The British "Jane's Defence Weekly" website published an article claiming that there China air force equipment to fly fighter -10C fighter carrying new BVRAAM pictures, this new type of missile is probably the long rumored Charlie -15, it is also the main

Adams, Fifteenth U.S. Navy Littoral Combat Ship. Launched in July 1st, and you can see from the photo at the naval base in the 3 vessels have been built LCS, visible in the American ship speed and strength is very strong, is still the first in the world,

The frequent trial flights of -20 and its short appearance at the Zhuhai air show made the fans enjoy the high-definition photos and the details of the fuselage. They had to feel the long guns in the arms of the army fans. The cameras and telephoto lenses

Recently, new satellite photos were circulated on the Internet. The air force fighter -20 stealth fighter and the new -16 fighter bomber also appeared at an airport, and it was just a head to head confrontation. At the same time, there are 2 F -20 fighter

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