Saturday evening, the Beijing Tianjin Derby again struck, compared to the beginning of the season, the two teams have not changed. First they said Beijing Guoan, Italy Marshal Zaccheroni

Because in June the "devil" schedule more than May, all outside came a voice, and that is to kick TEDA away Hengda rotation challenge, weekend away to the river

As everyone knows, tonight Tianjin TEDA away Hangzhou Greentown game already can not afford to lose, remember Dragan in the last round of League TEDA lost 2-3 decimating the conference after the game

Occupation football coach is not easy, when the team wins when he was his stride forward singing militant songs, "skies", when the team morale was when he was criticized, "

At the last moment in the two before the transfer window closes, by the Tianjin fan favorite "young" Mao Biao was accidentally adjusted a team, this is his debut season since 2004

Selected for the national football is certainly good, now many people are concerned about the barbarian days, will think about a problem, that is whether he can stand in the national team? With what he can and

This text analyse two tactical and technical strength contrast, want to talk about the two teams of friendship from the history of the "blue sky", why Shenhua TEDA fans called each other "friend", and

Last weekend, Beijing Guoan music at home 2-1 victory over state is Yong of Shanghai port, true it may be said is welcome rain after a long drought in the top league 600th game, royal forest

As a super and double AFC Champions League defending champion Guangzhou Evergrande in advance from AFC Champions League out let outsiders surprised. Last night, Su Ning, Jiangsu, South Korea to visit the World Cup Stadium in 2

We say that the campaign in May, for TEDA is a devil race test, home 0-4 defeat against Evergrande scene, in the spectators at the scene in my mind is still vivid in my mind

In Tianjin TEDA history, some players in condemning in the doldrums, some players in condemning increasingly strong, with efforts reflected its value. Actually,

Tianjin TEDA 2-0 defeat to Shijiazhuang Yongchang. From the results to the process so that the outside world satisfaction. And we pay more attention to the on the plum to open two degrees of Montero, top in the di

As the defending AFC Champions, Hengda in advance from the team out, which in any case can not be said to be normal, maybe people are accustomed to the rival the "locomotive" in the AFC cross

TEDA 2-2 away draw with Liaozu, a lot of Tianjin fans feel a little regret, but I think but also to accept the results, after all, the whole game down while creating opportunities

Obtain the first win of the season in the last weekend Tianjin TEDA team the good thing, in fact as early as last week that Taida club has u13 echelon formation of the basic implementation of the, only

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