There has been a rumor that there has been an unforgettable love between Jiang Wen and Liu Xiaoqing. At that time, Liu Xiaoqing was already a frontline actress. Jiang Wen was a short-lived actress. It was still a girl. The two men fell in love because of the movie "Furong Town". At that time, it was also a story on the cusp. After many years, Liu Xiao

On November 15th, Elva Hsiao published a message on Weibo: Let us celebrate our 20th anniversary! On the road of life, the difference is not where you went, but who you are with to celebrate the 20th anniversary of your debut, but also promoted your new specialization.

Recently, Liang Chaowei and Liu Jialing and his wife have rarely appeared together at a certain event. Liang Chaowei and Carina Lau have been fading out of the public for so many years. Apart from Carina Lau’s occasional participation in variety, Liang Chaowei rarely shows up. This rare event has also caused a lot of people to close.

On November 15th, Guo Jingjing, the national diving queen, appeared in the Beijing Water Cube. Guo Jingjing, who is already the mother of three children, returned to the Beijing Water Cube as the brand experience officer. In this place full of blood memories, although it has passed. It’s been a long time, but I think of the final of the 2008 Olympics.

Recently, Xie Nan took his eldest son Wu to appear at the Beijing airport. Wu is 7 years old. Like most boys of the same age, he is very active, and his playful and naughty personality is very cute. Xie Nan and Wu are dressed in plain casual clothes. Mom leads the son. The little guy sees a reporter taking pictures and dancing. It is very pleasing.

Recently, Cecilia Cheung shared a video of mother and child on the social platform. At that time, she led two sons, Lucas and Quintus, and accidentally caught up with the traffic jam. Cecilia Cheung, who was bored and bored, took this video and told the netizen that the traffic jam was so hungry. Lucas and Quint

Taking the liberty to ask, Li Xiaoyu’s statement is written by tens of thousands of people. Four hours after the official divorce, Li Xiaoyan sent a long article, how long it was, I almost used twice the speed, and then took the progress bar to read. The style of this statement, after the video storm, the same tens of thousands of statements, unintelligible, logical confusion,

Recently, some netizens met Tao Hong who came out shopping with her daughter. Tao Hong, who appeared on the same day, still appeared in the face, wearing a striped sweater on the upper body, wearing a very loose jeans underneath, wearing a hat without wearing a mask and sunglasses. It feels very low-key. I don't know if it is an illusion, I feel that Tao Hong followed

On November 14th, Edison Chen showed a dance photo of her daughter Alaia on her personal social networking site. Alaia has a variety of cool shapes, and the expression is also very discouraged. One stroke and one style is different, and it is quite a trend dancer. Small Alaia performance is very hard, action

On the evening of November 14th, the VOGUE Film Fashion Film Festival was held. The two male gods, Li Xian and Chen Weijun, were on the same scene. The two had cooperated with "There are trees in the South". The two male gods have their own styles, but they all belong to the clothes. Slim and undressed with meat, the male hormonal explosion. This time again

Tell a sand sculpture story. Just two days ago, the lost train band sent a microblog, and the Tucai band lost a job opportunity because of the name. The reason is very funny. In order to celebrate the opening of the high-speed rail to a music festival, the organizers found them. When the contract was signed, the leader felt that the train was lost.

According to Taiwan media reports, Lin Zhiling Kurosawa will hold a wedding at the Tainan Art Museum on November 17th. The wedding will be organized by Lin Zhiling. Only 12 tables will be opened. Only friends and relatives will be invited to participate. There is no bridesmaid, but it is very low-key. In addition to Cai Kangyong and Xiao S, friends Huang Zikai and Wang Li

Recently, some netizens encountered a low-key appearance of Zhou Xun at the Beijing airport. On the same day, Zhou Xun did not carry his luggage. He did not see any staff members accompanying him. He didn’t know whether he was working or going out to play. He felt that the whole person’s state was very relaxed. On the same day, Zhou Xun wore a black inside, and a dark blue big outside.

The cat sang this night, shocked my family, actually Han Hong teacher! Yes, it is her, they are the same person! Then the problem is coming. Why, Han Hong, who sang "Tianlu" and "Qinghai-Tibet Plateau", wore a baseball cap and a gold chain to wear AJ overnight, and transformed into a rapper. Why, 48-year-old Han Hong

Recently, some netizens photographed Jiang Dawei and his wife returning to the airport. In the photo, Jiang Dawei is wearing a sports jacket with sneakers. The dress is very casual, the hair style is very casual, and a few hairs float on it. It looks very funny, and the image of the thick hair is a little different, and the face is also aging a lot.

To say that Aunt Qiongyao is so many works, the most classic and most popular is the "Huanzhugege" that has been raging in the north and south of the Yangtze River. A lot of memories of childhood after 80, 90 must have the stickers of Ziwei Xiaoyan, and the notebook cover also has the following photo. And it is said that Zhao Wei received the confession every day.

Recently, Zhang Zetian's classmates took a group photo and said they went to the Netherlands to participate in a competition on global private equity investment. Zhang Zetian in the photo is hot with professional curly hair, dressed in a suit, high heels, dressed very mature and capable, and with the youthful and lovely girl painting style

Recently, some media have exposed a group of videos of Xin Dulei shooting underwear. In the video, Xin Xiaolei's head is marked with Qi Hai's short hair, wearing a pink underwear, generously placed for the photographer to shoot, the bumpy and good figure is unobstructed. Xin Yanlei is now 33 years old, not only the skin is firm, the curve

Recently, Hong Kong actress Guo Junni participated in a charity run. She has a light makeup, wearing a white T-shirt and jeans, which looks full of youth and vitality. Many netizens said that they could not see Guo Yanni at the age of 45. Her skin condition is very good, which proves that she usually pays attention to maintenance. Unconsciously, Guo Xiaoni debuted

Recently, some netizens have exposed a group of photos of Liu Ruoying. It is reported that Rene Liu is attending a recital event organized by Zhang Aijia. As can be seen from the photos, she is very casually dressed, with a dark loose shirt with jeans, sneakers on the feet, leaning on the fence to read the book carefully, and no shelf at all. However, there is a careful network

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