Significant! The other hand Jia Yueting is still the United States to celebrate Christmas on the one hand, the domestic securities regulatory bureau's announcement came. Last night, the Beijing Securities Regulatory Bureau issued a "on the ordered Jia Yue

For nearly a year, the president of the United States, Trump, released the national security strategy, and then the world was boiling. For China, this nearly 30000 word report is more meaningful. A total of 68 pages, 33 times in China, even in the descrip

Today, Chinese Embassy in Pakistan announced that the recent terrorist plot of Chinese in Pakistan institutions and personnel in a series of terrorist attacks in Bazhong, to remind the funding agencies and Chinese citizens to improve security awareness, s

Today (7) morning, good news came at last. The Ministry of environmental protection has been to the city and the surrounding areas of Beijing Tianjin Hebei issued "on please do bulk coal comprehensive management to ensure that the masses of warm winter wo

Trump has never been disappointing in carrying out his political commitment to run his campaign. After withdrawing from the Paris agreement, a massive tax cut, and the withdrawal of the global immigration agreement, this morning he again threw a pound of

A German woman called ghost in the Divine Land inexorably hangs on. Before the "female German godmother" teacher Ding Xuan open field, talks of "a girl's best dowry is chastity", after a Fushun woman in Durban, advocating women's point of delivery, not to

[Trump] put the ultimate solution bureau! How should China deal with the big tax cuts in the United States? Source: in the year of chivalrous Island, Trump finally made a beautiful turn over. In the early morning of December 3rd, in the long term game of

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