Recently, the encounters of the Meizu are people sitting in the house, and the pot is from the sky. But the normal channel optimizes the adjustment, but has been blackened to the Meizu closed nearly 500 offline stores. Instead of closing or closing stores


Mobile phone home in December 15th news, home appliances retail to home and life full platform transformation of Gome recently will have new mobile phone release. It is reported that this mobile phone will be equipped with the popular 18:9 full screen on

This is the OLED screen will display as everyone knows, so listed in iPhone X at the beginning of the occasion, there are many students already worried. Recently, micro-blog released the iPhone X users on the burn-in real machine picture, this reality, it

The day before, the general court formally on Apple sued millet tablet (Mi Pad) iPad infringed its trademark patent case for sentencing, millet tablet (Mi Pad) to the registered trademark in europe. The first release of flat products in early 2014 millet,

The city of Chongqing, today ushered in by the Chongqing Municipal Economic and Information Committee, mobile phone newspaper online hosted the Chongqing international mobile phone industry leader in the mobile phone industry summit, "winning 5G times" fo

M a grocery store name, maybe just a smile, but now, it is not really a little too more in name than in reality. This is not, the rice house has come out of a noodle, look at this publicity picture, full of scientific and technological sense, it seems tha

Now the mobile phone manufacturers are all very cunning, playing word games like Taobao to profiteer. Take a simple example, the current popular on the thousands of machine hardware platform there are so many: Qualcomm Xiaolong 625/626, Qualcomm Xiaolong

November 18th, orange orange run in 2017, the last stop in Chengdu successfully held. In this has been swept across the motherland and the healthy running activities, millet also brought good news to Chengdu rice noodles: MIUI millet bus service will soon

Not long ago, Luo Yonghao said, hammer will cooperate with YunOS, will be authorized to use other brands, and Konka is the first to use the system brand. Recently, the YunOS version of the hammer SmartisanOS operating system Konka S5 - ZAKER, personalized

Facebook is ready to help media companies launch subscription functions that will guide users to subscribe to the publisher's Web site. But Apple also wants to buy a slice: 30% of any paid subscription must be owned by apple. According to people familiar

SHARP takes the lead in using its borderless design in its smartphone products. What would they look like if they kept going? To this end, designer Faruk Kaya created a concept called SHARP Curve mobile phone. From the front view, this SHARP Curve concept

Last year after the release of millet notebook Air, everyone in a more high, also maintained a high price of millet notebook (after all, you called Air, will appear Pro). So, in this year we ushered in a new millet notebook Pro. As one, ZAKER, personalize

IT house October 12th news, this afternoon, Nubia held a new product conference in Shenzhen, officially released Nubia Z17S and Z17miniS two new machines. In addition to two new machines, Nubia also brought us a noise reduction headset at the press confer

October 16th, HUAWEI will release this year's flagship Mate 10, will use a comprehensive screen design, and start Kirin 970 processor. According to past practice, HUAWEI will release Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro two models. And this year the situation seems to

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