At present, Apple's official website has four models of iPads. According to the price from high to low, they are 2018 iPad Pro, 3rd iPad Air, 5th iPad mini, and 7th iPad. In addition to the iPad

Long-awaited, the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL phones are finally on sale, and when the consumer gets the phone, a basin of cold water is poured. We heard countless complaints: the border is really ugly! It costs $799 to get started! No fingerprint recognition! Facial recognition is not good! Battery capacity is not

Double eleven, a festival destined to let the people love and hate. Everyone's shopping cart must be ready, and the wallet is ready for sacrifice, but don't worry, the Eleven will not only have e-commerce, but also your steam. According to news from several publishers, Steam

There are rumors that Apple has been interested in producing MacBooks with ARM architecture, and in the past year, rumors about Apple's own design of chips for MacBook, the latter news has aroused people's MacBook with ARM architecture.

It has been a while since the iPhone 11 series was launched in China. Although it was not favored because of the lack of 5G support features, it relies on excellent product highlights, attractive iOS ecology, appropriate pricing strategies and trade-in policies. Impact, iPh

Beginning in November, the successive shopping season will allow everyone's wallets to start slimming. As a fruit powder, in addition to considering whether to replace the new main equipment in this year's shopping season, there is also an absolute strength of Apple accessories worth mentioning, needless to say, of course, AirPods Pro.

Apple today released iOS 13.2.2 to iPhone and iPad users, and everyone should have received the push. This is an urgent minor update after the release of iOS 13.2 last week, mainly to fix bugs, including for RAM management, bees.

Although it's less than half a year since Apple introduced iOS 13, there are already conceptual designers who have made a concept video of iOS 14 based on the expectations of the fruit powder for the next generation of iOS systems, and some of them have already been very popular. Features, such as component calls

With the addition of new features such as "Super Wide Angle Lens", "Night Mode" and "New Generation Smart HDR", mobile video has become the highlight of this year's iPhone 11 series. However, among the functions listed above, there is a hidden feature that is not very useful but is very useful. On release

Just one week after the official release of iOS 13.2, Apple released the first developer beta of iOS 13.3 and iPadOS 13.3 today. The biggest performance improvement of Beta 1 was solved by previous iOS 13.2 due to RAM management.

Microsoft today announced a new iOS Office app. The app will include 3 Office apps -- Word, Excel and PowerPoint - and will provide all the standard features. In addition to a unified application experience, new

Next year, Apple is likely to launch three iPhones, including models that support 5G. At that time, we will see the new mobile phone equipped with the A14 Bionic processor. As usual, the A14 is also manufactured by TSMC, but it will use 5 nanometer technology.

Apple reported a record revenue in the fourth quarter of FY 2019 announced in the early hours of the morning, and it also brought information on sales improvement. But reports from three major market data analytics companies say iPhone shipments fell year-on-year. Apple’s financial situation in the new quarter is good.

Since its release in mid-September, iOS 13 has had a tough start, and although it brings new and popular features such as dark mode, it is also one of the most memory-intensive versions of iOS updates in recent years. More and more iPhone and iPad users complain

With more and more rumors about the 16-inch MacBook Pro, this model is becoming clearer. A picture that appears in macOS Catalina 10.15.1 that is suspected of this model also seems to imply a 16-inch MacB.

On November 1st, Apple TV+, which officially landed in some countries around the world, will include the first batch of ZAKER, including The Morning Show, See, Dickinson and For All Mankind. Recommend popular news, local authoritative media information

The earliest rumors about "Apple Tag" were revealed in April this year, when foreign media mentioned that Apple is developing a hardware product codenamed "B389", which is similar to other "Bluetooth Tracker" on the market. It can be put together with personal items to make a positioning

Last night, Apple officially launched the long-rumored AirPods Pro. The new in-ear design is accompanied by the long-awaited noise reduction function, but its price has also reached 1999 yuan, and the second generation AirPods has opened nearly 500 yuan. The difference. By flipping through two Ai-ZAKER, personalized recommendation of popular news, local authoritative media information

According to Digitimes' latest report, next year's 5G smartphones, including the iPhone, will be significantly upgraded in screen refresh rate. In 2020, the iPhone will have ProMotion like the iPad Pro - . News

In the new iPadOS system that was just launched in October, Apple added the mouse-supported feature to the iPad for the first time, but in fact it was different from the user's imagination after the experience, not only the operability of the Mac and PC system is natural and smooth. , for example, iP

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