like eight or eight, when you were a kid, have you watched the "Red Spider" TV series and raised your hand? Lao Rongzhi is

time flies. 2019 is coming to an end, and it is clear that a new beginning is about to be ushered in, but someone's life has always stopped in the previous week. Today is the first seven of Gao Yixiang. There is a sea of ​​flowers in the spiritual hall set up in Taiwan, and thousands of paper cranes from all over are filled with nostalgia for him and will fly high with him

Recently, the British royal family has been in turmoil. Even the queen, who has been waiting for a long time, broke the news that she might retire the following year. Alas, it is estimated that it was also caused by the recent royal crisis. Let's get tired of it ... The origin of this royal crisis is a long story. Everyone remembers the loli flight and scum rich that I wrote in August

This week was really not peaceful. I opened my eyes in the morning and saw Zhang Liang and Kou Jing divorce, who were hanging up in the heat. I felt disillusioned ~ How many girls envy the Zhang Liang and Kou Jing were envy, how could they divorce? ? And he left in 2017, and in August of this year, Zhang Liang was on the show and talked to Jiang Chao.

The recent news is really depressing. But there are also some Xu Xingguang, giving everyone a little hope. The beauty blogger Yuya, who was written the day before yesterday, was domesticated. The domestic violence boy was sentenced to administrative detention for 20 days and fined. Yuya has also successfully applied for a personal safety protection order.

Unwilling to believe & amp; hellip; & amp; hellip; Even if I have seen countless kinds of guesses from the middle of the night, true or false, good or bad, I really did not want to accept when I saw the words Gao Yixiang connected with his death. Maybe this is the last time to explain the misunderstanding about the name to the handsome guy, later

The news in these two days made people feel heavy. The left scumbag was derailed, and the right arrogant man was so thick-skinned that he really wanted God to accept the demon. In such cold weather, 88 decided to share with you the recent source of joy, and invite you to enjoy the Tong-style funny ~~ Guan Xiaotong menswear blockbuster is coming today, this issue

Yes, August 8 recently did a major event and cried Guo Jingming to cry ... The latest issue of "Actor Please Get In Place", which was broadcast last weekend, directed the film and television work PK, and the number of film critics 0 votes: Chen Kaige lost 21 votes. Of the 21 people who voted,

Traffic Harvester Must Nominate KFC! His latest promotional video invited Li Jiaqi, the man who used the goods to kill the red circle, and the spokesman Luhan, a wave of chicken soup. The theme of the short film is to fight to win. Li Jiaqi tells that behind his beautiful appearance, he has always worked hard to fight.

I am reluctant. Tonight, I saw Korean media reports that when Korean actress Hola was found to have died at home, apart from the shock, the deepest feeling is that these four words …… There is still more than a month of my birthday, our memories of her

Do you have a look at the star-studded Golden Rooster Award tonight? Although the final prize has not yet been unveiled, but after a series of red carpet photos, eighty-eight have been dazzled and heart-wrenching! I can't help but save a lot, and prepare to be a screen saver later~ Who doesn't like the beauty. But we can only save the phone and slowly slam the screen, but some people put it

Not long ago, when Zhou Libo asked for a drug test but was actually poisoned by a hammer, the title used was the most hilarious gossip of the year. As a result, today, Ms. Jiang Yiyan let this most shaken! Last month, I was controversial as a party but took an American architect award across the border. I didn’t expect to be officially hammered in the last two days.

Sorry, eighty-eight are here to apologize to Bobo. Not long ago, when Zhou Libo asked for a drug test but was actually poisoned by a hammer, the title used was the most hilarious gossip of the year. As a result, today, Ms. Jiang Yiyan let this most shaken! Last month, just as a party, I took an American architect from across the border.

Finally, I finally waited for this "Amazing Life" that I wanted to see. Many people like the power of the program under the succinct narrative, and the trip to Japan by Zhou Xun and Aya tonight can be said to be the ultimate. The destination of the trip is a secluded forest house in Japan, the story

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