Hello everyone, here is the game of surprise, I am scared younger brother! Today, the younger brother wants to introduce to you a star that is no stranger to everyone - Jin Chengwu. As an actor, Jin Chengwu was popular in Asia. The earliest impressive performance should be the apologetic policeman Awu in "Chongqing Forest". not only

Following the live broadcast of last night, the "Jian Wang 3" R&D team brought a lot of content to Ling Xue Zangfeng's new expansion pack for the knights. I believe that the knights have a new piece for the upcoming annual expansion. A new understanding! Today's test suit will usher in a large-scale update, and will be 18 tonight:

The new game of Hearthstone is a game of chess. The beta test is now fully open, and all players can join this new model for free, and feel the different charm of Hearthstone. Celebrate the pub war chess legend to send the card package in order to celebrate the new game mode "hearthstone legend: pub war chess"

[17173 news report, please indicate the source] 2019 Blizzard Carnival on the release of "Diablo 4", once again detonated the enthusiasm of the world loves the dark players, but also make the brush game back to the attention of many players . Although as the pioneer of the game type, Diablo

During the double eleventh period, the "Qiandao" public beta version and the classic version simultaneously opened special events to distribute the double eleven program benefits for the Tianzhu City Daoyou! As long as they can pass their challenges, they will be able to get rich props and numerical rewards! "Ask the Road" official website: http://wd.gyyx.cn "Asked"

From 3 o'clock on November 9th to November 26th, "Diablo III" opened a limited time special offer, the audience won 5.5 fold, unlimited play version straight down 90, as low as 108 yuan; 11.11 day to buy a play package or collection The package can be extra 2000 white

Hello everyone, I am Dr. X. In the just-concluded S9 World Championship, the Chinese team FPX won the championship, and the former king, China's anti-Korean's number one enemy SKT stopped the semi-finals. As the soul of SKT, an old friend and old rival of Chinese players Faker

[17173 news report, please indicate the source] Reprinted "Glaft Stone Legend" new game bat war chess Today has fully started the beta test. How do you win this new model on the starting line? The following small series will list the strong rankings of the heroes in the current game for everyone.

The Blizzard Carnival, which released "Diablo 4", has been closed for a few days. Blizzard has also perfectly transformed from last year's thousands of people and became one of the true fragrance manufacturers of this year. However, after the release of Diablo 4, there is also a dark ARPG, also called 4

Another year in November, shopping spree on the 11th. Since entering November, the atmosphere of this eleventh is really in full swing, and it’s so lively! Even Wang Gang, the "master of a product", has heard about the wind. After all, the adults in the hall are busy participating in the double eleven activities.

The arrival of the double eleven, "Iron Armor" 钜惠双11 fiery open! The sale of skin treasure chests in the audience is fully online, and there are many free treasure chests to choose from! Welfare Battle Tickets S8 seasons start today, and the new battle group's appearance benefits are brought home! Double eleven welfare activities: https://b

The next generation of Guofeng Xianxia online game "Gu Jian Qi Tan Online Edition" will officially launch a new theme piece of information on November 21st dreams and time and space. In order to celebrate the first anniversary of the "Gu Jian Qi Tan San" on the line, the two "Gu Jian Qi Tan" series of games independently developed by Shanghai Candle Dragon, a subsidiary of Net Tang Sheng Tang,...

Hello everyone, I am Dr. X. Sword Spirit has also been on the national service for six years. When the first test was activated, the activation code was smashed to 3000 pieces. After going online, it was in the Internet cafe and LOL. The previous grand occasion was still vivid. After a lapse of six years, the game is not as hot as it used to be, but it still has one in the player community.

[17173 News report, please indicate the source] On Friday, just after the winter, do you know if your friends have eaten dumplings? I believe that many people are now preparing for the Double 11 event, but don't ignore the game when preparing to buy a variety of goods. Just double 11 is the next week

Once again, the annual Singles Day, you still haven't found a girlfriend this whole year, right? is not it! (If you find it, please don't find it.) In fact, compared to the reality of the girl, the girl in "Happy Love" is easier to pursue, but this does not mean that people will post it, you should still

In the spiritual domain where the elves are located, in recent days, there has been a huge variety of cooking animals that are violent and violent. They want to destroy, harass the village, trample on food, and block traffic, so that the guests are not allowed to go out at home. As a result, the store turnover of the elves' restaurants has dropped drastically.

Have you seen my little bear? Wait, I seem to have heard this line, it comes from a classic game! As the leader of reasoning, you will be able to accurately answer the answer within 0.1 seconds! Are you ready, count down for three seconds, let me reveal the answer for you - three, two,

Changyou's domestic sports fighting online game pioneer "Sword Hero" will open a new high-injury professional warfare on November 15th. With the arrival of a new career, massive welfare activities will be launched soon. Previously exposed two sets of peerless new clothes up to ten thousand yuan iphone 11 Pro Max

Classic PK end tour "Magic Biography" new service Qin Shiming month Appointment is now open, on November 13th at 19 o'clock on time to open service! New gameplay Yeouido is about to go online, killing monsters to win rewards; double eleven carnivals open, red envelopes, welfare grabs. [New Yeouido gameplay

"Dream Tower Anti-Hands Tour" on the occasion of the double 11 coming, I heard that a lot of exciting content has been prepared, especially a pair of very popular CPs will soon appear in the game. Under the repeated questioning of Xiao Bian, it is actually the most popular two princes of this year who are about to land on the dream tower defense world.

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