As the post-80s and post-90s birth peaks, in recent years, the maternal and child health industry represented by the confinement center has developed rapidly, and more and more young people choose to confine at the confinement center. However, many confinement agencies have been unsatisfactory in terms of professionalism, security, and services due to their interests. So novice dad

Wipe a small hand when it is not clean, wipe it when changing the diaper, wipe it when cleaning the toy, and find that many treasure moms like to use baby wipes. However, some babies are sensitive to skin and are allergic to the chemical components contained in the wipes. Therefore, the child’s father and his mother always emphasize things close to the skin.

[PCbaby 嘻 box] Baby strollers have many styles and functions, and the prices are uneven. The expensive tens of thousands of pieces are hundreds of cheap. It’s great to buy well, it’s a waste to buy it wrong. Many treasure moms have misunderstandings when they buy baby strollers, and feel that the function is as good as possible. The result is pick and choose, think

Expert introduction: breastfeeding multi-mother, American positive management PDA certified lecturer, breastfeeding advocates and practitioners. Senior Editor-in-Chief of China's well-known mother and baby media, with more than 10 years of maternal and child media experience, providing scientific, professional and effective pregnancy and childcare guidance for thousands of families. Message:...

Experts introduce Wu Wenwen, nurture educators, co-founders of Mu-Love Nursing Organizations, senior nurses, intimate parenting, breastfeeding, and advocates and practitioners of gentle childbirth. Message: Being a mother not only requires a lot of strength, but also a pair of eyes, how to screen the right mother and baby for the baby.

The two little babies in the little weave have been on Christmas for a few years, and from one to December each year they began chatting with the Santa Claus and talking about their wishes. Every time, Xiaobian will record their aspirations quietly, then

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle bells ~ Merry Christmas to come. Baba Mama to do with the baby to celebrate the holidays? Not to send something adorable baby to play with, generally speaking, they love to buy some small things about a trick, so the bab

There is often a kind of discrimination, called a beautiful married woman, who is considered not to be a good mother. So, when the mother don't need to dress up? Sloppy was careless about dressing is a good woman, love family love children? This is only j

Christmas is a western festival, but it does not prevent such a happy and romantic festival being welcomed by more and more people. The baby is also very fond of the excitement and surprise of Christmas, especially the disassembly of gifts. How happy can

Many treasure mom said, winter is too cold, afraid of the baby catch cold, even the weekend kids go out shopping around the park are afraid of this fear that, anxious to put the baby room temperature has been placed in the home is not to feel safe, but it

Many people think that winter confinement is much better than summer. On the one hand, it doesn't need to endure high temperature and intense heat. On the other hand, it doesn't need to worry about mosquito bites, it's comfortable and comfortable in the w

Babies can't see clearly in the first month of birth, so many times they only use their eyes to sweep their faces. That's why baby babies look at you every time. But as the age of the month grows, the baby can see more and more things. Baby's brain develo

In the winter, the tender skin of the baby seems to be in a dry way, especially the small face, which turns into a little red apple. In fact, many times are caused by improper nursing of mothers. There is Bao Ma: the baby's skin is tender and tender, and

It is said that milk is the first place to supplement calcium. However, a kind of food contains much more calcium than milk. It is cheese. Cheese is not only high in calcium content, but also rich in vitamin A, vitamin B12, zinc, phosphorus and so on. It

The autumn season, mothers are afraid of the baby grow two ugly red Tuo village. In fact, when the baby's face gives out such a warning, it shows that the skin of the baby is in the middle of water. To prevent or improve this situation, the baby needs a c

Weaning is a process that both mother and baby must experience together. There are many reasons to weaning, some milk gradually reduced the cause of mother body recovery, there is a growing baby, nutritional needs should be more comprehensive, masticatory

If the baby is much longer but bad teeth, a full mouth style, many Zaoxin ah! Parents are the key to the good and bad of the baby's teeth. After all, the baby is still small, the responsibility of all parents in dental care body. Do parents is the time to

Recently, really very cold cold fried. The winter with a baby is not easy, the weather is cold, the children are infirm, little attention on the influenza pandemic, parents should be how to take the baby, reduce the children sick probability? The followin

Jujube pumpkin soup red dates, also known as jujube. It is characterized by a very high vitamin content and a good reputation as a natural vitamin pill. It has the effect of nourishing yin and enriching the Yang and enriching blood. And pumpkin mud helps

It's another year's Christmas, and I believe many parents are preparing all kinds of gifts for their children. In fact, for children, healthy growth is the best gift. 4~10 years old is a critical period for children's growth and development. If children a

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