Just when the net reds broke up and broke the roar on Weibo, a hot search quietly climbed to the top of the list - Hao Lei divorced. Yesterday evening, Hao Lei Studio issued a statement announcing that she and her second husband, the outsider Liu Wei, had divorced a few years ago. There is no reason for dog blood, no sex

When Lin Zhiling announced the marriage in June, Weibo exploded. In November, Lin Zhiling held a wedding, and Weibo was once again paralyzed. Including the major media, these two days are even more unconscionable to the headline to Lin Zhiling … … eight sisters are of course very moved, because

Lin Chi-ling, you are going out of China! Author: Mr. Qi Source: Roundtable Time (RTtime) 45-year-old Lin Chi-ling married it! On November 17th, in Tainan, China, Lin Chi-ling and her husband AKIRA Kurosawa had a low-key wedding. No best man, no bridesmaid

Author: Bamei Source: Although the fruit color into a propane from Fanfan C, but the news about Wu Yifan romance, really is not broken. No, this is another one this morning. Some media broke the chat recording of a suspected Wu Yifan and a girl, and they also used Moses Moses' secret code. (How cute is it?)

Recently, Zhao Liying sent the following picture on Weibo: The original VS adaptation can be seen from the comparison chart of this burger: the burger representing the original is rich and informative, layer after layer is clearly visible, very full, and represents The adapted burger is quite big, but it is dry and has no appetite. Currently

Recently, Zheng Shuang started to go crazy again. A few days ago, she ran to participate in the Paris Fashion Week event, and her face caused a hot discussion. Everyone found that her nose was different, especially when she looked at the side and looked long and sharp, completely losing her fresh temperament. But in the eyes of fans, Zheng Shuang’s nose is either high-glossy.

Recently, our childhood memories of "Huizhu Gege" gave the audience a wave of memories. First, the little swallow Zhao Wei, in the "actors please in place", and the emperor Ama Liuqing Liu Hong big reunion. After the heart of Ziweige Green, in the "Dear Inn", "Happiness Trio" frequently brushed his face. However, the same is the view

Some time ago, Chen Zhipeng, who had not appeared for a long time, suddenly got on the hot search. In the show "Out of Circle", he talked about the previous response to Su Xiaopeng's mention of the Little Tigers' dinner. Everyone politely has to respond. Now the netizens are particularly direct. If you don't respond, you can say how you are not gregarious. From the interview section

Jia Nailiang Li Xiaoyu officially divorced! At 10:00 last night, Jia Nailiang's studio and Li Xiaoyu's studio issued a statement of divorce at the same time. #贾乃亮李小璐 Divorce # The news also quickly went to the hot list. The official declared that the two sides had had good times and that they were regrettable for the final, and called the original

I dare say that some fans in my fans like Zhang Ziyi. Eight sisters love her very much, such as "My Father and Mother", obviously it is already an old film 20 years ago, but whenever I think of it, the water-like appearance of the international chapter will still come to my mind. . Her play is often restrained and advanced.

After 439 days of offline, the drip came back. This time, it was completely smashed by the whole network. Of course, it was not only because of the recovery of this business, but also in the proposal of Didi, there is a special care for female users: during the trial operation of the windmill, temporary Trial operation city provides 5:

The protagonist of justice is the same, and the fascinating villains are one of the best. If you talk about the most fascinating villain in the TV series, I only serve Jiang Yuyan in the TV series "Little Fish and Flowers". This villain, born 15 years ago, has always been the topic of the B station. Enter her name, related

Recently there have been rumors that Wang Sicong was listed as an enforcee by the court and executed about 150 million targets. Students who don't understand this term can understand this: Today, Wang Sicong faces a debt problem of 150 million, and the other party has legally required him to execute compensation. The specific situation is not clear, but can

Some time ago, Bamei just wrote an article about Angelababy's participation in "The Adventures of Life". The performance of this strange woman's work has caused strong discomfort to the audience. Cycling is too tired, the tent is dirty, all kinds of chains fall, but also take the excuses of the physiological period. After all, it is still not professional. the first

Qiu Likuan, the name, everyone may hear some strangers, but to say that the stars she personally cherished, Faye Wong, Na Ying and others, everyone must know. Qiu Likuan has a highly respected position in the entertainment industry and has the title of superstar pusher. She is the behind-the-scenes guide for many popular TV dramas and variety shows.

I never imagined that one day I would see such a Sabinin. Dressed in a gleaming ornate costume, and Bai Jingting and He Wei formed the NZND group, a strong debut. The pure Cantonese pronunciation, the delicate and smooth sound line reveals a bit of sexy and charm, a bit hot, but unexpectedly with a poisonous charm.

Speaking of the giants, the first thing that comes to mind in everyone’s mind is Mengmeng Yao. This birth is really wonderful. It’s just to protect the riches and glory of Meng Meng’s life …… just, this giant life is really so beautiful, romantic, full of glory and wealth, not necessarily

Dong Qing is on fire again. After a lapse of eight years, CCTV once again hosted the host contest, and immediately started the broadcast without first mentioning it. The player review was a hot search. In particular, Dong Qing’s comments are the biggest highlights on the show. In the three-minute self-presentation, Yao Yaobin tells the story of him and his father, a reporter,

After the launch of "Spy War Deep Sea", the popularity and reputation were high. The sister article of "Sparrow", the acquaintance of "The Pretender", the derivative of "Star Detective". Zhang Ruojun, Wang Ou, two actors born for the theme of the Republic of China. Just this lineup and setting of the gods, who can not cry? Of course, in the play

as big as World, nothing is nonexistent. This is what the Eight Sisters want to say today, to ensure that you are unheard of. Come, let me introduce the protagonist, Gai Yilin. Seeing this picture, I believe that everyone's attention must have two points. One is Gai Lin's bald head, and the other is the clothes on her body. But it is not difficult to guess that this person is a Buddhist...

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