According to the latest news release, the Russian Defense Ministry of the day before, the last group held an enlarged meeting of the Russian Defense Ministry in Moscow Peter the great strategic rocket forces the new college campus, Russian President Putin

The day before, there is a picture of foreign friends posted on the social networking site has triggered a heated debate, you can see from the picture, a part of the left side of his forehead even adult man scored a bullet, but the bullet did not fully in

Is the peninsula going to a serious military conflict [Global Times - global network comprehensive report]? At the 2018 meeting of the global times, held on the 16 day, Shi Yinhong, a professor at the University of International Relations at Renmin Univer


Data figure: Juan submarine Argentina Navy chief of staff Marcello (Marcelo Eduardo Hipolito · schlauer Srur) will be released by the post last month's submarine disappearances. November 15th local time - ZAKER, personalized recommendation of popular

In May 5th this year, the first C919 aircraft to fly the first success in China, and also to Yanliang in early November, carry out the follow-up test subjects. Today, (17) morning, second domestic large passenger aircraft C919 will be tested in Pudong, Sh

Data map: the Korean people's Army [Global Times - global network comprehensive report] is the peninsula going to a serious military conflict? At the 2018 meeting of the global times, held on the 16 day, Shi Yinhong, a professor at the University of Inter

The first author: military aircraft Baihu Tang recently, Japan's defense ministry officials held in London, British Foreign Minister and defense minister (2+2) consultation said that Britain has an interest in the India Pacific region, but also by the ris

Data map: Su 35 [World Wide Web military report] according to the air force times website December 14th reported that the U.S. and Russian fighters on the 13 day in Syria airspace another close confrontation, the protagonists are still Soviet -35 and F-22

He told the Australian Navy commander visiting Australian army said, since this year in a series of moves and the overall trend of peace and stability in the South China Sea does not conform to draw further apart, the consensus reached by the leaders, als

If only one country in the world will not be drawn up by other countries to fight against China, then the country must be the iron. But recently, Japan is in the middle of an unimaginable confidence. The day before, Japanese Foreign Minister Kawano Taro m

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