December 22, 2017, Hulun Buir, the first day of the winter solstice. About four in the afternoon, the passenger train ride to the Hailar photographer Genhe found that all the windows covered with a layer of plastic cloth. (source: Vision China), according

In December 5, 2017, Shandong Linyi water lake village, the roadside full of all kinds of gold eggs, this is the famous gold egg base in the country. Source: visual Chinese in this village has a lot of plaster craft, slack when squatting on the lane stree

In December 4, 2017, local time, Japan and Yokosuka, the damaged destroyer Fitzgerald was loaded on a cargo ship, will be shipped back to the United States for maintenance. The US army destroyer Fitzgerald collided with a Philippines cargo ship on the Jap

In December 2, 2017, located in Mohe County County of Heilongjiang Province, the northernmost country in extreme cold weather, the minimum temperature of -40 DEG C. (source: visual China) tourists from all over the country have played a water splashing ic

In a room filled with sundries in Dengzhou, Henan, Zhang Gailing, 61, pointed to a dozen prizes and a smile on the wall. On the other side, the 65 year old husband, Cheng Chuanzhou, was busy sorting out the waste that he had picked up in the morning. This

In November 24, 2017, Chongqing Jiangbei central business district (CBD), known as the upper reaches of the Yangtze River in Lujiazui, is a very important strategic financial center in the central and western regions of china. Here, there are many tall bu


In November 20th, in Heilongjiang, Harbin Province, the cold wave attacked the city, Songhua River was frozen quickly, and some small fish were frozen unconsciously. When people take ice, they can see all kinds of small fish in it. Songhua River in winter

19, Guangzhou, Qi Wei appeared in the cinema publicity new film "chase", she wore a gray waist dress big show leg, the interview was playful, cute, good mood. (source: visual China) 19, Guangzhou, Qi Wei appeared in the cinema to promote the new film "cha

In November 18th, Shanghai, Vitoria's Secret Show photographer's first film conference was held on the red carpet. Liu Wen, Xi Mengyao, Alexander Ambrosio, Carly Klaus, Yuan Shanshan, Tong Chenjie, Muqimiya and other appearances. Xi Mengyao is wearing a y

Local time November 16, 2017, Vancouver Canada, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau met with the British Columbia Provincial Governor He Jin (John Horgan), two people spent their feet socks to steal the spotlight. Trudeau foot with gin and tonic bartender gui

Reported in November 15, 2017, Dubai, the glass cleaner at the Harry Khalifa 124 wall work. Have to set in the heavy climbing rope, climbing Harry Khalifa clean alone. Source: Harry Khalifa Chinese vision is currently the world's tallest building, up to 8

Recently, Annie Yi appeared at the airport. On the day of her long hair and sweet smile, little legs show sexy, for her husband Qin Hao's car was hit, she expressed the hope that the perpetrators apologize (source: visual Chinese) Annie Yi (source: visual

Recently, Sun Li, wearing sunglasses and a hat with a black and white plaid jacket with black pants, casual wear, arrived at Hongkong airport accompanied by the assistant, to attract a bunch of friends of the media attention. From the arrival hall to go a

November 15, 2017, Zhengzhou. College students queuing for delivery in the night.

Local time on November 12, 2017, Philippines Pampanga Province, the leaders arrived at the Clark International Airport, will attend the thirty-first session of the ASEAN summit. The picture is Singapore Prime Minister Li Xianlong. Local time June 11 2017

In November 7, 2017, a fish fight was staged in the Fenhe River scenic spot in Taiyuan. Someone with nets, someone with a net, as well as directly unarmed catch fish, different means of onlookers pathfinder. Hu Xuguang / visual China -- ZAKER, personalize

Local time in November 3, 2017, India, Mumbai, 21 year old Mahesh Palliwal became the first tower to buy Apple iPhone X people. (from: visual China) Mahesh Palli

In November 3, 2017, New York local time, was the auction of Finch's paintings "savior" will be held in New York in November 15th Christie's postwar and contemporary art evening, valuation of about $100 million. The Savior is now circulating -- ZAKER, per

In November 2, 2017, Shanxi, Yongji, in the local media yukou village, a 99 year old man, not only healthy, dark haired, also clear thinking, mind a little confused. According to the old man's daughter-in-law, the old man has been responsible for the hous

October 27, 2017, Liaoning, Dandong. Now, when the pickled sauerkraut season, the country will be full of Chinese cabbage farmers have the car into the urban fringe, is selling now cook. The cauldron boiled water, and the 35 men pressed the cabbage into t

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