50 undefeated boxing legend Mayweather is preparing to build a large casino in Tokyo, and is preparing to start the project with the most rematched WBA super boxer Pacquiao. The rematch with Pacquiao is a big battle that has attracted the attention of the world's boxing fans. It is also a gold fight. But at the same time, Ma Wei

Sun Yang’s hearing in Switzerland was less than 24 hours. After arriving in Montreux, Switzerland, Sun Yang posted a photo with Australian foreign teacher Dennis on the social platform, with a message: fighting side by side. Sun Yang wrote: Arrived in Montreux, walking along the shores of Lake Geneva with Dennis, we have experienced together these years.

Suzhou Kentiya team officially launched an online interaction with Jeremy Lin today. The Kendia men’s basketball team forwarded the video of the book philanthropy and announced that in the next game of Kendia’s home game against Beijing’s Shougang team, the team To prevent Lin Shuhao from making a three-pointer, he will donate 3,000 yuan to the non-profit organization. Yesterday

At 19:15 on November 14th, Beijing time, the fifth round of Group F of the World Cup 40 in the World Cup, the Japanese men's team played against Kyrgyzstan. In the first half of the game, 42 minutes, Nanye Tuo scored a penalty kick, the original goal of the 52nd minute free kick. most

Two days ago, Real Madrid striker Benzema was on the social platform to take photos of his cupping, with text recovery. Prior to this, the French had repeatedly issued such photos, which can be said to be a loyal fan of cupping. Six well-known journalists from Spain also experienced this oriental medicine under the influence of Benzema.

Austrian local time November 13th, the final round of the 2019 Austrian Table Tennis Open Qualifying Tournament, two Chinese players Wang Chuqin and Zhao Zihao met. In the game, Wang Chuqin was out of control in the face of backwardness, and he threw two shots and almost almost Zhao Zihao in the middle of the country, this is not appropriate

According to the Thai media "Siam Sports" report, Shanghai Shanggang is preparing to bid 2 million euros for the purchase of Messi Oklahoma, Thailand, and another Chinese Super League team Henan Jianye team is also very interested in Oklahoma. Thai media said that the Super League defending champion Shanghai Shanghai team is eager to sign Thailand Messi

Tonight, CBA's fifth round continued. Guangdong played against Sichuan. Yi Jianlian once again demonstrated his dominance in the basket and completed a separate dunk in the second quarter. In the second quarter, there are still about 5 minutes and 40 seconds left. Ah Lian receives the Weems hang from the basket, his moment

On the evening of November 14th, Beijing time, the 5th round of the regular season, the North Control team played against the Zhejiang team. The first three quarters of the North Control team scored the lead all the way, the end of the Zhejiang team outside the line feels tied to tie the score. At the last moment, the two sides alternately lead, and finally Beijing Controls with a stable free...

On November 14th, Beijing time, the World Cup preliminaries, the Chinese team played in Syria. In the 4th minute, Exxon left the 45-degree angle and passed the restricted area. In front of Hao Junyu, he collided with the goalkeeper Alma and fell to the ground. Hao Junyi fell to the ground for treatment and the game was temporarily interrupted.

At the start of the season, Kurtova was flat and he was attacked by the Spanish media. However, the recent Kuwa status is back, and he has five consecutive opponents. Now when the national team attended the press conference, Kurtova once again released his words, claiming that he is one of the best goalkeepers in the world. I

The Sun Yang hearing will be held in Switzerland on November 15th, while the Australian Daily Telegraph revealed that WADA’s chief attorney is Richard Yang, which is a powerful role in the seven-time Tour de France. Armstrong and American female singer Jones were dragged down as a law

Recently, David Stern, who served as president for 30 years in the NBA, spoke about the relationship between the NBA and China in an interview. He said he believes things will move in the right direction. I think that as time goes by, things will ease, and the parties will remain calm and relatively quiet.

The NBA regular season regular season continues, and the Minnesota Timberwolves (7 wins and 4 losses) continue to win. Wiggins scored 30 points, 8 rebounds and 7 assists. Downs scored 28 points and 11 rebounds. They led the team to play a small climax in the 3rd and 4th quarters and pulled the advantage to 2

I feel that I am dying, so I wrote my last words. Here is my last words. Dear mother, please remember me, prepare me a bed every night, and remember my eternal smile Dear sister, please tell my friends, I am dying of hunger Dear brother, please remember us together

Green environmental protection is now gaining more and more attention around the world, and there is also a club in the English football that attaches great importance to environmental protection. The boss of the Green Forest Wanderers of the British B team strives to make the club the greenest and greenest club in the world. They use solar and rainwater recycling systems and make them from...

Since Manchester United's class, Mourinho has been idle at home. During this period, the media also closely linked Mu Shuai with many teams, including the Super League team Guangzhou Evergrande. Recently, the British media "Daily Telegraph" published an exclusive interview with Mourinho. In this interview, Mu Shuai talks.

On November 14, Beijing time, the Lakers beat the Warriors 120-94 at home. LeBron - James only played three quarters, 21 shots, 11 points, 23 points, 6 rebounds, 12 assists, and a big package on the offensive end. Davis has a truce, the Lakers have lost the first

On November 14, Beijing time, the Lakers beat the Warriors 120-94 at home. Dwight Howard scored 15 points, 8 rebounds and 3 assists in 20 minutes of playing time, but he also got 5 fouls. Howard as a backup center, using positive tables

Recently, Anthony Davis talked about his role in the Lakers this season. Before he officially played the game, LeBron James made it clear that Davis would be the Lakers' first choice and he was willing to give up the role. Davis was surprised by this.

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