Mikoyan design concept is a generation of fly faster, so from the initial 9 to 21 every MIG MiG fighter aircraft, can be said to be unprecedented flight and the cheetah, one of Mikoyan's works faster than it can kill the missile. In 70s, it was the third

Recently, a group of photos on the Internet have attracted the attention of the vast number of netizens. 6 planes have crossed the blue sky of our country. It has been confirmed that the third batches of Russia's 5 Soviet -35 and IL -76 transport aircraft

But this name, on behalf of the world's largest aircraft and excellent design capability, there are 75 countries in the use of its aircraft or technology. But the prosperity to decline under the pressure of the Antonov design bureau have to consider their

In 2013, the three F/A-18A fighters of the Australian Air Force. Source: Wikipedia America had decided to impose high tariffs on imported aircraft from Canada Canada's revenge. According to the guardian of the UK in December 13th, the Canadian government

The Russian air and space force a su -35 fighter. Source: Wikipedia a number of Russian media reported that in November 23rd, the Euphrates West, an American F-22 fighter with a Russian military aircraft over the encounter in Syria. This close encounter e

Source: visual foreign media in China said, 13, White House officials questioned the Secretary of state Tillerson's negotiation with North Korea at any time and without any prerequisites, and said that before the DPRK improved its attitude, it could not h

In September 12, 2012, in Benghazi, Libya, the American consulate was in a mess after the attack. Photo source: a Chinese Libya man was schemed and commanded in 2012 to attack the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya. Accusation was made by a court in the Unit

The Russian Ministry of defense has recently appointed a new spokesman, with Internet users describing her with weapons of mass destruction. First use a group of pictures to feel the lethality: her name is Rosiana Markovskaya, born in January 6, 1991, gra

In November 26th, the Argentina province of Chubut ribadavia, machine aboard a U.S. Navy underwater rescue system of the search for the lost submarine. Photo source: a spokesman for the Argentina Navy, a visual China, said that before the San Juan submari

An American Navy soldier. Source: Author: Ma Qifei China vision in the United States Navy to revitalize the army in 2017, United States Navy as one of the only forward deployed the seventh fleet but is with fate adverse and circumstance unfavourable. It n

In November 25th, the Egyptian mosque was afraid to wait for the relatives of the victims outside the hospital. Photograph: visual Chinese (Sufism) is a Sufi mystical branch of Islam in the. Contrary to materialism, and emphasize introspection and God in

The battle of Moscow, the largest battle in Russian history, was fought in the second world war. In this campaign, Germany invested 1 million 800 thousand people, 1700 tanks, 1390 aircraft, 14 thousand kinds of artillery. The Soviet Union invested 1 milli

They work 7 days a week, working 10 to 18 hours a day, with only 3 days of vacation a year. They do the dirtiest and most exhausting work, but their contributions have been erased from time to time, "S Goins, a British producer, told Xinhua," so I decided

In March 2017, Yemen residents waited to receive food provided by charities. Photo source: East IC in recent years, Saudi Arabia and Yemen's armed conflict continues, the armed forces backed by Iran often launch missiles to Saudi Arabia, and the Saudi led

Most modern fighters are jet planes, and propeller engines are relatively eliminated. But in today's serving fighter, propeller engine is not uncommon, although the technology is no longer new, even some old, but has been favored. And now in service, in a

With the increasingly severe international anti-terrorism, IS activities are becoming more and more frequent. Philippines's recent presidential home was the terrorist attacks killed at least 14 people died, and one after another in a series of terrorist a

Recently, the official media reported on our army's new bomber nicknamed "ares", which blasted 6K. In the video, the detonation 6K Western Pacific Sea Fleet repeatedly went to Pingyuan training screen play, even before the first flight training task chain

F -31 fighter aircraft in China as the main foreign sales, is the standard of the fourth generation of twin medium stealth fighter, is not only the design of China independent production, but also has high survivability: low radar detectability and low in

As a milestone of naval warfare, aircraft carriers have been the target of naval development in various countries. As a large surface warship, it not only developed the sea warfare into the three-dimensional battle, but also became the core ship. So, what

With the continuous development of modern war, air supremacy has become an important factor in winning the war. Mastered the air can be carried out at any time to destroy the enemy. But there is such a country, the number of combat aircraft can be dischar

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