Born the same day you are to raise donations to close tax fraud DB source: Modern Express channel Zheng Xiaoyu Chen Yanlin questioned friends, it is with a child, but show a different name and birthday in December 23rd by a circle of friends, was born the

The Modern Express News (correspondent Wang Wei reporter Zhong Qian He Caili Huang Mingyang) in December 24th, China has independently developed the world's largest amphibious aircraft AG600 in Guangdong Zhuhai Kun long successful first flight, the CPC Ce

Wu Lichuan, the chief commentator of the modern express, asked the departments concerned to restrain a lot of myths that were similar to their own bragging. Wang Laoji official micro-blog issued a news report that, according to the National 863 plan resea


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Modern express /ZAKER Nanjing commentator Cao Yubing driving friends please notice! After crossing for pedestrians, don't go; he called him, you go on ahead; if he is not to walk off, you put him in the past to walk; or not to go, not to give him one hund


The Modern Express News (reporter Zhu Jingrun) in May 23rd this year, Wuxi Yixing 00:28, a forum for the emergence of a named "missing person" post, announced the public Wang's copy of ID card and mobile phone number, the content of the post, director Wan

Modern Express News (reporter Zheng Wenjing) is in Jiangsu TV's popular food variety show "traversing the kitchen", delicacy of the appetite of countless audiences. The evening of November 29th, the show will usher in the final period ending the night bef

The Modern Express News (reporter Zheng Wenjing) "blood", "Dunkirk" hacksaw ridge two war movie to become the theme of World War II 2017 annual viewing hot spots, also adapted from real events of World War II "to assassinate Gestapo" was released in Novem

Modern Express chief commentator Wu Lichuan to be strong sanctions against the perpetrators of brush single event, this is a must, but the supervision and punishment must place more and more in-depth. Punish the inn, manage the platform, this is ok. Of co

The Modern Express News (reporter Wang Wei) last season, Jiangsu Suning women from a relegation team into the powerhouse, they won 2017 FA Cup champion, won the female Super League runner up and football games runner up, as many as 6 players in the nation

Modern Express chief Wu Lichuan commentator without this camera, what evidence, what doubt, god horse let Mammy, I am afraid will not exist. The one or two year old baby, to bully people too, not innocence ah. The surveillance video captured the staff to

The Modern Express News (reporter He Jie) tomorrow is a ten, we are ready to buy buy buy at the same time, pay attention to whether the law may face the risk of? Recently, Suzhou City, Suzhou District People's court carried out analysis of online shopping

Modern Express News (reporter Zheng Xiaoyu Qiu Huayue) since apple iPhone 8/iPhone 8 Plus officially launched in September, the new mobile phone burst event has been reported. Recently, the United States also reported two cases of iPhone 8 series mobile p

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