According to the two sides belong to agency said Li Dongjian Park Ji Yeon (T-ara) is formed in 12 at the end of last year has been busy, choose to break up, the future will be in close relation to each other and support before and after generation.

Korean college entrance examination papers do not understand do not doubt their own

And suddenly appeared, with the LOLO debut of the members of the Gary scare although Tucao: "so, what do you get off?" "Jiang Gary is really tired..." but you can not hide the edge to blame and welcome the expression of joy

Do you recognize the beans you see?

At the 1 meeting of the production, PD said: they are also the same as the reality of the couple, but also quarrel, but they are slightly different ways of reconciliation. They will sit down and solve the problem through dialogue, is a very lovely couple.

Red Net mu Yalan openly copied the first South Korean actress Kim Hyun A dancing, dancing too bad the audience refer to hot eyes

I yesterday (14 days), EXID owned brokerage firm, said: "EXID in the Chinese market in order to offer continuously, and formally enter the localization, EXID has this summer in the Chinese local shooting" Cream "of the Chinese version of MV, please a lot

According to Taiwan media reports, the Japanese model Komatsu Nana fresh appearance at the age of 20, then moved to the popular drama, open awareness, and in September she was out

According to Taiwan media reports, the popular Korean group EXO old sehun has the perfect facial features, body proportions, fans were called "the most handsome maknaes (old)", he often.

Korean pop culture in recent years, many young people are very hot Chinese in imitation of South Korea's, clothing and so on makeup today will take you to understand Korean bubble

In October 6th, the twenty-first Busan International Film Festival was held in the opening ceremony. The same day is not like in previous years, because of the South Korean film organization's joint boycott, led to the

According to Hongkong media reports, Song Seung 40 years old birthday yesterday, it is reported that a group of friends, such as Li Bingxian and Min-Jung Lee couple, Su Zhixie and Shen Dongye, and so on in the south of the district yesterday

YG, after a lapse of 7 years the introduction of the new women's team BlackPink, and deliver the goods, not only to achieve good results in the debut song music list, also broke new

NCT127 integrity appeared in the variety show "weekly Idol", but more than the members of the people who are more nervous --SM directly under the predecessor Kim Hee Chul. Kim Hee Chul for

Three members of SNSD: Yuri, Hyoyeon, Xiuying big fit, a modified version of China cheongsam dress, with slender arms and slender legs, tied with pretty doll head

Shen Hejun gold which help South Korean artist Shen Hejun broke the news today love is small and the 17 year old actress Jin Gaoen contacts, shortly after Shen Hejun and Jin Gaoen brokerage company

South Korea's two popular songs of love bean HyunA and BEAST member Long Junheng night conversation is open. The 23 day broadcast "MBC X19" in hyuna,

South Korea's two popular songs of love bean HyunA and BEAST member Long Junheng night conversation is open. The 23 day broadcast "MBC X19" in hyuna,

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