Where there is a battlefield, there is victory. "Soul of the Gun" cross-service battlefield supports cross-server players to manually duel. The winner is the king and the loser is the pirate. He speaks with victory and defeat, and treats all kinds of dissatisfaction! Click the Start Match button, and the system will automatically match you with players with similar online strength. After the...

Dear friends from the inverse war, today I will teach you the traditional 2 + 2 method of playing nuclear power plants. The ninth level, this level can be reversed from the eighth level. This is the beginning of a large number of aircraft coming out. So at this time we try to take some highly harmful guns to hit the plane

Hello everyone, the new year is approaching, and everyone ’s long-awaited New Year set is coming soon. In the inverse war experience service, it is the first PVP and PVE dual-mode universal epic set, that is, the dusk set of the gods. Below, I will share the New Year's set for my friends (the specific data and model are positive

How to make Mini World Crab? How is the miniature model crab manufacturing process? Let's take a look at Mini World Crab Mini Model making strategy. 1. Make a 12 × 2 platform 3 blocks above the ground 2. Continue to make a 14 × 4 platform upwards and deduct

The new year has begun, and the 2020 chariot has set off. The following year will be another year when the strong are gathered. Many veteran powerhouses are ready to fight a battle, and countless new powerhouses are ready to launch challenges and create their own new generation!

Recently, the RTS game "Steel Harvest" officially released a section of the 2019 year-end promotional video, which showed some battle scenes and strategic deployment operations of the game. The details are as follows. "Steel Reaping" set in overhead 1920, a giant steampunk machine

The "Douro Continent" clan system is the guild (gang) system in the game. Like other games, it has clan contribution, clan skills, clan replicas, and clan shops; there are still peaceful and hostile relationships between different clans, and Rankings of each other and internal clan personnel

Let's start with the recent balance patch. This is one of the few patches that can be agreed upon by all Hearthstone players. If you look at the current environment, you know that this is an extremely efficient and successful balancing patch. Contained the shaman's rampant domineering but did not kill him directly, making it still a place in the current environment

Hearthstone Legends Doubles Now Opening Double Eggs Welcomes Group D group stage Four teams: Inau City runner-up (Imoto & amp; Ito Makoto), fat and thin brothers (Kimmy & amp; Lao Lee), I think you can win this time (Rohan & amp; milk powder), punch out

The German Cup ended yesterday, and RNG finally won the championship. After the new season ushered in personnel changes, Xiaolongbao joined in and used its strong Gank ability to promote Xiaohu to show a good carry effect in the German Cup. It is worth mentioning that whether it is the German Cup that has ended or the

The annual expansion of "Dark Archangel" is about to come, the glory of the new professional mentor is coming, and now it is officially set off on the mainland adventure. The exciting content will be opened to the warriors one after another. The full-service celebration starts simultaneously, with limited packages of benefits and privileged gifts. Do n’t stop sending surprises, learn more...

Ascend to the Realm of the Three Realms, experience unlimited PK fights, and the magical cross-service PVP gameplay of "Magic Brake" strikes. The service fairy families of all regions gathered to discuss BOSS, thunderous, light and dark communication, repeating the geo-water turmoil, as in the ancient times of the heroic game. The Three Thousand Avenues

With the opening of new levels, new copies and new equipment of DNF Hanbok, players' pursuit of graduation equipment has naturally improved a grade. The upgrade of the equipment is a big stone hanging in the player's heart. According to the information currently available to the Hanbok, the player's existing transcendence epic set can be passed through the new version.

Cloud Imperium has released a new trailer for Star Citizen Single Player 42 Squadron, introducing the game development progress, and showing interstellar dust clouds, mining operations, space stations and interior scenes of spaceships, and more. 42 Squadron As a single player in the game Star Citizen,

On Jump Festa 2020, Bandai released the latest game demo of "Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot" (DRAGON BALL Z KAKAROT), showing the scene of Trunks vs. Frieza. The fighting scene is very exciting, come together

The cross-battle battlefield of "Rebirth of Miracles: Fighting King" is a place to show personal strength. Here, countless strong men have left their own great names, but the losers are not discouraged. People off the hook! The cross-service battlefield is also a platform for communication. Here we are

Working on December 5th updated a new mode, Void Hunting, which is a large copy of 32 people against the war. This mode drops many useful superb. This video brings you a demonstration of the ultimate drop in the void. There are a total of 8 pieces of the Void series that are forbidden to drop. They are Void

According to recent sources, sniper Oskar from the Czech Republic may join the German Sprout club. If the contract is finalized, oskar will replace syrsoN's main position in the team, and the latter may be signed by BIG. End

Hello everyone, since the invasion of the zombie hunting field fire, the hunting mode has won the favor of the emperor. Now it is launching a life-long free plan, which is in the rain and dew, and both PVP and PVE players can get corresponding benefits. Presumably, the boss cards have been accumulated, so the following

The Three Kingdoms Kills Thousands of Miles A Guide for Novice Riders. Do you know any changes to the updated rules for riding a thousand miles? Let's take a look at the analysis of the rules for riding a thousand miles in the Three Kingdoms. Basic rules forbidden range: Zuo Ci, Yu Ji, Queen Guo, Xue Zong, Xia Houba, SP He Qi, Yu Ji, Wang Yun, SP Bulu

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