Recently, a post-90s guy in Heilongjiang took a picture of his grandpa and grandpa mixing up! The 75-year-old son was reprimanded instead of having his 105-year-old father drink. This video quickly became popular. The two old men quarreled and made netizens envious. They were reprimanded by their 105-year-old father.

Recently, Guo Jingfei suddenly stood up and said he was going to leave while participating in a program. He exposed himself and performed an under-eye surgery. Soon after removing the gauze, a wound ruptured and bleeding due to a sneeze. He also asked singer Hu Haiquan to help him replace him, and then left the recording site. network

When people feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable, many people are accustomed to go online first to check if anyone has had related symptoms. This is not the case. A man in Sichuan got dark with both hands and found that it was a blood clot that could be examined after going to the hospital. , A middle-aged man from Quzhou, Sichuan, went to the hospital for treatment

In the past two days, the parent group in Jinhua, Zhejiang has been reposting one thing. The teacher of a primary school in Dongyang asked the child to stand because the student's homework was not completed. Not only did he take pictures and lay them in the parent group, he even scolded the children as shameless things. The words were too harsh and annoyed the parents, both parties were...

On December 1st, actor Ma Li posted the latest news on her personal social media account. Recently, I was busy gaining weight. You are busy growing up, and finally it is time to share happiness with everyone, thank you. Everyone should be familiar with Ma Li. She and Shen Teng played Ma Dongmei in "Charlotte's Troubles" earlier.

Today, dating through the Internet has become the choice of many people. However, while online dating may sound romantic, it also implies many potential risks. This is not the case, Mr. Wu of Guangdong made a scam when making friends on the Internet. He was cheated by his lover for nearly 370,000 yuan, letting him not.

22 years old is the most gorgeous and beautiful age for most girls. You can talk to your friends and girlfriends about your ideals and life. You can also hide in your boyfriend's arms and coquettish ... However, these days, Shaanxi girl Xiaoxia is almost collapsed! I eat by my face, but now I ’m finished

According to Netease Entertainment, Jiang Jinfu denies domestic violence through a statement issued by a lawyer. The statement stated that Julieta claimed that he had been seriously violated by Jiang Jinfu's legal rights and other related information by misleading information such as Jiang Jinfu's domestic violence. Jiang Jinfu did not implement any Violence,

In a food market in Baoshan, Shanghai, a 97-year-old sister, who was accidentally taken by a customer who came to buy a cake, took a video and shook her voice and was unexpectedly popular. Some people say that she hit Li Landi, and some people say that she laughs like Di Lieba, in short, sweet ~ beautiful ~

Obviously, you can rely on the value of eating, but you have to be praised by strength. This is that his post-95 college substitute teacher suddenly exploded! Yu Yuhua, a graduate student of the 2017-level translation major at the China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), also thought that Fang Yuhua, standing next to the podium, was a new generation of idols.

The 50-year-old Lao Shen (pseudonym) is the CEO of a listed company in Hangzhou, with over 100 million assets in his family. It’s a pity that he checked out diabetes from the age of 30. He couldn’t see his eyes a few years ago. He was suffering from uremia two years ago. Now he has to go to Zhejiang Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine three times a week to get hemodialysis....

Ok, I wrote so much, there are 600 words. This composition has a characteristic: that is, I did not exist, hahaha … … November 6th, Sichuan Yibin Xingwen a middle school teacher received a student's hand in the mid-term exam word

Ok, I wrote so much, there are 600 words. This composition has a characteristic: that is, I did not exist, hahaha … … November 6th, Sichuan Yibin Xingwen a middle school teacher received a student's hand in the mid-term exam word

The boy is born in 1994. Siju (a pseudonym) was born in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province. After he graduated from junior high school, he was sent to the UK to study. After he completed all the university courses in business, he came back to help his mother manage the family business. When he saw the title, he wore a blue and black plaid shirt with a khaki pipe.

Many units organize employees to go to the medical examination every year, with the aim of caring for the physical and mental health of employees. But if the hospital in charge of the medical examination is negligent, will the medical report be mistaken? Some time ago, Ms. Li, who lives in Pukou District of Nanjing, was not at peace for the whole day. In July of this year, Ms. Li’s single

There is only one person in the official residence of Guanyu Town, Dashiqiao City, Yingkou, Liaoning. There are only two people in the family: his brother Song Shusen is in bed, and his sister Song Yanhong has been taking care of him for 24 years. She is not married at the age of 52. My second brother turned out to be a big one in a meter, and a bag of two hundred pounds was thrown on his...

The famous couples in the entertainment circle are Deng Chao and Sun Wei. Last night, Sun Wei’s microblogging hot search! On the afternoon of November 1st, Sun Hao took two selfies on Weibo. The long green earrings were very eye-catching. She wrote: When Mr. Deng bought this earring, he thought it would be suitable.

The new rules of the central bank: this way with the renminbi, fine! Recently, the People's Bank of China issued the "Measures for the Administration of the Use of Renminbi Patterns" (hereinafter referred to as the "Measures"), which clearly states that it is forbidden to use the renminbi drawings on ritual supplies, daily necessities, and tickets; violations of the relevant provisions of the...

7 children playing, the eagle catching the chicken has caught 3 chickens. Now ask: How many chickens are there? Recently, a first-year math problem has caused a hot discussion among netizens. The reason is actually out of an old hen! Is there an old hen? At that time, a small primary school in Guiyang

In two years and five months, she had never seen her son again. That sister shouted downstairs, Liza, children, children were walking. Chen Ping (a pseudonym) like crazy, open family relatives rushed downstairs to peace, ran across the bridge, across has

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