In 2017, Apple will publish new products almost every quarter, such as the first quarter iPhone 7, and the 3 new iPhone in the third quarter. Tencent digital news (red fruit), according to 9To5Mac website, 2017, is a heavy news for apple, ZAKER, personali

Tencent digital news (blue) millet MIX3 has previously had the cover as being exposed on the network, but the vertical arrangement of the dual camera design is considered plagiarism iPhone X. However, employees of Xiaomi mobile ceramic back cover supplier

Tencent digital news (blue) although millet 5X published less than half a year, but now the network has been upgraded product news. The day before, there are users in the micro-blog sun on a set of protection spy millet 6X, the body looks seem more slende

SIEMENS's hearing aid company Sivantos has invented a new technology, and launched a smart headphone called Signia NX, which can completely separate the user's voice and environmental sound completely. There are many in the Tencent (chares) market -- ZAKE

This article is from: the morning lookout think tank, on the morning of December 10th, ZTE, a new office building on the top of a new office in Europe, leapt down, and the old man, wife and child who had left home ended their life at the age of 42. His wi

Tencent digital news (blue) HUAWEI P11 using a special screen design does not seem to run, after previously leaked firmware the machine is equipped with 6.01 inches Samsung shaped screen message, and users in the micro-blog broke the news in September thi

Tencent digital news (blue) frequent SONY new machine exposure recently on the Internet, after revealing the so-called rendering back, foreign websites techiestate has released a suspected SONY Xperia XZ2 spy, the biggest characteristic is to have 18:9 fu

No surprise, Samsung S9 will be released in the spring of 2018. Recently, a variety of S9 pictures and configurations have been released. According to these exposures, S9 still has a lot of amazing points. Toni today gives you a brief summary of the summi

Although Samsung GALAXY S9 series has been coming on the stage of CES2018 exhibition in the past, it seems that Samsung didn't launch the new flagship idea ahead of schedule. According to the latest report of thebell in South Korean media, Samsung has con

Uncle wang to tell you a story to the ruined village next door and bought a lot of paintings are all excellent artistic style in which a particularly prominent, is said to be the official Tang Bohu Tang unfavorable vent their depression by painting especi

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