On the morning of December 28th, the Changzhou Municipal Intermediate Court tried to enforce a private lending case, the modern express reporter (reporter Liu Guoqing Wen / photo). Modern Express reporter learned that, although there is no catch old Lai,

The Modern Express News (reporter correspondent Zhang Hailing Mao Xiaohua text / photo) having an affair because his ex-wife and Taizhou Xinghua man Li Gang, Yixing man Wang Fenglai Li Gang Xinghua found 78 year old mother Wang Juan, the son and his ex-wi

The day before the media unannounced visits to a number of well-known five star hotel, found the cleaner with the toilet brush cup, towel dipped in the toilet water to wipe. In this regard, one involving the Hotel Kempinski Hotel in Harbin responded that

The Modern Express News (reporter Deng Wenting Liu Yao) 63 year old Yang Zheng originally thought that the lover Li Yan wants to break up with him, did not expect to receive her to make a good call. Yang Zheng moved back happily and lived together with he


The young girl brings up the breakup, but is spilt the oil by her boyfriend! Dregs men do evil repeatedly, the tragedy is frequent and annoying! A Chao, a 16 year old girl, broke up with her boyfriend A Lei, who was 8 years older than she was, but her boy


The Modern Express News (correspondent Ma Jing AI Jiajing reporter He Jie) Suzhou a couple of smart, to buy a fake divorce, the divorce agreement also agreed on the division of property. After the house is bought, the two sides also remarried, but false p

The Modern Express News (correspondent Meng Xianyang Cui Tao reporter Lin Qingzhi) the evening of December 24th, Zhenjiang City, a man drinking for the driving car, did not expect to see the police on behalf of the driving abandoned the vehicle and fled.

The Modern Express News (reporter Hao Duo) the banyan pond, cicada cried in the summer of sound, the edge of the playground swing, only butterfly stopped at the top of … … childhood memories are beautiful, with a brush frame so beautiful, is

The Modern Express News (reporter correspondent Zhang Ling Yan Junchen) 8 December 25th morning, who lives in Qidong Nantong City Huilong town of Mr. Cao to work and found his Benz rub, the perpetrators are not at the scene. Mr. Cao, who was annoyed, sudd

Recently, a woman's "noisy" video fire on the bottom of the sea. A video source: look at the news in the Nanjing sea fishing a shop, a woman Dining Waiter pour too slow, he smashed the glass said: pour 10 cups of water, called the 10 waiter all drink. Wom

Recently, a woman's "noisy" video fire on the bottom of the sea. A video source: look at the news in the Nanjing sea fishing a shop, a woman Dining Waiter pour too slow, he smashed the glass said: pour 10 cups of water, called the 10 waiter all drink. Wom

Modern Express News (reporter Gundam) recently, a street car collided with a small car on the Jiangcheng Avenue in Wujiang, Suzhou. The child in the back seat of the van was thrown out of the car. Modern Express reporter learned that the day of the incide

The Modern Express News (Intern Ding Hui reporter Xu Hongyan) came to the bus at 6 a.m. and did not practice for 40 minutes. The coach did not do it. In December 23rd, Ms. Hu, a citizen of Nanjing, told the modern express 96060 that his ZAKER driving scho

The Modern Express News (reporter correspondent Jiang Zhenjun Zhang Junming) the driving test is too tight, Yancheng female students admitted after collapsed to the ground, see this case, two men passing by pinch, shoot back, feeding glucose to female con

The Modern Express News (reporter correspondent Ye Fanglong Chen Yanlin text / chart) XX, I went last night (the 15th day of the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar), when Xinruzhishui … … December 21st, in Yanan Liuhe District of Nan

Modern Express News (correspondent Xu Jianbiao reporter Lin Qingzhi) recently, Zhenjiang Danyang police investigated and investigated a woman driver who was driving a baby. In December 22nd, the police announced the details. Around 9 a.m. on December 11th

Modern Express News (Intern Ding Hui reporter Sun Yuchun) Chinese people always like to eat pickles, such as sauerkraut, sour cowpea and so on. Sour, spicy and refreshing sour cabbage fish is also one of the dishes that most people go to restaurants. But

The Modern Express News (reporter Sun Xuhui) the day before, there was a tragedy in Suqian County of Sihong City, a just after the 7 birthday of the little girl, who was with two sharpened pencils and three needle into the neck, and the perpetrators turne

December 18, 2017, Zhengzhou, an underground channel 27 in the region, many migrant workers to sleep on the floor. By using the left / visual China (source: visual Chinese) according to migrant workers, they have not found work at night in order to save m

Modern Express News (correspondent Qin Gongxuan, Zhao Xiang, reporter Tao Weizhou) was sleepy in the middle of the night. A woman in Nanjing suddenly heard someone knocking at the door. After opening the door, she encountered a strange man's robbery and o

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