Tolki, a new analyst at T1, responded to fans yesterday: I left T1 to work in Europe to help Faker win his fourth championship! The new manager Hajin also tweeted: Interestingly, Faker -bar

As everyone knows this year, during the LPL transfer period, the biggest discussion and concern that has caused the IG's departure from the JKL team from the beginning was to join EDG, and then vowed to go to TES, and now join the SN at the sky-high price About JKL's whereabouts

Analysis of Genting's Secret Soul Routine With the 9.24 update, the couple, Xena and Lu Xi'an, also joined Genting, and also brought a new fetter effect-the soul. So today I will give you a wave of 9.24 Light Mystery Soul Flow lineups to help you not only easily score

The mysterious big brother in the live broadcast of the doll broke the news: 1. JackeyLove's salary is 3500W, Xiaolongbao is about the same as him, and about 500w less. 2. The LPL team reported 6000W transfer fee to TheShy, and T1 reported 100W USD (

Hello, my name is Mata. After much meditation, I decided to end my professional career in 2019. I was playing a game when I was going to repeat, and then I participated in a competition from the time I told my parents. If I ca n’t, I will learn such lies and started my career. In M

From December 21st to 29th, 2019, the "League of Legends" Demasia Cup is about to ring the drums, and an e-sports feast will be staged in Hangzhou, Suzhou and Chongqing. 20 top-tier LPL and LDL teams will let go of the German Cup champion

We are very happy to announce to you that xiye (Su Hanwei) joined the DMO E-sports Club League of Legends as a freelancer, as a team single player and team members to fight for the upcoming game! Xiye (Su Hanwei), the operation is delicate and extremely Gu Jin

Genting's eight major S lineups have undergone a new round of updated balance adjustments, and Genting's lineup gameplay has changed more. In the new version, there are 8 types of lineups that reach the S level. Mastering any one can eat chicken! Important changes First, let ’s talk about the more important changes in the version. This is

Play Terriers or Really? G2 has to change the position. G2 sent a video. Perkz and Caps are in a row but the position of the opponent who is playing. Caps said that the worst would not be worse. After that, Caps sent a tweet saying that he hoped that other Bottom Group

The transfer period of the SN and WELOL training games in LGD is nearing its end. Although most of the LPL teams have not yet officially announced the new season lineup, according to some insiders, the transfer period has gradually become clear. Many teams will usher in a qualitative leap in the new season.

ESPN reporter Jacob published his thoughts on Sneaky's situation and believes that his current situation is his fault. The LCS2020 season roster has been finalized and Sneaky is out of work. But fans responded like C9 did something wrong, or put

Brazilian journalist broke news: Tianci and Chuansuo who joined INTZ reported that they received information from the official members of INTZ club. Recently, in the LPL area, the Brazilian club IN was assisted by the beauty of Mayumi.

The new conqueror who sat in the middle of the T19.23 version of Kasatin Nightmare changed the pattern of the upper and middle lanes, especially in the middle. Some wizards who cast frequently rely on the new version of the conqueror to rule the entire version, so the 9.24 version of the conqueror aimed at Long-distance weakened, and the pattern of the middle road changed again. Next

Since the creation of the Flash Wolves "League of Legends" team in 2013, in these 2,000 days, we have been fighting every game, with the determination to win, with the most difficult and hard will to break through numerous The level began with the LMS winning seven consecutive games. However, facing big

Doinb became a local player. During this transfer period, many professional players 'live broadcast rooms have become places for eating melon players to find clues, and indeed there are many transfer messages that are transmitted from players' live broadcast rooms, such as FPX. Khan and TES.Karsa. Doin

Fist RPG's new work was exposed on this year's TGA. Fist officially announced a game called "Ruined King." This game is different from the game announced on the 10th anniversary, this is Riot Forge Studios and Airship Syndica

With the coming of late December, the 2019 "League of Legends" Demasia Cup will officially start on December 21. The group stage will be played in Suzhou and Hangzhou, while the knockout stage will be played in Chongqing Huaxi Sports Cultural center is held. 20 LPL and

With the passage of time, the League of Legends winter transfer period has also reached the white-hot stage. In the recent period, the LPL area can be said to be undercurrent. Because the LPL team always likes to hold their breath for less than the last moment, it is not officially announced. During this time, various gossip messages on the Internet continued, which is not

Hi everyone, some of Diana's changes are coming to the test suit, which includes changes to the gameplay, new visual and sound effects-we hope this article will explain in detail what you will see and some important gameplay Changes are explained. Visual effects update-and we have a lot of old British

On December 8th, the first Chongqing Mobile Final of the 2019 China Mobile E-sports Competition ignited the flames of war at the E-sports Pavilion in the Three Gorges Harbor of Zhongxian County. In the warm atmosphere of the scene, "Solo League" solo

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