From WeChat public finance zero one (ID:Finance_01) |. Author sun, offering information on EST on October 20th, into 360 to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) submitted to the IPO prospectus. This is the second half of the fourth to the Uni

Entrepreneurs' office is the leader's exclusive personal workspace, which is the private domain of work. The management style, personal character, and even lifestyle of an entrepreneur can sometimes be reflected in his office. Li Jiacheng: the most myster

Focus: 1, too many brands in this industry, there may be only one brand, jump out of the saying that they do not do, the outside world to know the existence of the brand. 2, although the v-mobile and ofo in the two or three line of the city and improve th

Founder Securities chief economist Ren Zeping believes that the individual housing property tax is difficult to launch, the 6 conditions are not yet available. The author is Founder Securities chief economist Ren Zeping, derived from WeChat public number

Is renting or buying a house for Ren Zhiqiang? This controversial issue, left Hui said, we want to promote the thing is that rental housing can become an alternative way of life, the future may be 1/3 of people choose to rent, 2/3 of people buy a house. Z

Tencent financial news, according to BI reports, along with Sebastian Kurtz will soon become the next prime minister of Austria, Europe will usher in the first millennium generation leader. In fact, from a global perspective, the famous millennials are no

Since the fourth quarter, major mobile phone manufacturers are busy preparing for the end of the shopping season sales. But the latest industry news revealed that Apple Corp substantially lowered iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus shipments in the next two months

After one or two days of shock, bitcoin rapid recovery since early this month rally, and is expected to rise above $10 thousand. Bitcoin trading platform Bitstamp data show that this Friday bitcoin transaction price exceeded $6000 in the whole digital psy

The recycling industry has always been regarded as a barometer of economic, because a few years ago by the big economic environment, scrap market downturn, many street acquired army pulled out of the industry, and this year a variety of scrap prices rebou

India Rediff website recently published an article that forecasters kept saying that India's economy will be better, but this is not the case. And two years later, China became the fastest growing country in the world. In India, the government tries to st

Is renting or buying a house for Ren Zhiqiang? This controversial issue, left Hui said, we want to promote the thing is that rental housing can become an alternative way of life, the future may be 1/3 of people choose to rent, 2/3 of people buy a house. Z

[observer network integrated] following the insurance intermediary insurance agent license micro people with the Tencent, has been low-key Baidu finance in Heilongjiang has been UNPROFOR Longjiang insurance brokers limited liability company into the arm,

Why Alipay and WeChat payment dispute is over? When it comes to the Internet Chinese competition will have to mention the two horse war; when it comes to the two horse war, you have to mention Alipay and WeChat to pay for two off the red war, war scenes,

Do you have to lose your job before starting a business? Before the end of 2014, the entrepreneurs should enjoy the registration of employment and unemployment when they enjoy the interest discount loans for starting an undertaking and the subsidy for sta

New Jingwei client October 18 18, a number of domestic media reports said, Forbes released China's rich list, Wang Jianlin topped the list. Xu Jiayin is the richest man last week to return to the seat, not sit warm easy to master? According to these repor

The gap between the rich and the poor of Wen / BA nine spirits (WeChat public number: Wu Xiaobo channel) is one of the most difficult problems facing the whole world today. A few days ago, in 2017, the Hurun rich list was released, and the 2000 richest pe

Recently, Japan's third largest iron and steel enterprises in Kobe steel massive fraud scandal surfaced. And the situation continues to escalate, the impact continues to expand, so far, has been pit enterprises have reached 500! Among them, there are many

I believe that many people still immersed in all after the 2017 holidays of the grief, when everyone as a warning for the future intend to work hard and strive for the year-end bonus, a cut to the heart of the scene … … today, someone broke

Xinhua news agency, Beijing (reporter Zhang Jing) in October 15, with Japan's third major iron and steel enterprises in Kobe steel fraud scandal intensified, more and more enterprises move surfaced. South Korean media reported on the 14, in this false gat

Tencent reported that Japan is struggling to deal with the population's time bomb in the economist's mouth of BI. In the vicious cycle of low fertility and low consumer spending, Japan's economy has been shrinking in the past 25 years. Here are 8 signs th

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