Not long ago, a media published a statistical report, calculating that Leonardo DiCaprio had a total of 57 girlfriends, and almost all of them are young and beautiful supermodels. Since then, the Grand Slam film king got a loud nickname-the supermodel harvester. Little Plum's girlfriend is Argentina Super

On January 3, Zhang Ziyi announced the good news of a successful birth on her account. He Ye, Yao Chen, Wang Lihong, and many other friends in the entertainment industry also sent their blessings in the first time. After all, this is Wang Feng's fourth time as a father, and finally fulfilled his son's dream. Before long, there were netizens in the United States

Recently, a netizen met an actor Lei Jiayin and his wife Zhai Junfei while shopping in a supermarket. At that time, the shopping cart in front of them had been filled with a lot of goods, and it was quite fruitful. I saw Lei Jiayin and his wife constantly loading things into the shopping cart. Also, celebrities are often recognized when they go shopping, it is better to buy more at one time....

"Elite Attorney" acted, and it turned out to be "Elite PUA". The damn charm of Jin Dong's nowhere to be placed is more impressive than roasted yam. Every woman sees him lose heart. One night under heavy rain, Dai Xi suddenly ran to Luo Bin and was soaked. She chattered

Today, Wu Zun took a photo with Wang Dongcheng and Chen Yiru on his Weibo. After so long, the brothers reunited together. Wu Zun said that everyone is very busy, but we will never forget the days when we worked together for our dreams. Although there is no Yan Alun at this party, we can get together on WeChat. Chen Yiru

Last night, Director Li Yu was invited by Liu Chun to participate in the 2019 Phoenix Food Festival, and Fan Bingbing was also invited to participate. In the comments of Li Yu's Weibo, netizens called on how we should deceive you and Bing Bing to create another masterpiece. Li Yu replied, Don't worry, it's on! It really shocked everyone

A few days ago, there was a surprise on the social platform. Xu Jinglei reopened for business. It was too rare for her to get news once a few months. Netizens were always excited. However, everyone is a little disappointed to see the recent photos of Lao Xu, because this time he did not see Huang Lixing. It turned out that Xu Jinglei met with friends

Welcome to the year 2020 that was thought to be far away. How does it feel, is there any difference? some! In the new year, a new wave of drama is about to come, or one day in the future, or I do n’t know which day, it will be online-you know, the environment of the film and television industry, the file, may be

Recently, Xu Jing shared a lot of news on her personal social platform, which caused everyone's attention. Xu Jing showed a photo of a foreign man and a dog, with a text: In the morning of the new year, I hope everyone wakes up in the desired landscape. The photos are beautiful and the text is beautiful. Xu Jing's life is still very good. In addition to Xu Jing

Before Wu Xin soaks his feet, he will perform a ritual, what ritual, makeup. Everyone thought that she was going to go out for makeup, and turned her head. She lifted a foot bucket out, and Zhang Wei said, "You are just like Fu Yuanhui, you are practicing this craft every day." Sure enough, the craftsmanship was practiced. In "How are you so good

Zhang Yuqi recorded a video. She used advanced beauty, her skin was as smooth as silk, and her pointed face was full of red. The purpose of this video is to introduce beauty products to everyone. The intention of this operation is very friendly, everyone wants to have delicate skin like Zhang Yuqi. Unexpectedly, Zhang Yuqi

Recently, Jet Li's little daughter showed a group of photos with her sister and dad Jet Li on the social platform. In the photo, Jet Li's young daughter is wearing a short black top with a long black skirt, very sexy. Not the same as the sexy look of sister, Jet Li's eldest daughter

Recently, a group of photos of Ni Ping's ex-husband's exposure have attracted everyone's attention. On the same day, Wang Wenlan attended a photo exhibition and took photos with friends at the event site. He wore a long black coat and sunglasses, a strong aura, and a black hair. He looked nothing like a 66-year-old. This look is smaller than 6

Recently, some media exposed a group of videos of Bai Baihe's late night party. In the video, Bai Baihe meets with a few friends in a club. He does not leave until 3 am. A mysterious man rides home with Bai Baihe. That night, Bai Baihe was very beautifully dressed.

Recently, some media encountered Li Jiacheng, who took his family to sacrifice his dead wife. According to the media, Li Ka-shing brings his family to sacrifice his dead wife every New Year's Day, and this is also a rare opportunity for the Li Ka-shing family to come across. On the same day, Li Ka-shing wore a light-colored sweater with a down vest and camel-backed

Recently, Zhu Jun, who hasn't posted any news for a long time, updated his news on his personal social platform, which caused everyone's attention. This time Zhu Jun sent a video of New Year's blessings, all the CCTV host sent out to send everyone a blessing, and Zhu Jun, who has not appeared in front of the big screen for a long time, also appeared in the video, letting everyone straight

How poor is the crew of "Under the Jinyi"? In the tenth episode, Ren Jialun and Tan Songyun's case cp was trapped in a fantasy, and the two walked in the snow and ice for a long time. Lu Yi, played by Ren Jialun, had doubts. Why was the clothes still dry after so long snow?

Recently, some netizens broke the news that Zhang Ting and her husband Lin Ruiyang appeared in Shanghai and opened a clothing conference for their original clothing brand. I feel that Zhang Ting still values ​​her clothing brand this time. The size of this conference is still relatively large. Finally, she took her husband Lin Ruiyang's hand to the T stage to thank

Here is a recent photo. Can you recognize who it is? This young lady is Heavenly King Fang Yuan. To be honest, it is really difficult to recognize Fang Yuan, because she is not much different from other times in recent photos. Fang Yuan had no makeup, and she could see that her face was twice as big. When she smiled, her fleshy face was round and round.

Judging from the New Year's Eve concerts of each David's last night, the stars are really brilliant, and a big top stream is arranged clearly. Of course, the geese belong to different satellite TVs, and they have to thank each fan for cutting back and forth. After Hunan Satellite TV watched Wang Yibo dancing, I had to go to Oriental Satellite TV to watch Xiao Zhan sing. I was really too south....

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