As is known to all, automobile manufacturing is the pillar industry in Japan. You can't imagine that the electric bus made in China has been running on the road in Japan when the Japanese auto company just decided to develop an electric car. In Okinawa Ch

[India Youth League untouchable wife was killed in southern India relatives Street] a young married Tamil Nadu because of high caste women, under his wife killed relatives during peaceful times last year. 6 murderers, including the woman's father, were se

Yonhap quoted Han Jun said, take off from Anderson Air Force Base in Guam 2 military aircraft B-1B "Lancer" long-range strategic bombers on the afternoon of 7, from the south of Jeju Island to the west of the Korean Peninsula over the sea, to participate

The International Olympic Committee Executive Committee decided on the 5, banned the Russian delegation will be held on 2018 at the Pingchang Olympics, invite eligible athletes to the Olympic athletes from Russia (Olympic Athlete from Russia) - ZAKER, per

[arrow 19 satellite launch failure of the Russian Prime Minister: should not face the fire! ] Russian Prime Minister Medvedev says 4 days, on the end of the month, a coalition with -2.1B rocket 19 satellite launch failed, failed to put a satellite into or

Afghan boy Vahid, who lives in the capital of Baghlan Province, Pul-e-Khumri, shy, delicate appearance. He found that a male teacher in school liked himself very much. After school, the teacher often took him to the market in the city, bought some gadgets

The United States recently announced the implementation of a new policy towards Cuba, further tightening the business and personnel exchanges between the two sides. Why did the Trump administration stand firm against the old attitude? What is its purpose?

New Zealand Manuka honey has always been the treasure of their own as a specialty. Similarly, most consumers mention Manuka, first thought is new zealand. Manuka honey bees are collecting a plant called Manuka honey. Because of its antibacterial activity

The Dubai airshow in two days this exhibition held China airport al Maktoum, air force in the Middle East since the establishment of the first show, countless powder. Four consecutive, Bayi aerobatic team staged a total of 6 fighters -10 including six mac

One weekend, into IKEA, go on for half a day in the huge stores: tired and sank into the sofa soft and comfortable, hungry to eat a Swedish Rice-meat dumplings, before leaving with a few storage table or home pots and pans. Whether you want to admit it or

For Chinese, Tomb-sweeping Day is the memory of dead people, serious and serious. In Mexico, every year in November 1st, 2, is similar to China Tomb-sweeping Day the day of the dead. But for Mexicans, singing and dancing, Carnival like celebrations are th

According to Xinhua International 1 evening news, following the car, copper and aluminum products quality inspection fraud, Japan made again exposure scandal, this time is convenient fabric package. Because of suspected unlicensed production, a food facto

[Swiss couples in India were gang fights because his girlfriend refused and Photo] last weekend, a Swiss guy and his girlfriend travel in India by a group of local men harassment. These people blocked their way and asked for a self timer with his girlfrie

16 astronomers announced the first direct detection of gravitational waves generated by double neutron stars merging and their accompanying electromagnetic signals. This is the first time in human history to achieve the gravitational wave of multi messeng

On October, 10 days and nights, a cruise ship full of poets from all over the Huangpu River cruise. By land, sea and sky stage, the Shanghai International Poetry Festival the first golden Magnolia Award, 87 year old Syria poet Adonis award. Adonis to Arab

Accused of kidnapping Chinese visiting scholar Zhang Yingying, Brent Christensen pleaded not guilty when he appeared in court again. Zhang Yingying's mother was in the gallery, bursting with grief, crying, and trying to get to the suspect. Zhang Yingying,

In October 10th, Lu Lu, 60, went to China as ambassador to South korea. The scratch shorter, muddy to be dan. In China, in an exclusive interview with Xinhua News Agency reporter, a China poetry Lu Yingmin used this poem to describe their new complex mood

Data figure: Iraq's Supreme Court [global network reporter Zhao Yizhen] according to French media reported on September 18th, Iraq's Supreme Court on September 18th local time ordered the suspension of the autonomous region of Kurdistan independence refer

Foreign media said, Chinese President Xi Jinping 6, said Trump, Beijing unswervingly committed to the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. The president of the United States has warned again that any threat from Pyongyang will trigger a big response.

China type 055 tons. World ranked first, 055 China before launching, globally recognized the strongest is the United States DDG1000 zhumuwoerte, but with 055 types of the new Chinese million tons destroyer service, DDG1000 zhumuwoerte is the strongest in

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