Recently, Shenzhen Minlin reported that her 5-year-old nephew had broken the two incisor roots of her upper jaw in Golden Baby Kindergarten, No. 3, Yumiao Road, Keyuan Garden, Buji Street, Longgang District, and was classified as a minor injury by Guangdong Guangzheng Judicial Laboratory. Ms. Lin stated that the monitoring park had notified that it was a blind spot at the time of the incident.

Have you ever seen a scumbag, have you seen a scumbag that's broken? After the Shenzhen girl and her boyfriend were in conflict, the other party did n’t take the initiative to apologize. They actually arranged fox friends and dog friends to break into the house, staged a robbery with a knife, took nude photos, slap in the ears, the neck of the knife holder, and the feet of the wire. play....

After 10 months of treatment, Ms. Nie’s high-risk acute leukemia was finally cured and she was discharged from hospital. In the diagnosis of terminal illness - acute leukemia for nearly a year, Ms. Nie finally saw the hope of survival. In the past 10 months, I have experienced chemotherapy and transplant laminar flow.

In the eyes of consumers, the Double 11 is a long-awaited shopping spree; for the e-commerce platform, the Double 11 is a digital battle for the muscles of the show; and in the brand side, especially the small and medium-sized businesses, the Double 11 may be a A highly difficult multiple choice question. November

On the evening of November 2nd, on the streets of Cologne, Germany, a girl from the Chinese mainland used the Chinese, English and German languages ​​to dominate the Hong Kong demonstrators. The girl also attracted a lot of attention because of the rapid spread of video on the Internet. She is Ben Yalun from Shenzhen. ▲Ban Yalun and his father took a photo 11

On the evening of November 2nd, on the streets of Cologne, Germany, a girl from the Chinese mainland used the Chinese, English and German languages ​​to dominate the Hong Kong demonstrators. She has a clear mind, sufficient evidence, and a sound. In the face of the girl’s questioning, the demonstrators either slogan and sing and rudely deal with it; This

A few days ago, in a box horse fresh supermarket in Luohu, Shenzhen, a man took a bottle of Wuliangye, a bottle of mineral water, and finally only paid 2.3 yuan. How is this going? On October 31, the reporter learned about the case of buying a thief from the Luohu Branch of the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau. September

Xiao Xu (pseudonym), 28 years old, is still unmarried and does not dare to fall in love. Xiao Xusheng has a good face, tall, baby face, eyebrows and clear eyes, the voice is gentle and pleasant, and the person sends the nickname Xiaolin Zhiying. From the campus to the society, in the eyes of others, it is almost impossible to eat the fireworks. The secret

Do not open a grudge car, Lu Nu, this sentence many drivers know, but some people can not do. Recently, people in Guangzhou reported to the traffic police in Shenzhen that they had been involved in the 2017 Shenzhen marathon driving back. They encountered


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Millions of Land Rover cars were placed near the security booth of the parking lot. Nobody was found to have been dismantled at night. To claim the property, it is told that the district only provides parking space and is not responsible for the safety of

Hungry hungry by ace a pizza, did not expect to send home is not only a takeaway, takeaway brother or even a lady-killer, was almost. At 9 p.m. on December 6th, Ms. Li of Shenzhen met this unexpected scene. Leave home after a quarrel with her husband - ZA

Li Shenmiao was a popular drink on both sides of the Changjiang River fear of angry Wang Laoji is a very classic advertisement. This sentence seems to imply that can prevent angry but he, not broken, thus avoiding false propaganda may. He is afraid of dri

Also see illegal construction! The reporter learned from the Shenzhen subway, this morning (December 6th) 7 pm, outside the construction unit (industry construction company) for the owner (Shenzhen ang Seth Sports Goods Co., Ltd.) project (ang Seth climbi

Shenzhen north station most cattle "nail floor" lasted 7 years, and finally dismantled! But recently, there are friends of a "Shenzhen North Station holdout demolition received 130 million compensation" message to you the first widely circulated on the In

November 11th, 14 PM, near the gate of a park in Jiangxi, Jiujiang. Dressed in plain clothes, Shenzhen police station Longgang branch Police Brigade squadron police Lin Ji closely staring at a middle-aged man wandering along the road, a whisper to the oth

Li Shenmiao, a Shenzhen evening commentator, accused Liu Xin of being selfish and aloof, but more importantly, think about how a man got to this point. Because as long as the individual, there is a common human nature, given different environmental condit

A few days ago, micro-blog released a personal MA in a movie poster announced he starred in the first film, "the film" Gong Shou Road brings together many big coffee Jet Li, Wu Jing, Donnie Yen, Zou Shiming, Tong Dawei, Li Chen, Huang Xiaoming … &h

Shenzhen warm weather in November, let the hibernating snake, still frequently dispatched wounding. In November 4th, the emergency committee of 2017 annual conference of Shenzhen Association of traditional Chinese medicine was held in Shenzhen Chinese Tra

The passenger backpack filled with a lot of fast food box, passengers claiming to eat, it is a living snake, this scene took place in the Futian port entry Lvjian field. The reporter learned from the Huanggang customs, the customs in November 1st in a Hon

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