The Modern Express News (reporter correspondent Wang Xiaoyu Zhou Zongjiang) Lianyungang Ganyu has a good brother, a partnership business failed after the local switch, start fled theft of electric vehicles etc.. Modern Express reporter learned that after

Modern Express News (reporter Jiang Zhenjun) late November 21st, Yancheng City Dafeng territory in a tragic accident. Modern Express reporter learned that the accident caused by drunk driving. The road in the territory of the town of Dafeng River District

Modern Express News (reporter Xu Zhen) your husband was kidnapped. Days ago, who lives in Wuxi Xishan District woman Teng received a strange number of sent threatening messages, ask them to immediately remit 50 thousand yuan in the past, or her husband de

The Modern Express News (reporter correspondent Guo Ang up) the middle of the road, a man threw the first car, around him, he hit second cars, and then slowly pour in … … recently, Suzhou Industrial Park, traffic police brigade police in dea

Modern Express News (correspondent Zhu Yuehong, reporter Mao Xiaohua) Taizhou Jingjiang, a man for business trip to his wife and Xiao San bought Apple mobile phone, respectively. As a result, Xiao San found that her boyfriend bought a mobile phone for her

Modern Express News (reporter Sun Yuchun Chen Yanlin) November 21st afternoon, many people heard a loud noise in Nanjing, there are still felt in many areas. Many netizens thought it was an earthquake, or an explosion. But then, various departments have r

The Modern Express News (reporter Song Tijia) two days, Xi Mengyao's show T Taiwan supermodel in the fall has become a hot topic. In the eyes of many viewers, the model is the beautiful person on the stage. But in daily life, what kind of life do the mode

The Modern Express News (reporter Chen Ying Yan Junchen correspondent Wang Lin Gu Jianbing) from 2012 onwards, Nantong city unemployed repeatedly posing as government workers, while married, more than 200 yuan to defraud. During this time, he pretends to

Modern Express News (reporter An Ying Liu Jun) he only spent 25 weeks in his mother's belly, rushing to the world. The palm baby weighed only 1040 grams at birth, and his parents asked the doctor more than once: "can my baby survive?" After the BenQ hospi

Modern express /ZAKER secret fashion show in Nanjing Wu Lichuan chief commentator in 2017 Vitoria will pull the curtain in Shanghai in November 20th, this great big show for the first time on the China. Photo source: @ELLE supermodel's debut, and various

Modern Express News (reporter Liu Guoqing) in the morning of November 18th, known as the first hand ramen, Guinness won the 4 world record of Li Enhai, came to Changzhou to show their hand lift skills. At the scene, he pulled noodles is thinner than the h

The Modern Express News (reporter Zhu Jingrun) Modern Express reporter was informed that in late November 16th 9, the murder of a barbecue shop in Wuxi New District Liangxi road and Jiefang South Road junction, an altercation with the boss in the shop cus

Modern Express News (correspondent Wang Lu reporter Mao Xiaohua) as a result of drying at home, underwear lost a lot, Taizhou residents Liu has not been installed at home monitoring, did not expect to really photographed the abnormal man stealing underwea

The Modern Express News (correspondent Qin Gongxuan Zhao Xiang reporter Tao Weizhou) boss claiming the two rich generation, 90 girl yishenxiangxu. She was discovered after marriage, the husband is not so rich, but also the tendency of domestic violence. A

Modern Express News (correspondent construction public reporter Deng Wenting / Wen Jetion / photo) in the evening of November 14, 2017, Nanjing 19 year old girl Zhang Na finished a day of practice, take takeout, humming ditty ready to return to the dormit

The Modern Express News (reporter correspondent Su Wei up) recently, the Suzhou high tech Zone police after 2 months of investigation, cracked involving the value of over 3 million yuan of large burglaries, suspects actually worked in 10 years ago the own

Modern Express News (correspondent Wang Yi, Chen Miao reporter Wang Xiaoyu) recently, Lianyungang Ganyu police successfully uncovered a special burglary case. Modern Express reporter learned that the special case is that the suspect's tool is from the inf

Nanjing modern express /ZAKER commentator Cao Yubing customer has broken the price of insurance, postal items, the courier company refused to pay for. To this end the two sides to go to court. The case is not complicated. In April 12th this year, Ms. Yang

The Modern Express News (correspondent Qin Gongxuan Zhang Yingxin reporter Tao Weizhou) small Zhao and thecrush female friends meet, have sexual gratification, but Zhao was eager to take off, pretending to be drunk and forced the Nvwang relationship. Fina

The Modern Express News (correspondent Jian Xuan reporter Liu Yao) November 9th morning, Nanjing Jianye City Public Security Bureau police station is investigating a sandbar fight brawl, involved the girlfriend unexpectedly will anger in the police body,

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