Foreign media reporter: kiin won in a million contract battle with Chovy ESPN reporter Fionn updated Twitter and praised the AFS team performance yesterday. Kiin wins $ 1 million contract battle with Chovy, AFS looks great and is happy

Announcement about the penalty of JDG for breach of the player service agreement. Prior to this, the League of Legends professional game discipline management team (discipline management team) received relevant information that the JDG club had submitted to the player Seo Jin-hyeok (Kanavi)

League of Legends was developed by Riot Games and was officially released on October 27, 2009 in the United States. On September 22, 2011, the League of Legends National Service was officially launched and operated by Tencent Game Agency. From the national service

Bird Shield returns to Genting. Bird Shield in the popular game of Genting will surely impress many players so far. There are several versions of the S1 season. As long as you get two Bird Shields, you can lie down and take the first. After a few times, it disappeared, and this piece of equipment became unheeded. But on 9.24B

Total value of RMB 280,000: The list of FPX winning championship celebration prizes was revealed yesterday. It is the second anniversary of the FPX team and also the S9 World Championship winning celebration ceremony. At the celebration, the FPX team issued a total of about 280,000 yuan prizes. The prizes are as follows: Grand Prize: LV

Earlier today, a celebrity in external service tweeted that he had received the news that Jackeylove would join the TES team. Rumor: ADC player Jackeylove has confirmed that he will sign a contract with the TES team, and this signing will hit 690

The importance of the ice gun Le Fulan's popularity in the Korean singles is getting higher and higher. In this version, there are also some new middle singles. Today we introduce three very popular middle singles. There are two of them. It has already shined in the game. Retribution Cassatin Cassatin is originally this version of T

In today's Korea KESPA Cup, Griffin was eliminated by the SBG team 2-0. After the game, many foreign netizens thought that Griffin's appearance was disappointing them. Let's see what they say. Voshin: Viper and Tarz

The version of Wolverine Heroes recommends that LOL is a game with very frequent version changes. Many players need to know the version to choose suitable heroes in different ecological environments. In fact, there are many Wolverine heroes in the League of Legends that can be ignored Very strong in any version

In the cold winter, it is better to come to the Summoner Canyon to have a heart-warming and enthusiastic match-the new series of League of Legends Candy War 2019 skins is now online! The heroes who have changed into the new winter clothes can't wait any longer, and look forward to joining forces with the summoners

The most mysterious club of LPL. At present, the homepage of the official website is empty except for the team name abbreviation and logo. There are only 12 days left to start the game. When will estar announce the full lineup, and the fall of JackeyLove will become the mystery of this offseason. Question TOP2.

Five minutes to understand the New Year's event. The New Year is coming. The League of Legends official has prepared a series of rich events to welcome the New Year. Let's see what activities there are. The sweepstakes of Panpan finally opened.

The big brother tweeted that every year at the end of the S9 season or at the beginning of the year, everyone will start the nostalgic mode, reviewing the past year and looking forward to the new year. This big brother shared his summary of 2019 on his personal account, but just encountered it from P before long

DNF Mobile Games Review: Let me go back to my old days and dream for 11 years. Whether you are a post-80s, post-90s, or game enthusiast of other ages, you must have heard the name of the game Dungeon and Warriors (DNF). Because this game

The Faker variety show broke with the development of the e-sports industry. As the top player in the e-sports industry, he began to tear off the label of Internet addiction teenagers and went to the public. More top professional players also Began to enter various variety shows, such as iG won last year

All Genting's fetters must play the Law of the Sea Fireman and Annie. No 7-level counterparts have too many hammers, Titans, or 1 star. Play sword and sell blood for 3 rounds. No shovel? What about a bunch of sticks in here? Today I will bring you a set of never stuck hands

Three ideas teach you to easily counter Iron Man. Iron Man is the top player in this version. The simple operation and very high hero intensity make Iron Man rare opponents on the line. Zara crispy. What I brought today are three ideas on how to target Tetsuo on the road, and how to fight Tetsuo

After the end of the war with Noxus, Ionian's underground kingdom gradually rose, and Seti stood out among them and became a party overlord. Although he started out as an unnamed pawn in Navoli's fight field, he was brute and extremely resistant, and soon became famous. Wait until the local boxer

The Genting element achieves the best lineup. The game of Genting will randomly generate an element BUFF-Earth Fire Feng Shui. When you choose the lineup that just happens to match this buff, you will be even more powerful, and it will naturally be easier to win the game. Next, I recommend a few lineups of adapting elements. Mountains

Genting ’s four winning teams recommend that Genting ’s game requires the first to eat chicken, which requires both luck and strength, but if the goal is to score points in the top four, operations are more important. Today ’s recommendation is the high segment from the fist statistics There are four lineups with a win rate of ≥ 60%. Guardian Thundersea lineup analysis 6

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